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Chapter 29: He Mistook it!

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Early the next morning, Rong Yi waswoken up by Yin Tao’s kiss.

“Daddy.” Yin Tao put his hands around Rong Yi’s neck and kissed him on the face.

He felt extra happy since he could see his daddy when he woke up in the morning.

“Morning.” Rong Yi stretched himself.

“Daddy, is little brother all right?” asked Yin Tao as he looked at Rong Yi’s lower part of the body.

On hearing that, Rong Yi then found he was having morning wood. He then quickly dragged the quilt to cover the key part. He then said embarrassedly, “Damn kid, what are you looking at?”

“Here.” Yin Tao pointed at his belly bump innocently.

Rong Yi, “…”

So the little brother the kid talked about was the baby in his belly. Fuck! He mistook it!

Pff! Someone was laughing by the side. It was Rong Su who came to serve them to get up. He didn’t expect the relationship between Rong Yi and Yin Tao would so funny.

Even Yin Jinye, who was meditating sitting in the chair, couldn’t help curling up his lips.

As he turned around and saw Rong Su was also here, Rong Yi asked grumpily, “What are you doing here?”

“I am here to serve you and the little master to get dressed and have breakfast.” Answered Rong Su.

“Serve him first.” Rong Yi tossed Yin Tao to him.

Rong Su then held Yin Tao and dressed him up.

Rong Yi then went back to his own room to settle his physiological problem. After he had breakfast, he sent Rong Su to buy the ingredients he failed to buy yesterday, then he casted Spiritual Cohesion Formation in and around his room to improve his cultivation speed.

When he was done, he circled around his room satisfactorily to check if there was any problem.

“With this formation, I can promote to Qi practicing level three in one month. Now what I need is a proper magic weapon.” He searched the ingredients Rong Su bought and found those he could use for making magic weapons. He could use them to make a magic weapon that he used to use when he was at the phase of Base Practicing. He didn’t need to use another one before he got promoted to Golden Elixir.

He asked someone to get Rong Su. When Rong Su was here, he asked, “Do you know any good but affordable Magic Weapon Maker in town?”

“Young master, do you want to make magic weapons?” asked Rong Su.


“You can turn to Lei Sai. He is a level eight Magic Weapon Master. You will be amazed by his work, besides, he won’t charge you.”

Rong Yi sneered, “Before he learns how to respect me, I won’t turn to him. I would rather make one on my own.”

“Young master, you know how to make magic weapons?” Rong Su was amazed.

Of course Rong Yi didn’t know how. All he knew was theoretic knowledge. He never actually performed. “Just tell me who could make affordable but proper magic weapons in town.”

“No one. But you can give it a try on students from Haishan Academy. Some disciples would offer free service to make magic weapons for practice because they are too poor to buy ingredients. Actually the weapons those disciples make are so bad.”

“Where do they live?”

“Hailu Village outside the town.”

“Let’s go find them.” Rong Yi thought for a bit and then asked, “Do you have any spiritual stones? I need one hundred low grade spiritual stones.”

“Young master, you wouldn’t buy abortion drugs, would you?” Rong Su was prudent.

“…” Rong Yi meant to pay the disciple who would make magic weapons for him. Since Rong Su reminded him, he could quite probably use the spiritual stones for some aborticide. “I don’t have any spiritual stones with me. Did you take them away from me?”

“Young master, whatever you wanna buy, I can pay for you.” Rong Su didn’t deny.

“I just want to pay the disciple who would make the magic weapon for me.”

“I will pay them.”

Rong Su then brought Rong Yi to the backyard and took a cart and headed for Hailu Village then.

The houses in Hailu Village were old and shabby. Some of them even had thatched roofs. The grounds were rugged too. But many disciples wearing uniforms of Haishan Academy could be seen here. Some of them stopped the job at hands as they saw a cart coming.

“Is there anyone who would like to make a none-level magic weapon?” asked Rong Su as he supported Rong Yi to get off the cart.

Some disciples in the village who were not Magic Weapon Makers turned away on hearing him. Some who majored in magic weapon-making were not interested in making none-level weapons, because they thought it was not challenging. Besides, people who came to the village for a magic weapon usually wouldn’t pay. Therefore, they also didn’t want the job.

Rong Su shouted as they walked into the village with Rong Yi behind, but no one would offer the help.

“Young master, they are not interested in making none-level magic weapon. Maybe we can tell them we will pay?”

“If they really want to practice their magic weapon-making skills, they wouldn’t be so picky on the levels of the magic weapon they make. They can learn a lot no matter what level of magic weapons they make. Forget it. We are not looking for free…” said Rong Yi.

Before he finished his sentence, a disciple said with a panting voice behind them, “Can I, I help you?”

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