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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 282 - I Dare You To Dig Another Piece! (2)

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Chapter 282: I Dare You To Dig Another Piece! (2)

“Elder the First, Elder the Sixth.” When the Yin disciples saw the black ashes on the ground, they could not believe that Elder the First and Elder the Sixth just died like this.

Those two elders were both at their Mahayana phase. Besides, they got numerous level nine magic weapons in their storage ring. How could they just die so easily?

Xinyue felt both shocked and scared, “So they just died? They are both cultivators at Mahayana phase, and just died like that?”

Even the two elders could not resist it, and her master might not resist for long either.

Qi Lan narrowed his eyes, looking at Jiang Mu whose robes with burned holes all over.

It wasn’t that he was paranoid. He thought he should have something to do with the deaths of the two elders.

A cultivator said, “In front of the earth evil beast, the Mahayana cultivator is like at his Golden Elixir. How can he avoid its attack? And, as you have seen before, with a roar of the earth evil beast, the Mahayana cultivator’s seal got broken, and his poisonous fire easily destroys the Mahayana cultivator’s magic weapons. It is normal for a Mahayana cultivator not to be able to withstand it.”

The disciples of the Yin family were red in the eyes, “The two elders are both dead. How are we supposed to explain to the other elders after we go back?”

Someone sneered, “Maybe first you should think about whether you can get out of here first.”

Those disciples of Yin family, “…”

Rong Yi looked at their ashes, also could not believe that the two elders would die so easily.

Some other cultivators screamed, “The fierce beast is coming again.”

Suddenly a strong wind blew from inside the cave, so strong that the beast could not go any further. All the flames from its mouth were blown on its own face.

The cultivators had it worse. The wind blew them all over the place. Even the defense seal did not work.

“Oh, what, what’s going on? Why, why is it suddenly wind blowing?” The cultivators’ faces were rippling like waves.

“Did someone touch the trigger accidentally?”

“Oh, it hurts, it hurts.” Someone cultivator suddely felt like his body was being scratched by a thousand knives.

Then the wind suddenly stopped, and with a whiz, the cultivators who were flying in the air all fell to the ground.

The fierce evil beast rushed at them again, and it heard some rustling sound. Its rear feet were entangled. It looked down, a pile of small cockroach-like bugs made into a rope one tied to another, and then a pile of small bugs quickly climbed to its body from the bug rope, starting to gnaw.

Bugs were lethal to it, but they can make it feel itchy all over.

The fierce beast sprayed fire at them, but the harder it burned, the more it became.

Rong Yi and others also scratched their bodies seeing this. “What kind of bugs are these? Before they touch us, I already feel itchy all over. Feels awful.”

Some people can’t bear it and tore apart their robes and crazily scratched. Soon, the whole body was scratched bleeding.

Someone took out some medicine to stop the itching, but it didn’t work.

Rong Yi also couldn’t take it and pulled open his robes.

“What are you doing?” Yin Jinye closed his robes, and then swept away those bugs, stretching the icicles and the seal, not to let the bugs in.

“Daddy, it’s itchy.” Rong Yi took his hand and put it on his back. “Scratch for me. It’s killing me.”

Yin Jinye said while scratching for him, “I sealed my senses..”

“I did, too.” Rong Yi thought for a bit and gave up, “it is not good to be blocked the five senses. Daddy, use some strength. It’s too light. You even got me turned on.”

Yin Jinye smiled faintly, he was afraid that he might hurt him if he scratched too hard.

“It hurts, daddy. You’re scratching too hard this time.”

Yin Jinye felt speechless. Too hard and he thought it hurt, but too light and it could not stop the itching. He really did not know what to do, finally, he sealed the senses of Rong Yi.

Rong Yi made a comfortable sigh, “Finally it’s gone. If it keeps going on, I even want to dig out my heart to scratch. Oh right, how things going on out there?”

Bu Qi outside said, “Master shifu, those bugs are fireproof and are invulnerable. If we cut them in halves, they will immediately split into more to bite us. So we can only freeze them.”

Yin Jinye removed the surrounding ice cubes, the ground was full of frozen bugs.

“These bugs are so disgusting.” Someone caught one and observed it in the ice.

The fierce beast shook off those bugs and rushed to Yin Jinye and others again.

All the cultivators hurriedly ran away.

Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound, and lightning struck the sky.

Numerous doom thunder fire hit at them, everyone panicked and hurriedly found a shelter.

The fierce beast, frightened by the lightning, also dodged quickly.

Then, violent storm, volcanic eruption, thousands of arrows shooting, human-eating mud, thousands of beasts, all kinds of traps frequently appeared among them.

Everyone was in a panic. They avoided this but failed to escape from that.

In this way, those low cultivators died tragically in those traps.

They were tortured like in living hell.

The fierce beast couldn’t bear it either. With a roar of rage, it pounced on the man who was hiding in the corner and digging advanced ingredients.

The beast pressed that guy on the wall and sulked, “I dare you to dig another piece again!”

Everyone looked over. The one who was pinned down was a very handsome man.

Rong Yi, Yin Jinye and others all twitched the corner of their eyes. Holy shit! Isn’t it Rong Yi’s body?

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