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409. Is That Really Me? (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

When Qi Lan arrived, Yin Jinye was teaching Rong Yi hand in hand to write his name.

They shared the same chair, and Rong Yi was sitting between his legs, with his back leaning against Yin Jinye’s chest, while Yin Jinye was resting his chin on Rong Yi’s shoulder, and wrote two words holding his hand.

“These are Rong Yi.” After finishing his writing, Yin Jinye read aloud.

Rong Yi smiled, “I can recognize complexformed characters, but I can’t write them, and sometimes I can’t remember their strokes, just like you know I have a brush in my hand, but you can’t draw every detail of it.”

“Complexformed characters?”

Rong Yi explained, “To me, the words you wrote are complexformed characters, with many strokes. People in our world use simplified characters, which are much simpler than yours, and we don’t use a brush to write.”

He took out a roll-ball pen from the storage ring and wrote the two words Rong Yi on it.

Yin Jinye remembered that three years ago Rong Yi’s body also wrote with such font, “It is indeed much simpler than our words. When you have time, you can teach me to recognize your words.”

“OK.” Rong Yi turned to kiss on Yin Jinye’s face, but only touched some ice-cold thing, then even his mouth was frozen, and he couldn’t open it now.

He felt his mouth, but only touched a hard lump, he quickly raised his head and pointed at his mouth, “Hm…hm…hm…”

Yin Jinye saw a piece of ice like a pig’s mouth stuck on Rong Yi’s mouth, and couldn’t help laughing, then raised his palm to cover on his ‘pig mouth’ and used fire to melt it.

Rong Yi was finally able to speak, “What happened just now? Why did my mouth freeze? You didn’t do it, daddy, did you?”

Yin Jinye looked sideways out of the window.

Rong Yi looked along his line of sight and saw that Qi Lan was standing outside the window looking at them with a straight face, he immediately politely called, “Senior brother.”

Then asked Yin Jinye through sound transmission, “So he froze my mouth just now?”

Yin Jinye responded with an ‘hmm’.

“Why does he always go against me?”

Yin Jinye also had no idea what is wrong with Qi Lan.

Seeing that they were still holding together so closely, Qi Lan couldn’t help walking over, asking with a cynical smile, “Practicing calligraphy?”

Yin Jinye nodded slightly.

“Jinye, your words are still as vigorous and forcible as before.” Qi Lan went to their side with a smile, lifted Rong Yi up and sat between the legs of Yin Jinye himself, “It’s been a long time I haven’t written anything, I guess my writing would be very ugly. Jinye, you teach me.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Rong Yi took Yin Jinye’s hand and said, “We don’t practice writing now. We are going to see grandparents and others.”

“Together.” Qi Lan clapped open Rong Yi’s hand, pulled Yin Jinye up and left.

Yin Jinye’s hand was grasped tightly by him, Yin Jinye couldn’t even take it back. Finally he only broke free through some inner force.

Rong Yi who caught up with them happily pulled up Yin Jinye’s hand and ran, “Hurry up. Get rid of him.”

Yin Jinye then ran out of the yard together with him very cooperatively.

Qi Lan darkened his face and with a jump, trying to catch up.

Seeing that he was approaching, Yin Jinye instantly held Rong Yi’s waist tight and flew toward Suqian courtyard.

Rong Yi turned head to provoke Qi Lan, “You can’t catch up!”

Qi Lan gave him a cold snort, picked a leaf and threw toward Rong Yi.

With a turn of his body, Yin Jinye took it and shot back at him.

Qi Lan immediately made a dodge.

As the children playing in the yard saw them, they cried excitedly, “It’s daddy and father…”

And Old Lady Yin who was staying with Old Lady Min and others aside raised her head and saw them flying in the air chasing each other, she asked, “What are you three doing there?”

Yin Jinye, holding Rong Yi, then landed in front of her.

Rong Yi said, “Mom, grandpa grandma, uncle, aunt…”

Qi Lan then also landed and squeezed between Yin Jinye and Rong Yi.

Looking at him, Old Lord Min took a sip of his tea and said, “What is your plan for the centennial meeting?”

Rong Yi replied, “Just join for the fun and sell some runes and collect some ingredients.”

He did not forget his big brother’s order, to collect ingredients as many as he could for him.

“I’ll collect ingredients for Xiaoyi,” Yin Jinye said.

Qi Lan then followed to say, “I’ll destroy the ingredients.”

Others, “…”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes. They got to get rid of him that day!

Yin Tao ran over and said, “I want to eat a lot of food on the centennial meeting.”

Old Lady Yin laughed and said, “You only know eating.”

Old Lord Min also said with a smile, “Better than those who always try to win others’ treasures, their ambition will only grow bigger.”

“Xiaoyi, sit down and let’s talk.” Old Lady Min asked Rong Yi and others to take a seat.

But Qi Lan immediately took the position next to Rong Yi, in case Yin Jinye sat together with him.

Old Lord Min narrowed his eyes and asked, “Lan, I heard from Yuan that you want to marry Jinye?”

Everyone looked at him.

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