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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 359 - You Changed Your Partner? (1)

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Chapter 359. You Changed Your Partner? (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

The children playing in the yard heard Rong Yi’s laughter coming from the room and looked at each other.

Yao’er giggled, “Daddy and father are having a lot of fun in the room. I want to go in and join them.”

Yin Tao stopped him, “Uncle Bu said that they are cultivating in the room and we shouldn’t disturb them.”

“Shouldn’t one sit still without being distracted while cultivating? Why is daddy laughing so happily?” Yao’er did not like cultivating, because it required him to sit still and not move, and he would have liked the cultivation if he had enjoyed it as much as father and daddy did.

Yin Tao was also very curious and looked at Jiang Mu, the oldest one.

Jiang Mu’s face was totally blank.

Yin Sensen raised his bow and shot at the door. It bounced off the ground a foot from the door.

“Father has set up a seal outside the room,” he said coolly. “We can’t get in.”

Yao’er pouted.

Yin Jinye in the room was aware of the noise outside, loosened Rong Yi and said, “the kids are waiting for us to go out.”

Rong Yi pushed him away and sat up, “I should go out to hang out with them.”

Yin Jinye suddenly felt the children a bit in the way, but still resigned to help Rong Yi put on his clothes.

Rong Yi smiled at the bumbling man serving him, quickly looked up and gave the man a kiss on the chin as his partner grew more virtuous.

Having washed his face, he opened the door and went out of the room.

“Daddy…” The children rushed at Rong Yi excitedly.

Rong Yi smiled and knelt down to hold them up, “Have you had breakfast?”

The children all nodded.

Bu Qi next door also heard Rong Yi, quickly flew over and teased him, “Shifu, did you sleep well last night?”

Rong Yi was not afraid of his disciples teasing him, “Very refreshed, I fell more comfortable. I have never been so moist.”

Bu Qi laughed out loud.

Wearing a mask, Yin Jinye came out and heart Rong Yi’s words, the eyes behind the mask also gushed a smile.

Seeing this, Bu Qi teased Yin Jinye,”This time after shifu came back, Lord Yin should be the happiest one. The guards would no longer feel afraid to report news to you, or turn to run away as long as they see you.”

Those days when Rong Yi just disappeared, Lord Yin was filled with horrible feeling, as long as the people looking for Rong Yi came back to report that did not find any trace, the one who reported this absolutely would die. Even Xiang Lv dare not talk to him.

After that, Yin Jinye became more and more cruel, also more severe to the kids, the only thing he did not do was turning Jiang Mu into a cold-blooded killer.

But to be strict with children had its advantages, at least with Jiang Mu there, even five cultivators at Doom Overpowering can’t hurt the children.

Rong Yi did not understand, “Why would the guards from the Lord’s mansion in Guiling town would run away as long as they saw you?”

Yin Jinye coldly swept Bu Qi, motioned him to watch what he said.

Bu Qi said, “Lord Yin is the head of Guiling town in Beiba, of course people would be afraid of him.”

Rong Yi was surprised and said, “The head? Jinye is the head of Guiling town? Did you all live there after the Yin family’s declining?”


At this time, Xiang Lv came in and saw that everyone was there. He laughed and said, “After the magic weapon meeting, there will be a festival today. The streets will be very bustling. We can go out and have some fun”

“Yeah, yeah, we can go out for run.” Yin Tao and Yao’er cried excitedly.

Yin Jinye glanced at those cheering kids, and said, “you four ran out of Guiling without telling me. You can only go out to play after drawing a hundred runes.”

“Ah?” Yao’er and Yin Tao looked at Rong Yi piteously.

“After they finish it,” Said Rong Yi. “the market is already closed. What else can they do for fun? What about drawing the runes after they have fun?”

“Yay…” the children didn’t care whether Yin Jinye would object or not, quickly ran away from the yard, if the father got angry, daddy would take care of it.

Yin Jinye, “…”

As soon as Rong Yi came back, the children became unruly and took his words for nothing!

Bu Qi and Xiang Rul exchanged a smile.

If Rong Yi wasn’t here, Yin Jinye would never give face to anyone, even if it were his sons.

Rong Yi took Yin Jinye’s hand, “Let’s go.”

As soon as they left the house, a crowd of people flooded in.

“Elder Lv, I am here to take you as my shifu.”

“Elder Lv, take me as your disciple.”

“Elder Lv, I have successfully refined level one genuine magic weapon during the magic weapon meeting. Elder Lv, I want to take you as my shifu. Please!”

The gate was jammed.

Xiang Lv said to them, “We have no plan to enroll disciples in recent years. Please look for another famous master as your shifu.”

“Elder Lv, really?”

Xiang Lv affirmed, “Yes.”

If Rong Yi hadn’t come back, maybe he would have considered about accepting some disciples to kill time. Now that Rong Yi was back, he had so much to learn from him that he did not have time to teach others.

Everyone went away, disappointed.

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