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Chapter 289: The Tricks on Qi Lan (1)

Qi Lan’s mother smiled and said, “How could a little cultivator at his Qi Practicing ever be so capable? He could even defeat a Mahayana cultivator my son? Tell me, who is this guy? I will get it even for you.”

Qi Lan took a drink and said, “He is called Rong Yi, Jinye’s partner.”

“Jinye’s partner? That is a bit tough. But, in the future if I will meet him, will scold him for you. Anyway, you are Jinye’s big brother and senior brother, he should show some respect.”

Qi Lan hooked up the lip corner, “OK, you should educate him, let him show some respect before me.”

Qi Lan’s mother nodded, “I will, I will. Oh right, why are you trying to kill Jinye’s partner? Do you hold grudge against him?”

Qi Lan was silent for a moment and said, “No.”

“If not, why would you want to kill him? He is Jinye’s partner. If you kill him, aren’t you afraid you and Jinye would become enemies?”

Qi Lan said faintly, “I think he is trying to get close to Jinye holding some ill intention.”

His mother asked, “How do you know?”

“He clearly liked his senior brother so much before, and even tried to commit suicide for him, but after Jinye showed up, he immediately threw himself into Jinye’s arms. Mother, do you think such a person can stay by Jinye’s side? Don’t you think this man might have an ulterior motive?”

Qi Lan’s mother, “…”

Qi Lan’s father said, “What if he really likes Jinye?”

“When I find that he truly loves Jinye, maybe I won’t kill him.”

Qi Lan’s mother and father gave each other a look.

Qi Lan’s father then laughed, “We rarely get together. Can we drop those upsetting words? Come one. Let’s play finger-guessing.”

“Finger-guessing?” Qi Lan picked his eyebrows, “What is that?”

“Fifteen or twenty.” Qi Lan’s father explained.

Qi Lan smiled, “That is simple.”

Qi Lan’s mother said, “Only drinking is no fun. The one who loses will have his ears tapped.”

Qi Lan said, “No problem.”

Qi Lan’s father rolled up his sleeves, “OK, here we go, ten!”

Qi Lan stretched out two hands, “Fifteen.”

But his father only gave two fists, only ten, so Qi Lan lost.

“Haha, drink, drink.” Qi Lan’s father poured the wine and pushed it before Qi Lan, “So, which ear do you want to me tap?”

Qi Lan drank the whole cup of wine, “Either is fine.”

Qi Lan’s father grinned, quietly tapped his ear using some spiritual power.

Qi Lan’s mother patted his father on the back and said, “You look down on your son! Using such little strength! It doesn’t hurt at all! Our son will think we look down on him.”

Qi Lan curved his mouth, “Mom said right.”

Qi Lan’s father said, “Next time I will use more strength. Don’t you complain.”

“Of course not.”

“Good, go on, fifteen.”

Since Qi Lan was new in this, he had lost three times in a row and the left ear already got tapped red.

While Qi Lan’s father and mother looked very happy.

Qi Lan’s father said to his mother using ventriloquism, “We should have said using slap.”

Qi Lan’s mother, “…”

In the fourth round, he finally turned the tables.

Qi Lan’s father and mother looked at his fingers gathering strong spiritual power, the two if them swallowed some saliva.

Qi Lan’s father said to his mother using ventriloquism, “If he taps me with that, I’d be so dead.”

Qi Lan said with a big smile, “Dad, I’m worried that you may think I would belittle you, so I specially use level ten spiritual power. But as powerful as you are, I know you would put it in your eyes at all.”

Qi Lan’s mother opened her mouth, “Lan’er, how can beat your own father?”

Qi Lan’s father said, “Yes, as a son, you can’t be unfilial, not to mention to beat your father.”

“…” Qi Lan looked at him, “But if I can’t tap your ear, isn’t it too unfair? You can tap me, while I can’t tap you…”

Qi Lan’s mother said, “There’s no absolute fair in the world. Like I had to carry you for ten whole month before giving birth to you, while you don’t need to do that for me.”

Qi Lan, “…”

Qi Lan’s father suddenly stood up, “Did you hear something?”

Then the ground started to shake violently.

With a wave of Qi Lan’s father’s hand, Qi Mansion, Qi Lan’s grandparents, his brothers and sisters all disappeared in front of his eyes. And it turned back into the endless grassland.

The grassland was divided into two parts. Suddenly, the three of them started to fall. Soon, they stood on the ground with their feet steadily. And with another look, the grassland already changed into a beautiful garden with birds and flowers in it, like the scene Rong Yi saw outside the secret realm.

Qi Lan’s mother said excitedly, “We seem to come out.”

That meant the internal demon of Qi Lan was pressed back to the depths of his heart.

“Really?” Qilan said coldly, “Even if we came out, we still can continue the punishment of tapping the ear.”

Qi Lan’s mother and father turned around, only seeing that Qi Lan’s hand still gathering a strong force. The two of them gave a hollow laugh, looking back and forth guiltily, “Lan’er, it’s such a beautiful place here. What about we go have a tour of the garden instead of the finger-guessing?

“After I tap dad’s ear.”

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