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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 283 - It’s Really Boring to Play with Myself (1)

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Chapter 283: It’s Really Boring to Play with Myself (1)

Rong Yi’s body looked at the fierce beast with a face of innocence, while using the dagger to go on digging the ingredients, asking, “You can talk?”

The fierce beast, “…”

Isn’t that nonsense?

Who does not know that any beast cultivator reaching the Bone Refining phase can talk?

Others cultivators all worried for him, only afraid that the fierce beast may swallow him the next second.

Rong Yi held his forehead. His body was really good at seizing opportunities. While they were busying fighting the fierce beasts, he ran to dig ingredients.

Qi Lan peeped at Rong Yi and sniffed, “Another desperate guy.”

Yin Jinye narrowed his eyes, asked Bu Qi to take care of Rong Yi, and then tried to figure out how to save Rong Yi’s body from the fierce beast.

Suddenly, with a snap, the ingredients fell from the wall into Rong Yi’s body’s hands.

The cultivators at once raised their hearts to their throats, and looked warily around them to see whether there would be any more traps. At the same time, they cursed Rong Yi in their hearts. How dare he still keep digging while the fierce beast was around?

“…” The fierce beast fixed its fierce eyes at him.

Rong Yi’s body looked around and smiled. “I’ve tried,” he said. “It has no trigger here.”

“You want to die?” The fierce beast raised his claws that were even sharper than a sword.

“Wait, let me say goodbye to my son first.” Rong Yi’s body cried out. The fierce beast froze there. Yin Jinye and Jiang Mu flew over, one fighting the fierce beast while the other taking Rong Yi away.

Yin Jinye said crossly, “Don’t you ever mess things up.”

Rong Yi’s body said, “I just wanted to dig ingredients for you and our sons and make better magic weapons.”

Hearing that, Yin Jinye’s expression looked a bit alleviated, “The ingredients can be found slowly, but you have only one life.”

Rong Yi’s body grinned, “I know, next time I won’t act so recklessly.”

Qi Lan looked at Rong Yi and said, “It seems that someone will fall into disfavor.”

Rong Yi smiled, “It’s better than someone who has never been favored.”

Qi Lan, “…”

Rong Yi’s body was rescued under the fierce beast’s eyes. He felt outraged and turned back into his original huge shape, trampling on the ground. The cave shook violently like it was gonna collapse at any time.

Those cultivators shouted, “The cave is going to collapse.”

There was a rumbling sound from above.

Everyone looked up. The top of the heads opened a big hole, and a crowd of evil beasts jumped down from the hole.

The Wedding evil beast running in the front shouted while crying, “Fulu, our son was stolen.”

Hearing that, Rong Yii suddenly had a very bad presentiment, quietly hid behind Bu Qi, thinking in the head: you quickly hide away.

Rong Yi’s body received the message and quickly buried his face in Yin Jinye’s neck.

“Who is it? Who stole our son?” The fierce beast roared, and the low level evil beasts and cultivators who were unable to bear his roar spat out blood, and the cave was shaking even more violently.

The Wedding evil beast said, “The little mud boys said the man jumped in here with our child.”

As Qi Lan heard the little mud kids, he couldn’t help thinking of the mud evil beast when he met Rong Yi’s body. He felt the egg in his chest. Is it possible the egg is their kid?

The fierce beast narrowed his bloody eyes. “You mean the one who stole our child is here??”

So many cultivators had just died, and it was not known whether his new-born child had died here.


“Which one?”

The Wedding evil beast let the little mud kids to identify that person.

The little mud kids jumped off, ran to the cultivators in front, one by one to identify, soon they saw Qi Lan and Xinyue.

They point at Qi Lan and said, “It is he who took the child.”

Qi Lan, “…”

The fierce beast gave Qi Lan a roar.

Xinyue suppressed the fear in the heart and shouted, “My Lord has never stolen your child.”

One little mud kid said, “It is you who snatched the little evil baby from a cultivator.”

Qi Lan took out a small egg, “You mean this?”

The Wedding evil beast hurriedly flew over, saying angrily, “No, this is not our son.”

Qi Lan said, “This is what I snapped from that guy.”

The Wedding beast then looked over to the mud kids, “Did you see it clearly?”

“Urgh…” They were not so sure.

Qi Lan hooked his lips, “The one who stole your child is also in the cave.”

Wedding beast asked anxiously, “Where?”

Qi Lan looked over to the one in Yin Jinye’s arms.

Xinyue quickly pointed to Rong Yi’s body, “It is him who dug the ingredients. He also stole your kid.”

Rong Yi, “…”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Wedding evil beast immediately recognized the robes of Rong Yi’s body, “Yes, Fulu, it is him.”

Rong Yi’s body winked at Yin Jinye, “Daddy, you still won’t run?”

“…” Yin Jinye asked Jiang Mu to run using ventriloquism, while he himself also didn’t waste one more second, with the fastest speed rushing to the roof of the cave, also the place where the Wedding beast came in.

Seeing this, other cultivators all flew up vie with each other.

The fierce beast fiercely pounced on those who failed to go into the cave.

They were all screaming.

The fierce beast gulped them down.

Rong Yi and others entered the black tunnel again, and as they were flying halfway, like before, they lost their spiritual power and slid down again, still faintly hearing the vibration and the fierce beast’s roaring.

When sliding halfway, Bu Qi suddenly let go of his arm.

Rong Yi had no idea what was going on, “Bu Qi?”

However, no one answered him.

“Anybody there?”

Still no one answered him.

Apparently he was followed by a group of people. Why did they disappear all of a sudden?

Has he got lost again?

Rong Yi touched both sides, but it was empty.

Then came the light ahead.

Rong Yi put his feet on the ground to hold his body, but the tunnel was like being waxed, and in the blink of an eye, he flew out.

Seeing the blue sky, he smiled happily. He finally got out of the cave.

Then, his body dropped abruptly.

Rong Yi quickly took out the flying rune to stick on his body, and the moment he hit the ground, he got floated up

He heaved a sigh of relief.

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