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Chapter 60: Comfort Your Son

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi and Yin Tao came back to Yin Mansion. But before they could speak, Rong Su, Rong Huan and Wen Chuan hurriedly gathered around and asked, “Is the little master all right? Did he get hurt?”

Before they came back, Rong Yi had already applied some medicine for him and his wound was almost healed.

Rong Yi narrowed his eyes,” how do you know he was hurt?”

Wen Chuan confessed, “Since you gave an early birth to the little master, her ladyship has sent some guards to protect you and the little master secretly. And they would report it to us or the master if there is anything wrong.”

“So you mean even if Immortal Yun didn’t stop the school guards hurting little Cherry, they would lend a hand?” Rong Yi looked at Su Gu and asked, “Do you know about this?”

He noticed Su Gu was very anxious at that time, so it was quite possible he didn’t know.

Su Gu shook his head, as he expected.

“Not many people know about it,” Wen Chuan said.

Rong Huan came over and said, “Master, let me hold the little master for you, please.”

But Yin Tao held Rong Yi’s neck tightly and wouldn’t let go.

It was painful for everyone to see Yin Tao lose his innocence and get so sensitive.

“What the heck! It was his luck just to destroy his dantian.” Rong Su cursed angrily.

“It was really his luck if he got killed. But it is different that we damage his dantian because he will no longer have the ability to cultivate. He will live in pain all his life and be laughed at by others.” Rong Huan said.

“It is really you people who did this?” Rong Yi said.

“The master gave us the order.”

Rong Yi hummed slightly, “Not bad. Now he knows to care his son after he got bullied.”

Wen Chuan then tried to speak for Yin Jinye, “In fact, the master looks cold but he warm inside.”

“I didn’t see that.” Rong Yi went into the hall and saw Yin Jinye sitting on a chair. He put Yin Tao on his lap and said, “Daddy, your son is seriously scared. Comfort your son.”

Yin Jinye looked down at Yin Tao who had swollen and watery eyes, he couldn’t help raising a hand to rub his little head.

“Little master, your father has disabled that big villain for you. Are you happy?” asked Xing He who was standing aside.

Yin Tao stared at him and didn’t say a word

“Oh no! The little master even doesn’t know how to smile.” Xinghe was worried.

Other servants were also very worried about Yin Tao.

“Are there any other big towns near our big city?” Rong Yi sat down and asked Rong Su.

“There is a city called Linhai, which is a thousand li(five hundred meters long) away from Haishan city. It takes about half an hour to fly there by sword.”

“Well, we will go on a trip to Linhai city tomorrow. But since little Cherry and I haven’t been fasted yet, we will certainly be hungry on the way. You should prepare delicious pastries, such as osmanthus cake, begonia cakes, lotus cake, silver silk rolls, lotus seed cakes… “Rong Yi saw Yin Tao’s eyes were sparkling every time he named one kind of cake. He looked at his little son  who was supporting his chin with one hand awkwardly, “We are going out for a trip. Are you happy? If you are not, we are not going.”

On hearing that, Yin Tao immediately said, “I’m going, I’m going, daddy, I’m going.”

As he finally talked, everyone felt much relieved.

Rong Yi asked, “What pastries would like to bring tomorrow? Tell the butler to prepare them for you.”

Yin Tao instantly turned to Wen Chuan and said, “I want to eat cloud cakes and crystal cakes and… ”

“No problem, little master.” Wen Chuan said with a smile.

“I’m going to take my toys with me. And I also want to ride my tricycle down the street…” Yin Tao got more and more excited.

Everyone smiled at him and gave random responses to whatever he said happily about his plan for tomorrow.

“You really know how to make him laugh.” Rong Su passed a cup of tea to Rong Yi, “Have a cup of tea to lull your nerves.”

Rong Yi took a sip of the tea, finding it was kind of different from the tea he used to drink, so he asked, “What kind of tea is this? It smells good.”

“Luohan tea.”

“How is it different from the Luohan tea I usually drank? I felt so much lighter after drinking it.”

Rong Su, waiting for him to drink up the tea, smiled happily and said, “I added a miscarriage prevention pill in it.”

Rong Yi: “… ”

Does it mean that there is no way for him to abort the baby now?

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