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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 398 - The Old Lord Became Young Again! (2)

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398. The Old Lord Became Young Again! (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Old Lady Yin said with a smile, “Just mind your own business. You don’t need to stay with us.”

As Rong Yi left, Old Lady Min said smilingly, “Jinye’s partner is not bad.”

Old Lady Yin smiled heartily and asked her Dad, “Dad, are you satisfied with Xiaoyi?”

Three years ago, when she told him that Yin Jinye’s partner was a man, he objected, mainly because he thought a man was less attentive than a woman and could not take care of his daughter and grandchildren.

Old Lord Min gave a snort, said neither yes nor not.

Rong Yi followed Bu Qi and Xiang Lv into the Suqian Yard, “What do you want me for?”

“Shifu,” said Xiang Lv, “the thing you could enchant the magic weapons on the magic weapon meeting spread out.”

Rong Yi said casually, “It’s fine. It’s impossible that I would never enchant any magic weapon again.”

“Shifu, that doesn’t worry us. The thing is those evil cultivators, beast cultivators and ghost cultivators who killed the elders three years ago all heard about it. And it’s possible they’d come here in a few days.”

Rong Yi asked, “Who killed the elders of Yin family that year?”

“Two evil cultivators from Zhonggu Prefecture, and the other four are chief of Youfu, Mogu, Yindu and Xieyu.”

“Chief of Xieyu?” Rong Yi remembered that the one the guard had just reported was him! “You go back to your room first. I’ll be right back.”

Bu Qi hurriedly asked, “Shifu, do you still remember Wind Inducing and Mantis Wave? They let me ask you if you need them or not. They’d be at your service anytime.”

“If they follow me voluntarily, let them come to me.” Rong Yi took out a stack of anti-divination runes to them, “Stick two on each of you, and hand the rest over to my family and the godfather.”

Then he went to the hall, and heard a strange voice from inside.

“Lord Yin, this time I came here because I heard that the enchanted runes appeared at the magic weapon meeting held in Xijing again. And the one who refined them is in your mansion, so I’m here to see him. I got something to ask him.”

Before Yin Jinye opened his mouth, Rong Yi walked in while saying, “Do you mean me?”

The chief of Xieyu Town frowned, “You are…”

“I’m the one who refined the enchanted runes.”

Then the chief of Xieyu town patted the table and asked angrily as he stood up, “Are you the one who broke your promise to us?”

Rong Yi pretended not to understand, “What do you mean?”

“Three years ago, the clothing cabinet released the news saying that whoever could get the head of any elder of Yin family could exchange for an enchanted rune with it. But after we got the heads of the elders, the clothing cabinet wouldn’t give any!”

Rong Yi, of course, would not admit that he was the one who released the news, “That’s what you’re talking about, but Unfortunately I’m not the one you’re looking for.”

The chief stared at him, “No? If it wasn’t you, why can you refine the enchanted runes?”

Rong Yi chuckled, “Who said the one who can refine the enchanted runes is the one who discredited you? I don’t believe you did not investigate who would want the heads of the Yin elders that year.”

The chief, “…”

Rong Yi asked him, “What level are you at?”

The chief eyed him warily, “Why you ask this?”

Yin Jinye said quietly, “He is at his Mahayana phase, an evil cultivator.”

Rong Yi took out three enchanted runes and asked the chief, “Do you know what these are?”

The chief looked at the strange grains on it, squinting, “Isn’t this the enchanted runes?”

“Yes, to tell you the truth, I used to stay at Rong Mansion of Zhonghai Prefecture for a period of time, and it was I who refined those enchanted runes in the clothing cabinet. But I got badly injured one time, so I found a place to recuperate then. Only until recently did I get recovered. I also didn’t expect so many things have happened while I was away.” Speaking of which, Rong Yi handed the enchanted runes to the chief.

The chief was confused, “This is…”

“The first attack enchanted rune is for the one who released the news wanting the heads of the Yin elders. The second one is as a sorry gift for that person, and the third one is for that I want to make friends with you. Oh right, I have a favor to ask. Tell others who took the heads of Yin elders to come get the enchanted runes they deserve, and help me released the news saying that the person that year did not go back on his words.”

The chief stared at the runes and asked, “Are these true or false?”

Rong Yi found it funny, “Do you think I have the balls to sell false runes in the mansion of the chief of Guiling Town? Even if I have the balls, Chief Yin would never agree.”

Yin Jinye said, “I can guarantee they are real with my name.”

Rong Yi said, “If you don’t believe me, you can have a try now. If it’s false, my life is yours.”

Now that he had said so, the chief did not hesitate. He quickly took the enchanted runes and posted one of them on his magic weapon.

After a while, the paper rune fell off, and he instantly felt that his magic weapon became much more powerful.

He exulted, “It is true. It is true!”

Before coming, he had thought it would be very difficult to persuade Chief Yin to hand out the guy who refined the enchanted runes, but it turned out to be so easy.

Rong Yi said, “Then sorry to bother you to inform the others.”

The chief gave a laugh, “Have I ever promised you?”

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