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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 426 - Now You Know What I Am Capable Of? (2)

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426. Now You Know What I Am Capable Of? (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

 Rong Yi didn’t let the fog get close to him at all. He threw a hurricane enchanted run quickly to disperse the fog. As soon as everyone could see them, he attached a frozen enchanted run and a Wind-blade enchanted to each of his swords.

People then saw purple light in his palms, and then in the body, and then as his hand touched on the body of the swords, they saw the enchanted rune on the sword body, which was giving off colorful light, the one in his left hand shining with blue and white color, while the one in his right hand shining with light green. And what shocked them most was that they clearly felt that the power of Rong Yi’s magic weapons had doubled.

Everyone was amazed, “What did that young man named Rong Yi do? Why does his sword have runes? Did you put it on specially when he refined it, or did he just put it on? Why the moment the rune appears, his sword is much more powerful.”

“The runes on the sword are strange. I’ve never seen them before.”

“Neither have I. Is that really a rune? Maybe it’s the pattern on the sword?”

Suddenly someone said through sound transmission, “It’s not a pattern, it’s the enchanted rune.”

Everyone was stoned, “who is speaking?”

Xiang Lv and Bu Qi looked at each other and smiled.

The others continued, “Someone said that’s the enchanted rune on Rong Yi’s swords?”

“Enchanted runes?” Some people were surprised and said, “Seriously?”

Since more than three years ago after Rong Yi sent the enchanted runes to the chief of Rong family and others, a lot of people had heard of it, and some of them had even seen how powerful those enchanted runes were with their own eyes.

So, on hearing that, the crowd’s eyes lit up and stared at Rong Yi excitedly, “So, this man can make enchanted runes?”

The moment Rong Yi pasted the enchanted runes on his swords, he instantly released all the sword qi hidden inside. Suddenly, it was like a top hurricane sweeping over, and left countless sword cuts on the ground that had defending formation, even the seal over the ring was making some noise.

Jian Ku’s face greatly changed, he hurriedly took out the defense magic weapon to defend, but the moment his defense magic weapon met the sword qi, it was like his magic weapon was about to explode.

The sword qi was too scary for him, and the other side just released the sword qi and his magic weapon already couldn’t take it, let alone that Rong Yi still hadn’t used any move.

The crowd was surprised again, “A sword cultivator? Is he a sword cultivator?”

Just now when they saw Rong Yi used thunder fire, they thought he was one with thunder-fire spiritual root.

Sword cultivators were the most useless but also the scariest existence. At the early stage, those sword cultivators were too weak and often got bullied. Even if they wanted to fight back, they had no power. But once one had entered the Ascending Phase, one was the scariest presence. Any cultivator owning other spiritual roots at the same phase wouldn’t be his rival. And if the one owned a set of divine magic weapons and equipment, one could even fight someone of a higher phase.

Rong Yi, with lightning speed, came before Jian Ku.

Jian Ku again released the grey fog, trying to shackle Rong Yi.

Rong Yi, with narrowed eyes, quickly wielded his two swords. The tip of the sword on the left hand shot out sharp sword qi and aimed at the grey fog. The moment they touched, it froze half of the grey fog, while the tip of the other sword in his right hand blew away the other half of the grey fog, totally pressing down Jian Ku’s arts.

Then, at a speed that no one could see, he swung a few moves of his swords in front of Jian Ku, easily broke his defense magic weapon, and then two swords in full swing, a powerful sword qi hit straight to Jian Ku.

In a hurry, Jian Ku took out two more defense magic weapons to ward off. There was a deafening bang, and the ground in the center of the city was shaking. The sword not only burst the defense magic weapons, but also cut through his defense equipment and his veil, and even his clothes were stripped off.

“Poof!” he spurted a mouthful of blood, and flew ten meters away and passed out.

The rest of the sword qi rushed into the seal over the ring, again sending out a violent blast, the powerful seal got cracked.

Standing outside the seal, people were scared to back away, only Qi Lan and Xinyue still standing in place.

Xinyue stared at the cracks in the seal, her lips trembling. At that moment, she wanted to run, but her legs could not move at all. For a moment, she thought she was so dead.

“Rong Yi, unexpectedly, unexpectedly so formidable already?” Before, she often said some nasty words to Rong Yi, and Rong Yi already showed her mercy not to kill her with only one move!

Rong Yi looked at Qi Lan proudly and seemed to say, ‘now you know what I am capable of? Stop provoking you, you know?’

Qi Lan looked at him with a face of complacent appearance, and involuntarily crooked the mouth.

Rong Yi came up to Jian Ku, stomped on his belly with his foot, regardless of whether he could hear or not, and said, “Since you have lost to me, you got do one thing for me. When you wake up, come to my inn and look for me.”

He returned to the side of Yin Jinye, and then left with the others.

For a long time, the cultivators beside the ring came to their sense.

“They said that sword cultivators are powerful, so it’s true! Only one move, he defeated the one of the same phase with him!”

Next, no one of the same phase dare to challenge Rong Yi again. However, those with higher phase of cultivation than Rong Yi couldn’t challenge him, so no one came to challenge him any more.

However, some people went to Rong Yi wanting to buy his enchanted runes, people instantly went to ask about which inn Rong Yi had checked in. Before Rong Yi went back, the inn had already been packed with people.

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