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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 421 - Yao’er Daddy Finally Found Him (1)

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421. Yao’er Daddy Finally Found Him (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Yin Jinye and Rong Yi immediately rushed out of the room and saw that the guards were circling a red-haired man.

Old Lady Yin and others also ran out.

The red-haired man sensed people upstairs and turned to look up at them.

Rong Yi saw a familiar but also strange evil face, slightly stunned there, “Daddy, isn’t he Yao’er real father?”

“Yes, it’s him.” Yin Jinye told the guards to step back.

Yao’er who was under the protection of Jiang Mu stuck out his head. As he saw that red-haired man, his eyes glittered, “Daddy!”

Old Lady Yin and others got stoned there, the red-haired man is Yao’er’s real father?

Fu Lu’s fierce face showed a trace of gentleness. He crouched down and stretched out his arms toward Yao’er, “Ye’er, come here.”

Looking at his brothers and father and daddy, Yao’er happily threw himself into Fu Lu’s arms. “Daddy, daddy.”

Judging from his son’s red face and happy smile, he knew he was doing well.

Seeing that they were not needed here, Old Lady Yin and others turned and went back to the room.

Yao’er looked around, “Where is mom?”

“Your mom is still in Zhonggu prefecture. Would you go to see her?”

Yin Sensen and others immediately threw their dagger eyes at Fu Lu like he was trying to snatch away their younger brother from them.

Yao’er felt being stuck in between. He looked at his brothers, then Rong Yi and Yin Jinye, not knowing what choice to make.

Apparently his son didn’t want to leave, Fu Lu could tell. Although it was only three years, he had already had some bond with human race.

He rubbed his little head, “I’ll take you back some other day next time.”

Now he didn’t have to make a choice, Yao’er smiled at him.

Fu Lu, “…”

This child had been raised to have lost his beast’s side, a total human child now.

Fu Lu stood up and walked before Rong Yi and others…

Rong Yi and Yin Jinye knew he had something to say, so they jumped off and Rong Yi opened his mouth to ask, “Did you find the note I left you that year?”

Everything was fine if he didn’t mention that. But once he brought it up, Fu Lu felt so upset. If it hadn’t stolen their kid from them, they wouldn’t have separated with their kid for so many years.

He threw a stare at Rong Yi, “Yes.”

“Then why didn’t you come pick Yao’er up? Well, I mean your son.”

Fu Lu said with a deep tone, “That year, we went to the Yin family in Dongtang according to what was written on the note. Then I saw an old acquaintance and because of some reason, I didn’t want him to see me, so I had been hiding in the dark. But some day, the Yin family declined. It was in a chaos. And when I went to look for you again, you were already nowhere to find. So I could only change to keep following that old acquaintance. Until just now when I saw you on the road, I came here.”

Yin Jinye narrowed his eyes, “Is the acquaintance you mentioned Yin Houyao?”

Otherwise, what’s the connection between coming to Yin’s house to find his son and not letting his old acquaintance find out his existence? Only because his old acquaintance is from the Yin family so he felt inconvenient.

Fu Lu paused for a moment and nodded, “Yes, it’s him.”

Rong Yi asked him, “Did Yin Houyao visit your master before we entered the secret realm and got into a fight with your master?”

“Yeah. He seemed to have gotten something to question the master.”

“And then?”

“I was not in the room, also didn’t know what happened. And then seeing that they hadn’t come out after a long time, I went in, and only saw Yin Houyao’s sword and traces of a huge fight. Both of them already had nowhere to find. So, I guessed if they left through the drawing. But my master never came back, so I was thinking if the master had already been killed.”

Rong Yi asked, “Why were you trying to avoid Yin Houyao? Afraid he might kill you?”

Fu Lu shook his head, “No, I just want to find out if my master’s disappearance is related to him.”

“You think Yin Houyao killed your master?”

“Yin Houyao could not kill my master with his ability, but it is hard to say if he worked together with someone else. Of course, the disappearance of my master may also be because of his lifespan, or some other reasons. Or maybe he is in some place now.”

Rong Yi thought for a while and asked, “You just said you couldn’t find one of us, and then you ran after an acquaintance? And your acquaintance is Yin Houyao, so, you know where Yin Houyao is now? You’re not here because he came too, are you?”

“Yes, he came to the centennial meeting, too.”

“Where is he now?”

Fu Lu smiled coldly, “Where? If I hadn’t been following him, you’d never have guessed where he is hiding.”

Rong Yi could not deny that they had a hard time finding Yin Houyao, “He has a fortune-teller by his side, so it is easy for him to keep away from us.”

Yin Jinye asked with a deep tone, “Where is he?”

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