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Chapter 382. Crazy Thunderbolts (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“It’s amazing.” Qi Lan looked at Rong Yi incredibly, “Ever since ancient times, I have never heard of someone could jump his cultivation for two phases!”

“…” Yin Yinye thought it might be because Rong Yi’s body had stored his cultivation for hundreds of years.

“Ouch…” Rong Yi let out a moan, then slowly opened his eyes. As he saw Yin Jinye, he wore a weak smile, “Daddy, it’s good to see you again, which means I am still alive.”

The corners of Yin Jinye’s mouth slightly curved up and he took out a piece of white silk handkerchief to wipe his dirty little face.

Bu Qi smiled, “Shifu, actually what you see is young master Yin’s soul.”

“Go away, don’t talk nonsense, I’m going to spend the rest of my life with daddy, and watch little Cherry and other grow up, get married and have their own kids.”

Yin Jinye said with a smile, “Then you’ll have a long road to go. They are still so small. If they get married after hundreds of years like me, you got to wait for very very long?”

Grinning, Rong Yi said, “It’s better to wait a few hundred years. I’m actually worried that my sons will forget about me and never kiss me again when they have their own wife.”

Seeing him so energetic, the heart that was about to jump out of the throat finally returned to its original position.

Rong Yi stood up and saw Qi Lan staring at himself silently. He hooked his lips and said, “Senior brother, do you feel disappointed that I didn’t die?”

Qi Lan screwed his eyebrows, “How did you jump from Immortal Refining phase directly to Power Generating (Mating ) phase? And…”

He looked Rong Yi up and down and was shocked again, “And you are already at level nine of Mating phase? How could it be so fast? You are only one step away to the Mahayana phase!”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Bu Qi also couldn’t believe it. He had apparently just made it to Mating phase, and now already level nine? SO fast?

“I’m at Mating phase already?” Rong yi quickly examined his body and found that it was true. “Haha, before, some people said that Heaven would not allow me, but it’s only because Heaven favors me. Now it’s your turn to be jealous of me.”

Bu Qi murmured, “Jealous? We are jealous to death!”

Others might not be able to make it from Immortal Refining to Mating after cultivating for two hundred years, while his shifu directly jumped two phase, and nearly one step away from the Mahayana phase!

Qi Lan was so curious that he even wished to cut open Rong Yi’s body to check, “how did you make it?”

Rong Yi pretended to think for a while, “Hmm…Maybe it’s because every night before I go to bed, I tell Heaven that I’ve had enough of Qi Lan and I asked him to let me surpass Qi Lan as soon as possible, so he allowed me to go up to the ninth level of Mating phase.”

Qi Lan, “…”

Yin Jinye couldn’t help smiling lightly, “This is not the place to talk. Let’s go back home first.”

As they arrived at the gate of the mansion, they saw that Logus and Pacero were waiting there.

Logus said shamelessly, “My lord, our church is burnt down. We have nowhere to go, so we hope you can shelter us for some days.”

The church got destroyed because of Rong Yi, so Yin Jinye didn’t refuse them,

As they entered the yard, Yin Yan hurried over and said, “My lord, someone violated the rules and tried to overpower his doom inside the town. A lot of house got destroyed. We need to catch that person as soon as possible!”

Yin Jinye and othersjust silently looked at him.

Yin Yan was confused, “My lord?”

Rong Yi pointed to himself and said, “I am the one who just overpowered his doom. Are you sending someone to catch me?”

“…” Then Yin Yan noticed Rong Yi who got his clothes burnt all over.

Yin Jinye took out a bag of spiritual stones to Yin Yan, “I’ll be responsible for those destroyed houses”


At this time, Xiu Zhuo walked out with some guards behind and asked Yin Yan, “When are we going to arrest the guy who violated the town rules?”

“Don’t bother,” said Yin Yan. “The violator is right here.”

“Where?” Xiu Zhuo looked around.

Yin Yan pointed to Rong Yi, “It is young master Rong. Arrest him. But I guess the next moment, the master would kill you with a plam.”

“…!!” Xiu Zhuo looked at Rong Yi and then, his pupils constricted. He stared at Rong Yi with disbelief, “Young master Rong, you…you…”

Rong Yi grinned, “What?”

“Why does your cultivation look ever higher than me? Xiu Zhuo remembered that after Rong Yi came back, he was only at his Immortal Refining phase, now he directly jumped to Mating phase? That is unbelievable!

By the way, this is not the first time he felt so unbelievable.

He remembered that when he saw this body of Rong Yi for the first time, he was only at his Golden Elixir phase, suddenly he made it to Immortal Refining. His cultivation speed is too fast!

Others made it from one phase to another after doom overpowering. But for Rong Yi, he directly jumped two phases! Besides, it was only three years after he got promoted to Immortal Refining phase! Now he already made it to Mating phase! The cultivation speed made one feel scared!

Maybe three more years, he’d ascend and be an immortal!

Hearing him, Yin Yan noticed that Rong Yi had really made it to Mating phase, “Young master Rong, did you take some magical elixir or what? How could it be so fast?”

“Heaven says, it’s a secret, a secret.”

Others, “…”

Not wanting others to draw too much attention to Rong Yi, Yin Jinye tried to swicth everyone’s attention and called in the housekeeper to arrange rooms for Pacero and Logus.

Rong Yi followed them to the backyard and asked, “Godfather, I remember you got a spell that could instantly restore a destroyed house, right?”

Pecero, “…”

Logus, “…”

Seeing that they kept silent, Rong Yi smiled, and turned back to his own courtyard.

“He does know a lot about us, and I have a very strong feeling that if I stay with him, I will find my way back,” Logus said.

Pacero, “…”

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