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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 393 - You Are Destined to Meet but Not Fated to Be Together (1)

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393. You Are Destined to Meet but Not Fated to Be Together (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Yin Jinye was a bit surprised, “Godfather Pacero?”

“Exactly, he and Lugus are both not from this world. As I told you before, they believe in god. So our heavenly path doesn’t work on them. I just don’t know if they’d like to help, and I am not clear if grandpa would be in danger when Pacero uses his arts to save him.”

At that moment, Qi Lan happened to come in and saw Rong Yi and Yin Jinye standing in the middle of the courtyard, he immediately asked, “I heard that Old Lord Min and Madam Min are here?”

Seeing him, the old man jumped at him excitedly. “Mom…”

Qi Lan quickly raised his hand to hold against the chest of the man. When he saw his old face, he looked startled, “Old Lord Min, you…why do you look like this? Is your lifespan going to end?”

“Mom,” The old man hugged him happily. “Mom, I want to marry Dan’er. I want to marry Dan’er. Please prepare betrothal presents for me.”

“…” Qi Lan turned to Rong Yi and asked, “What’s the matter with him?”

“His memories got confused,” Yin Jinye said. “He can’t remember a lot of things, and he often mistakes people.”

“Dad,” He called Yin Jinye. “I want to marry Dan’er.”

Yin Jinye said lightly, “Don’t even think of it.”

The old man shook Qi Lan’s hands, “Mom, Dan’er is really very good. You talk to dad for me. I will be filial to both of you after we get married…”

“You call my mom, call Jinye dad, but who is Dan’er?” Qi Lan couldn’t help looking at Rong Yi and sneered, “He is Dan’er, isn’t he?”

The old man nodded vigorously.

Qi Lan’s smile grew bigger, “OK, I approve of your marriage. You’ll get married tomorrow.”

Rong Yi showed him the whites of his eyes, “Senior brother, it’s never your turn to decide my marriage thing.”

“Ignore him.” Yin Jinye grabbed Rong Yi’s hand and left Suqian courtyard.

Seeing that they were hand in hand, Qi Lan only felt so mad, and all kinds of bad feelings were surging in the heart. He then said to Old Lord Min, “Your Dan’er is taken away by someone else. Go get him back!”

The old man looked at him, then at Yin Jinye and Rong Yi who were walking away.

As they walked away, Qi Lan urged him, “Go!”

The old man grinned at him. “You also like my Dan’er, right?”

Qi Lan, “…”

He likes Rong Yi?

How is that possible?

He hated Rong Yi to the bones.

“Don’t be ridiculous. How would I ever like him?”

“My Dan’er is so good, why can’t you like her? Hum! Even if you like him, I won’t offer him to you. I’ll go to look for my Dan’er.” Then Old Lord Min scampered out of the hall, “Dan’er, Dan’er, I’m coming.”

Qi Lan, “…”

Didn’t they say he has memory disorder and couldn’t remember a lot of things and often mistakes people? Why does he return to normal now?

Or is the old man just clowning around?

On thinking that Old Lord Min said he likes Rong Yi, he felt quite upset and lost the mood to visit Old Lady Min, so he turned to leave the mansion.

Suddenly, someone stood in his way.

Qi Lan raised his head and saw it was a middle-aged man with handlebar mustache, in his hand holding a homemade sign with white cloth written with words: Bu Yigua, divination only for the destined ones.

Looking at Qi Lan with a smile, Bu Yigua asked, “Sir, would you like a fortune-telling?”

Qi Lan said angrily, “I hate you fortune-tellers most. You claim to know everything in the world, but actually you can’t even tell your own fortune.”

Bu Yigua did not get angry, “The divinator never foretells his own fate, and even if he does, it wouldn’t be accurate. Why waste time? But others people except me are different. With an eye, I can tell your past and future. Judging from your raging face, you should be…”

Qi Lan narrowed his eyes.

Bu Yigua smiled and said, “…trapped by love.”

“Nonsense.” Qi Lan directly threw a punch.

Bu Yigua immediately held it with his white cloth signboard, then shouted to the guards of the mansion, “Someone is making trouble in the street, don’t you people of the chief’s mansion take care of it?”

The guards took a look at each other and quickly ran into the house to report the matter to their master.

Hearing that Qi Lan had a fight with a fortune-teller, Yin Jinye and Rong Yi thought it was Si Jue, so they hurried out. As they say it was someone they didn’t know, both frowned.

“My lord, would you like a fortune-telling?” While dodging Qi Lan’s attack, Bu Yigua shook the white-cloth board in the hand to Yin Jinye and Rong Yi, “We are destined to meet. It won’t cost you much.”

Rong Yi asked Yin Jinye through sound transmission, “Is it Si Ze who had shapeshifting?”

Yin Jinye replied, “His cultivation seems to be above me. I don’t think it’s him.”

Qi Lan sulked, “Jinye, don’t listen to him. He is a fraud!”

Bu Yigua said disapprovingly, “Sir, I can clearly see that you are trapped in love. Why don’t you admit it? Do I have to say who you like to make you believe me?”

“Shut up.” Qi Lan took out a flute and hit at him.

“You’re so fierce.” Bu Yigua dodged and said to Yin Jinye, “My lord, I can tell the man next to you seems to have a partner…”

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