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396. I Can’t Wait (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“Daddy, did you make all this yourself?”

“Some of them, I made by hands, and for the others, I made the drawing and asked others to make them, like the sofa, the bed, and the quilts.”

“What about the fan, the air conditioner, the TV, even the computer? You made them all by yourself?” Rong Yi thought that Yin Jinye had been hiding in the refinery room the whole night, so he asked, “Did you refine all those things last night?”

Yin Jinye nodded.

“You are impressive. Only having seen those photos, and you can make those home appliances so similar in shape.” Rong Yi happily hooked his neck and pulled him to his side, and quickly kissed on his cheek, “Can the electric fan work?”

Seeing that Rong Yi was looking at him so adoringly, he curved up his lips, “Sure, make the fan and the air conditioner into magic weapons, so they could make wind and cool the air. But the computer and the TV set only have shells. You can’t use them.”

“If you can turn on the TV, it wouldn’t be the cultivation world here.” Casting a glance at the smooth white stone floor, Rong Yi entered the room at the back of the hall and immediately threw himself on the bed. He hugged the soft quilts and asked, “What’s stuffed the quilt?”

“Of course it is made of the fluff on the belly of the gooses and ducks you mentioned.”

Too happy to describe his mood with words now, Rong Yi got up, threw the man onto the bed and asked, “When did you prepare all these?”

“From the day I took you back to Guiling town, I began to ask them to prepare the room. Then on the day you overpowered your doom, I asked you what all the tools were for, and I asked them to make them as soon as possible. As the saying goes, money makes the mare go. As long as I got spiritual stones, craftsmen can make all of them in a short time.”

“Daddy, I am so happy and touched now, but I don’t know how to express my feelings at this moment…” Rong Yi brushed away the hair stuck on Yin Jinye’s face, bowed his head and kissed his beautiful thin lips. “I will give myself to you,” he whispered.

Staring at his sparkling eyes, Yin Jinye opened his thin lips and made a sexy husky voice, “OK…”

Having not been able to suppress his feelings already, the moment his words fell, Rong Yi already couldn’t wait to lower his head to suck his lips.

They were more enthusiastic than when they had just met in Daicheng. After a moment, their robes were scattered on the floor, and the bed was in a mess. With their violent movements, the bed was pounding violently.

By morning, the two stopped to enjoy each other.

Rong Yi looked at the wall clock pointing to nine thirty-five, smiling, “You actually even refined a clock.”

“I should do the best as I can.” Yin Jinye picked him up and went to the bathroom, where there was a ceramic bathtub he asked some to refine with fire.

He put him in it and used his magic to release hot water at the right temperature.

Rong Yi made a comfortable sigh, “You even made a bathtub! Is it possible you have made everything in the photos?”

Yin Jinye cleaned his body while saying, “Hmm, almost all done.”

Rong Yi asked with a smile, “Our world’s car, have you done it?”

“No, you said it is inconvenient to drive outside. It’s not good to be seen.”

“Yeah. Daddy why would you want to make a modern room?”

Yin Jinye’s hand stopped where it was, “I planned to give it to you on the wedding day. But I can’t wait. I want you to know its existence as soon as possible.”

Rong Yi chuckled. Judging from his words, he should mind what the fortune-teller said, so he made this room to make him happy, to let him more reluctant to leave this world.

He couldn’t help grabbing Yin Jinye’s hand tightly.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

Yin Jinye was displeased to put away his smile, asking with a heavy voice, “Who is it?”

“My lord, the old lady asks you and young master Rong to go to Suqian yard.”

Hearing that, Rong Yi quickly cleaned himself and went to Suqian courtyard with Yin Jinye. Then he saw the old man was stroking the branches of a bonsai in front of him and said, “Dan, how have you become so thin? So thorny! Why you women all take thinness as beauty? Actually it’s not bad to grow a little fatter.”

Rong Yi, “…”

Yin Jinye, “…”

The old man turned to another bonsai aside and felt the peonies in, face sunk, “Xiaoying, you are a boy. How can you wear a head flower like a girl? Pick if off! If others see it, they’d gossip.”

He pulled the flowers off and threw them on the ground, then said in surprise, “Hmm? Xiaoying, where is your hair? Why do you become so bald? Was it shaved? Tell me. Who is it that shaved your head? I will teach him a lesson for you!”

Rong Yi went to old Lady Yin’s side and whispered, “What’s wrong with my grandfather?”

Old Lady Yin said in a husky voice, “He can’t recognize people clearly, and his eyes are getting worse and worse. He can see things with blurred vision. If he goes on like this, I’m afraid he won’t be able to wait for another two years before…”

Yin Jinye said, “Mother, we will try to prolong my grandfather’s life.”

Old Lady Yin asked quickly, “Do you have any method?”

“We’re not sure it’ll work, so don’t hold too much hope.” Rong Yi said.

Old Lady Yin nodded, “It’s better to try than to do nothing. Seeing your grandfather like this hurts me a lot.”

Rong Yi saw that things could not be delayed, and turned to look for Pacero at once.

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