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Chapter 297: Leave the Secret Realm (1)

Rong Yi also could not figure out the reason, “Let’s skip it first. We can take it back and then study.”

Rong Yi’s body put the mobile phone into the storage ring and smiled, “If I call big brother, will they be startled?”

Rong Yi found it funny, “I guess they won’t believe that we’ve transmigrated. Even I suspect that everything is dreaming. Maybe we’re just trapped in a dreamland.”

“If this is the case, someone must be playing us. When I know who he is, I will beat him to death to release my anger.”

“Then you must do that. I don’t want to be played.” Rong Yi picked up the wooden box storing the mobile phone and looked at it, “It seems to be just an ordinary small wooden box.”

“Whether it’s ordinary or special, we should take it back and study.” Rong Yi’s body put the wooden box into the storage ring.

Suddenly, a small black shadow emerged from the bottom of the box and hid in the dark.

Rong Yi’s body saw the black shadow pass by and snapped, “Who is it?”

Yin Jinye quickly came to their side, “What happened?”

“I just saw a little black dot flying in front of my eyes.” Rong Yi’s body asked Rong Yi, “Did you see it?”

Rong Yi nodded, “It seems like a worm has flown by, and the speed, quite fast.”

They watched warily around, but no sense of others being here except them, which made the atmosphere even more terrible. After all, the enemy was hidden in the dark. They were exposed in front of danger and would die at any time.

Xiang Lv asked aloud, “Senior brother, I don’t feel anything. What about you?”

Bu Qi shook his head, “Neither do I.”

“Can it be the owner in the Secret Realm?” said Pian Shi.

Rong Yi affirmed, “Impossible. If the owner is still there, the Secret Realm would not open for us, nor would it be unguarded for letting others come in and take away the ingredients.”

“You’re right.”

Qi Lan scanned the surrounding corners, “No one can hide here, and there is no sense of human breath. Either the other party uses a hidden rune or invisible cloak, or it may really be just bugs or something.”

Yin Jinye immediately released the spiritual pressure on all sides. No one could hide from his pressure even with an invisible cloak as long as that one was of a lower cultivation.

Then, a painful voice came from under the stairs, “Ouch, it hurts.”

Everyone was startled and looked quickly towards the stairs, “Who is there?”

The other side said, “You, you withdraw your spiritual pressure first, I’ll come out then.”

The voice seemed to be a teenager.

Yin Jinye withdrew his spiritual pressure.

The other party gasped, then a black shadow flew out from under the stairs.

Everyone was amazed to see a three-dimensional dark shadow with no facial features standing in front of them.

The other party took the initiative to introduce himself, “I’m Shadow Monster and the monster pet of the host here.”

Rong Yi asked, “When did you come in with us?”

“I have been staying here all along, not following behind you.”


“Yes, I have been secluded here for over ten years. My practicing is just over and I saw you after I opened my eyes. Are you friends of my master?”

Rong Yi and Yin Jinye looked at each other, “No.”

“Then who are you?”

Rong Yi could not say that they were people looking for ingredients so he did not answer his question.

Yin Jinye pointed at the sword on the wall and asked the Shadow Monster, “Do you know where the owner of this sword has gone?”

“I never saw this sword before I retreated to here for practicing.”

“Do you know the owner of this sword?”

“No.” The Shadow Monster looked around, “Where is my master? Have you seen my master?”

“No. Your master was gone when we came in. He could be…” Before Pian Shi could find a suitable word to explain the fact that his master died, the Shadow Monster interrupted him, “Is my master dead?”

“It should be.”

“Oh.” The Shadow Monster appeared to be calm about the fact, “Are you here to find the ingredients left by my master?”

Rong Yi’s body admitted, “Yes, do you know where they are hidden?”

The Shadow Monster said frankly, “My master never puts any ingredients in his abode.”

“But when we came in, we saw some at the door.”

“They’re false.”

Rong Yi was somewhat depressed, “False?”

“Yes, all the things put in the fork roads of other caves are fake. The master created illusions to cheat everyone. You can only find Fu Lu and his cave for the ingredients you want. The master knew that he is going to die, so he give them all to Fu Lu. Low-level evil beasts in the Secret Realm all go to him for the ingredients to make their magic weapons.”

Qi Lan tittered, “It seems that you’ve been working for nothing and can only go back to the previous cave for the ingredients. But you stole his child. The other party will definitely not give you ingredients!”

“How could you tell that he is not lying to us? This Monster Cultivation could be a liar. Let’s continue our searching and go out if there’s still nothing.”

Bu Qi and Pian Shi agreed with him and turned to look for their target.

When the Shadow Monster saw Xiang Lv touching the candlestick on the wall, he hurriedly cried, “Don’t touch it, it’s…”

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