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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 305 - You Are so Active Tonight (1)

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Chapter 305: You Are so Active Tonight (1)

Rong Yi’s body and Rong Yi gave each other a look, “We peeked from the memory of senior brother Qi Lan, and then extracted part of it when Yin Jinye was still young and put it into the crystal stone.”

“Lan’er’s memory?” Old lady Yin looked at him strangely, “How did you peek into his memory?”

Rong Yi’s body told her what had happened in the memory tunnel.

“I see.” Old lady Yin sighed, “So Lan’er really hates Jinye’s father to the bones, that is understandable. It is true our Yin family owes big to their Qi family.”

Rong Yi’s body didn’t want to make the atmosphere stiff, so he quickly turned the crystal stone over. “Mother, that side is just a motionless image, but this side is animated.”

He then injected his spiritual power into the crystal stone, and it showed the frames.

Old lady Yin could not help smiling as she saw her son just learned to speak and walk, “The little Jinye is so lovely.”

Rong Yi’s body heaved a sigh, “Pity that the part Yin Jinye wore split pants was missing.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

He really wanted to pry this guy’s brain open and see what he was thinking.

Old lady Yin smiled, “Jinye did not like wearing split pants, so as long as we made him wear those, he would kick them away. As for other pants, he would just obediently put them on.”

Rong Yi said, “So is Sensen now. He also doesn’t like wearing split pants.”

Old lady Yin looked at Rong Yi, saying apologetically, “Xiaoyi, sorry, I was only focusing on Xiaorong and ignored you.”

Rong Yi smiled and said, “When you talk to him, it is like you are talking to me. By the way, I also have a gift for you.”

“You got a gift for me too? You and Xiaorong are the same person. Since he has sent me one, you don’t have to.” Old lady Yin took his hand up and said, “I’m already glad enough since you have the heart.”

“This gift must be given, and I promise you will like it.” Rong Yi took out a long box and gave it to her, “Mom, you can open it now. And I’ll show you how to use it.”

“OK.” Old lady Yin could tell that they were very thoughtful, and if she kept refusing them, it was like refusing their good heart. She opened the box, inside of which were a pile of runes she had never seen before.

“Is this your unique enchanted runes?” she exulted.

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“Yes.” Rong Yi explained to her, “I know you are an alchemist, so the first one is used to attach to your alchemy furnace, which can greatly improve your success rate of alchemy.”

“Really?” Old lady Yin already couldn’t wait to paste it on her furnace, “What about the second one?”

“The second one is also used on the furnace. It can improve the quality of the elixirs.”

Old lady Yin looked thrilled, “It can raise the grade of those elixirs? What if I make grade nine elixirs? Can they also be improved?”

“If it is grade nine inferior elixirs, the rune can help you improve them better, but a little bit less good than the medium ones. And if it is grade nine divine elixirs…” Rong Yi chuckled, “it is definitely better than divines ones.”

Old lady Yin clenched the box. She dare say that if any one of the runes was on sale, even if naming a price of thousands of divine spiritual stones, there would be a pile of people to fight over it. No wonder only an enchanted rune could attract so many people to work for Rong Yi, and they even had the guts to cut off those elders’ heads.

Rong Yi said, “The third one is very special. After you attach it to the alchemy furnace, you need to activate it first, because it can improve the speed of the alchemy, also the power.”

Some elixirs needed to be refined slowly, so this rune might not work.

Rong Yi then introduced old lady Yin other functions of the enchanted runes.

After listening to him, she felt Rong Yi and his body really had put too much thought to prepare those two gifts, whether it was the crystal stones, or the enchanted runes, very thoughtful, also the only reason Rong Yi did so was because he really loved her son.

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She was relieved that her son had found someone who liked him so much.

After they had dinner together, Rong Yi and his body sent the ten gifts to Aunt Xian the five nannies had prepared, and then returned to the courtyard where Yin Jinye lived.

And then Yin Jinye’s study. Soon a servant went to see Rong Yi’s body, saying Yin Jinye wanted to see him.

Rong Yi’s body felt kind of strange, “Why does he want to see me alone? Why doesn’t he come to my room himself? Do you think it is those elders trying to set me up?”

Rong Yi slightly frowned, “Even if it is those elders, it should be me. There’s no reason they seek trouble for you. Just go with the servant. If he takes you out of the yard, don’t go.”

“OK.” Rong Yi’s body followed the servant out of the room, went through the corridor, and into the backyard of Yin Jinye’s place. Then the servant stopped at an arched gate and said, “The Lord is in there. He told you to go in and find him yourself.”

Rong Yi’s body looked around. “So mysterious! I don’t know why he asks here for.”

Behind the arched gate was a small garden, dense leaves blocking the scenery inside. Through the candle fire, one could see the white smoke dimly, as if walking into a fairyland, then Rong Yi’s body saw a steaming pool, where Yin Jinye wearing a set of white underclothes was lying in the pool, drinking wine.

Yin Jinye heard the footsteps, slightly raised the eyelids, and saw Rong Yi’s body who was staring at him like a doll, the mouth slightly curved with a smile.


Rong Yi’s body thought he was hallucinating and rubbed his eyes.

“Come down here.” Yin Jinye said with a lazy tone.


“Come down and bathe together.”

“Take…take a bath together?” Rong Yi’s body moved his eyes from that fairy-like face down to his looming solid chest, couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

As Yin Jinye just murmured an ‘hmm’, Rong Yi already jumped into the water without taking off his robes.

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