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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 422 - Yao’er Daddy Finally Found Him (2)

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422. Yao’er Daddy Finally Found Him (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Fu Lu then told him about Yin Houyao’s whereabouts through sound transmission.

Rong Yi and Yin Jinye froze there, incredibly crying, “No way!”

“Believe it or not.” Crouching down, Fu Lu rubbed Yao’er’s head, “Ye’er, I must go now. I will come and see you later or take you back to meet your mom.”

Yao’er clung to his neck, “Daddy…”

Fu Lu picked him up and handed him over to Rong Yi, saying, “Take good care of him. When I find out where my master is, I will come and take him to see his mom.”

Rong Yi nodded, “Hmm, if you are in trouble, you can come to us, we live in Guiling town.”

Fu Lu made no reply, put on his cloak and disappeared from their sight.

Rong Yi put Yao’er down, “Go hang out with your elder brothers.”

“OK.” Yao’er then ran to them.

Jiang Mu said, “This time, it’s my turn to worry that you’d be leaving with your dad.”

Yao’er smiled and said, “I won’t go. I still want to grow up with my elder brothers.”

“Yay!” Yin Tao took Yao’er in his arms and made a turn happily.

Rong Yi looked at them with a smile, and then went back to the room with Yin Jinye, and asked him through sound transmission, “Do you think what Yao’er dad said is true?”

Yan Jinye remembered that huge fight with Yin Houyao three years ago, squinting, “Should be true. Yin Houyao, who always has a strong desire of power, lost the fight with me so easily, like the Yin family was not important to him at all. If he could get hold of the Yin family easily, he wouldn’t give up. But if it would cost him too much and it was still not a hundred percent sure thing, he’d rather give up. If it hadn’t been that he gave it up, we might be still fighting till now.”

“From what you said, it may be true. No wonder we’ve been unable to find him. So he…Hum…” Rong Yi sneered, “we should be on guard against him.”

Yin Jinye instantly issued an order to his personal guards through sound transmission.

They stayed at the inn for the night.

The next morning, Rong Yi they accompanied the children to have some breakfast and then left the inn, came to the city center yesterday.

By this time, there were already a number of cultivators who can’t wait to compete, they were roaming in the streets, in order to find the right person to challenge.

Suddenly someone shouted through sound transmission, “We want to challenge the Nine Void Sect from Zhonghai Prefecture!”

Rong Yi picked his eyebrow.

Bu Qi looked all around, “Who wants to challenge the Nine Void Sect?”

Then the sound continued through sound transmission, “We will use the invitation to challenge the whole Nine Void Sect, and we will wait for you on the arena in the air.”

“Should we go and have a look?” asked Bu Qi.

“After all,” said Xiang Lv, “I belong to my sect. Of course I’ll go.”

Rong Yi said, “Let’s go watch for fun.”

This was the first challenge of the day and of course a lot of people would watch it.

They flew to the outside of the arena and saw a large crowd of people in dark blue robes standing in the arena.

“What clan are they from?” Rong Yi asked.

Xiang Lv said, “Judging from their clothes, they belong to the Zhangsun family in Xijing. I wonder why they’d provoke the clans of other continent without any reason. Aren’t they supposed to challenge the families or clans of their own continent?”

“The Zhangsun family?” Bu Qi was confused, “Isn’t the Zhangsun family a magic weapon refining family like Xiang Lv’s family?”

“Yes, they are a family of magic weapon refiners.”

Bu Qu said to Rong Yi, “Shifu, do you still remember that more than three years ago, my senior brother Immortal Yunyi once told you that his friend found a magic weapon adopting the same refining method as yours in Xijing?”

Rong Yi thought about it and then said, “there is such a thing, but Immortal Yunyi never mentioned it again.”

“When I was in Dongtang, when my senior brother went to see my shifu, he mentioned this, saying that that magic weapon came from the Zhangsun family in Lingcheng, Xijng. But no one knew the exact person.”

Xiang lv asked, “Is it possible they because your senior brother investigated them which pissed them off, so they came to challenge your sect?”

Bu Qi was not sure if this was the case.

Before long, the chief of Nine Void Sect flew over leading his disciples behind.

The disciple of Zhangsun family immediately took out the challenge invitation and said, “We will challenge Meng Hua in your sect, and then the chief. If the chief loses, he will do one thing for us.”

The chief and the elders looked at each other. The other side had the challenge invitation, so they couldn’t refuse.

The disciple of Zhangsun’s family saw that no one moved, he snapped, “Quickly call Meng Hua out.”

The chief asked the disciples with a deep voice, “Is Meng Hua here?”

“Yes, yes.” Meng Hua came out tremblingly.

He had been so thrilled when he knew he had been chose to come attend the centurial meeting, but never expected someone would challenge such a nobody like him.

Seeing him cowering, an elder snorted, “You really disgrace the Nine Void Sect.”

The chief said, “Since the other side wants to challenge you, you should give us a good fight and don’t lose our face.”

“Yes.” Meng Hua walked into the middle of the arena.

Seeing his timid and fearful appearance, Rong Yi sneered at Bu Qi, “Bu Qi, you still remember this guy called Meng Hua?”

Bu Qi nodded, “Yeah.”

“Such a snob who only bully the weak and fear the strong!”

Yin Jinye also remembered this person, the one who said Rong Yi was a slut.

“Shifu…” cried Xiang Lv suddenly.


Xiang Lv pointed to someone from among the disciples of the Zhangsun family, “Look at that one standing in the backmost of the crowd!”

Rong Yi looked in the direction he was pointing at.

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