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Chapter 61: Do You Care about Daddy?

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

The next day, before dawn, Rong Yi was woken up by the excited Yin Tao.

Yin Tao threw himself happily into Rong Yi’s arms, “Daddy, daddy, get up quickly. We are going to travel.”

Rong Yi struggled to open his eyes and looked out of the window at the dark sky with shining stars, “what the fuck! It is not bright outside. I am not getting up.”

“Daddy, it’s Yin hour (an ancient way of timing. People divided a day into twelve hours. And each hour had its name like Yin hour and Mao hour that appears later.).” Yin Tao pouted.

Yin hour? Only three o ‘clock in the morning?

“Oh my god! You wake me up at three in the morning? I can tell how much you are expecting this trip!” Rong Yi really wanted to slap himself on the face. He was having his own medicine. Why would he suggest going out on a trip? “Can I sleep for a bit? You wake me up at Mao hour (five to seven in the morning).”

Yin Tao gave him a hasty push as Rong Yi closed his eyes again, “Daddy, daddy… ”

Rong Yi really couldn’t take it, so he asked, “Son, do you care about your daddy who is pregnant with your little brother and couldn’t even have a good sleep?”

“I do.” Yin Tao nodded.

“Then be good and let me have some more sleep. I’m gonna play with you when I have good enough sleep, OK?” Rong Yi suddenly admired his second elder brother sincerely for the very first time. He already felt extremely exhausted to take care of only one child. But his brother had to play with five children every day. “Oh, right. You can go wake up your father first.”

“OK.” Yin Tao giggled, quickly slipped of the bed and ran barefooted to the room on the other side, “Father, father.”

Yin Jinye, who was mediating, opened his eyes to give Yin Tao a look and then closed his eyes again.

Yin Tao ran up to him and tugged at his sleeve. “Father, father. It’s time to go traveling.”

Yin Jinye did not respond to him.

Yin Tao called him again, “Father, father. It’s time to go traveling.”

Yin Jinye frowned at his noise and opened his eyes, saying flatly, “What about your daddy?”

“He’s still sleeping.”

“Tell him to get up and wash up before you come to me.”

Yin Tao stood there looking up at him.

Yin Jinye raised his eyebrow, “You got a problem?”

Yin Tao asked, “Father, do you care about daddy?”

Yin Jinye, “… ”

Why did he suddenly ask such a question?

Yin Tao then asked, “Do you care about daddy who is pregnant with my little brother and even couldn’t have a good sleep?”

Yin Jinye,”… ”

“If you do, you should let daddy sleep more.”

Yin Jinye, “… ”

Yin Tao tugged his sleeve again. “Get up, father. We can carry daddy into the carriage.”

When he could not get up in the morning, Su Gu would carry him into the carriage on school days.

Yin Jinye, “!!!!!! ”

To carry him into the carriage?

“Come on! Come on!” urged Yin Tao.

Yin Jinye’s lips twitched and couldn’t help asking, “So you don’t care me at all?”

Yin Tao looked down at his belly, then up at his face with that pair of bit and bright eyes, “Father, do you have a little brother in your belly too?”

Yin Jinye, “… ”

Xinghe who was meditating on the roof really couldn’t help laughing hearing the child’s babble of little Yin Tao.

Yin Jinye caught a glimpse of the roof, “You carry Rong Yi into the carriage.”

“My lord, he is your partner. It is not appropriate for me to carry him. Don’t you think so?” said Xinghe.

Yin Jinye, “…”

“Father, get up.” Yin Tao dragged him into Rong Yi’s room and shushed him, “Daddy is sleeping. We should keep quiet.”

He dragged Yin Jinye all the way to the bed to look at Rong Yi who was asleep. The black and loose hair made him look more like a woman. He was quiet and beautiful like a sleeping elf, with that small face and thin, rosy lips. He didn’t sleep well and even frowned because he had to lie on one side due to the big belly.

Yin Tao gave Yin Jinye a hasty push as his father froze there as he was staring at daddy’s face.

Yin Jinye then came to senses, gently bent down to pick Rong Yi up. For a cultivator, Rong Yi’s weight was nothing even he was carrying that big belly.

Rong Yi, who was half asleep, opened his sharp eyes as he sensed that someone was holding him. But when he saw it was Yin Jinye, he was a little surprised but then closed his eyes at ease.

“Now that you are awake, get off me and walk.” Yin Jinye said.

Rong Yi didn’t mind being carried by a man in his arms at all. So he closed eyes and played sleeping. Now that he was even carrying a baby, how would he mind being carried by a man? And it felt not bad going from one place to another in a man’s arms. Only a fool would come down and walk carrying that big belly.

Looking at the man who was lying comfortably in his arms, Yin Jinye narrowed his eyes, turned around and tried to throw him into the pond full of lotus flowers.

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