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Chapter 349: Little Ass Kisser (1)

When Rong Yi came to Dai town in Xijing, it was already the second day in the morning. After inquiring the location of Lv Mansion, he immediately went there to look for Yin Jinye.

However, the disciple guarding the door said, “Today is the Magic Weapon Meeting. Elder Xiang has gone there to preside over it. You have to go there to find him.”

Rong Yi felt that he was really down on his luck, coming at the wrong time, “Where is the trial field?”

“East of the town.” The disciple pointed to the left road and said, “Go straight ahead and you will find it.”

As Rong Yi complained in his heart that he came at un-coincidental time, he also found it was so coincidental, remembering that Xiang Lv left only for the Magic Weapon Meeting that year. And three years later when he transmigrated back, it happened that he went to the annual magic weapon meeting himself.

As it was about to begin, people rushed there for fun. The streets in the west, north and south of the town were very quiet. Shops were closed and only twos and threes of people were walking on the streets.

To the east of the town was not the same, everywhere was crowded with people, like it was some big holiday to be celebrating. People were laughing and talking. What a lively scene!

Rong Yi came to the gate of the trial field. Seeing that the gate was closed, he asked the peddler nearby, “Dude, has the magic weapon meeting begun?”

“There is still a column of incense’s time.” The peddler took the opportunity to introduce the goods at his stall, “Sir, my stall sells some small things, do you want to take a look before the meeting, maybe there is something you like.”

Rong Yi picked up a small toy. Then he felt someone pulling the robe on his leg and looked down. A masked child was looking up at him.

“Daddy…” Cried the child.

Rong Yi slightly froze there.

The peddler laughed and said, “You have brought your child, so you can buy a little toy for your child to pass the time with.”

“He is not my child,” Rong Yi explained.

The child cried again, “Daddy…”

The peddler muttered, “If it is your child, why is he calling you daddy?”

Rong Yi, “…”

He really couldn’t explain himself.

Seeing Rong Yi ignore him, the child was so anxious that he cried out again, “Daddy…”

Rong Yi said to him, “Little boy, you have mistaken me for someone else. I am not your daddy.”

“You are my daddy.” The little boy was so sure of it that he pulled him away happily. “Daddy, my brothers must be very happy that I have finally found you.”

He turned to look at the crowd, stoned, “Ah, my brothers. Where are they?”

“…” Rong Yi was for a while speechless, “Are you lost with your family?”

The child immediately said with tears in his eyes, “My brothers are gone.”

Rong Yi bought the toy in his hand and gave it to him. “Don’t cry. I will take you to look for your brothers.”

The child’s tears immediately stopped and he reached out his hand for a hug. “Daddy, will you disappear again?”

Rong Yi wonders how the child firmly believes that he is his father. Does his father look like him?

He picked him up and asked, “What’s your name?”


“Where did you lose your brothers?”

Yao’er said, “When I came for daddy, they are gone.”

“So they disappeared after you came to me?”

Yao’er nodded, “Hmm.”

Rong Yi thought that the little boy’s brothers should be nearby. As he looked for them, he asked, “Yao’er, what are your brothers’ names?”

Yao’er blinked his pretty eyes. “Daddy, don’t you remember my brothers’ names?”

Rong Yi was speechless for a while. How would he ever know his brother’s names? “No, I don’t remember.”

Yao’er thought for a moment, “Uncle Asu calls them little masters.”

Rong Yi greatly rolled his eyes. Hearing this, he knew that they were from a rich family, “Are your brothers here to attend the Magic Weapon Meeting?”

Yao’er giggled while nodding, “My second brother wants to take part in the competition.”

Rong Yi looked at the mask on his face and thought it would be easier for his brothers to find him if he took off his mask, “Yao’er, you…”

Before he finished speaking, the gate of the trial field made some creaking sound.

When the cultivators heard this, they cried excitedly, “The trial field is open~ The trial field is open~”

There was a flood of people rushing into the gate.

Standing at the gate, Rong Yi hurriedly put the child on his neck to sit well, in case he would be squeezed into a meat pie.

“Giddyap…giddyap…” cried Yao’er excitedly. “Charge…”

Rong Yi, “…”

The trial field was very spacious, as far as the eye could see. In the center of the trial field, there were many smelters and furnaces, large and small.

“Daddy, let’s take second brother a smelting furnace.” Yao’er quickly flew from Rong Yi to the nearby tripod furnace, grabbed the top of it, and said to the cultivator who wanted to grab it from him, “This is ours.”

The cultivator replied, “I took it first.”

Rong Yi went to the smelting furnace. “Are you sure you took it first?”

Noticing that Rong Yi’s cultivation was higher than his, that man did not dare to fight with them again. He hurried to find the next one.

Rong Yi hooked his lips, having a high cultivation is good. Even if they came after, other people did not dare to say no, if for another Rong Yi’s body, even if he occupied it first, it would be taken away.

“Impressive, daddy.” Cried Yao’er happily.

Rong Yi patted his little butt, “You little ass kisser, go look for your brothers. After sending you back to them, I also have my business to take care of.”

Yao’er looked left and right, but did not see his brothers.

Rong Yi did not expect him to find his brother among the crowd, so he said to the whole field through sound transmission, “Yao’er’s brothers, if you are in the field, go to…”

He looked at the number of the furnace, “Come to the 233rd furnace to find your brother Yao’er, he is waiting for you here.”

Yao’er looked around and his eyes lit up. “I see my brothers, daddy, I see my brothers.”

He waved excitedly to the three children in front, who were also wearing masks. “Big brother, second brother, third brother, here I am, here I am.”

Rong Yi saw two children about seven years old and a little child about four years old, surprised, his brothers are also so small?

How do their adults take care of their children? They just let those children go out alone?

Yao’er threw himself at the taller one, “Big brother, second brother, third brother…”

The big brother caught Yao’er and put him on the ground, “Why did you run away again?”

The second brother had a bite of his cake and said, “We thought our father has taken you back.”

The third brother did not say a word, but flattened Yao’er robe.

Pointing to Rong Yi, Yao’er said, “I have found daddy.”

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