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Chapter 67: Thank You, Master Shifu

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Xiang Lv And Bu Qi had been determined to take Rong Yi as their master shifu. Whatever Rong Yi did to expel them, they just wouldn’t leave. Even after they got thrown out of the mansion by the servants, they again came back after wandering around nearby for some time.

Rong Yi also didn’t have that much energy, so he just let it be. But there was something he needed to make clear ahead, “From the very beginning I already told you I have never considered taking any disciple. So don’t expect me to specially spare some time to teach you how to enchant like other school or sect does. Just learn as much as you can in daily life with me. For the sake that you call me master shifu, you can come to ask me if you have something you don’t understand.”

Actually for him, it really didn’t matter they called him shifu or not. But it had its benefits to be their shifu. He could ask them to do anything. Anyway, he wouldn’t be their shifu for no good.

Before Bu Qi came, Immortal Yunyi had already told him Rong Yi wouldn’t teach him how to enchant. So after Rong Yi said those words, he nodded without any hesitation.

“Got it. Thank you, master shifu.” Xiang Lv smiled deep from his heart. When he came, he was worried Rong Yi wouldn’t take him in, after all Rong Yi really had ever said he wouldn’t take him in as his disciple. So he already felt perfectly satisfied if he could learn a little from Rong Yi.

Lei Sai, who had been hiding outside the window, dragged Rong Su into a corner, “Bu Qi is introduced by Immortal Yunyi. But who the hell is this Xiang Lv?”

Xiang Su said, “A cultivator of Hailu Village. The young master has refined his magic weapon there. The guy who has refined it for him lives in the same yard with Xiang Lv. He saw that our young master could even use herbs to refine magic weapon and also use low grade ingredients to refine holy magic weapon, so he decides to take the young master as his master shifu.”

Lei Sai was a little confused, “The young master could ask me to do him the favor. Why did he make the detour to ask someone else to do it?”

If he could refine the magic weapon for Rong Yi, maybe he already knew how Rong Yi had refined the magic weapon using herbs and low grade ingredients.

“The young master said before you learn how to respect him, he won’t teach you how to refine magic weapons.”

Lei Sai said angrily, “What the hell did I do to have offended him?”

Rong Su patted his shoulder to calm him down, “Senior Lei Sai, you call him young master by your mouth, but deep in your heart he is just a sissy, a whore. On your face you don’t show a bit of respect. Anyone could tell you look down on our young master.”

Lei Sai, “…”

As Rong Su said, it was true he still hadn’t take Rong Yi as his young master in his heart. But could it be his fault? If Rong Yi hadn’t always worn that long face, and looked at them with that kind repugnant expression or talked to them using sarcasm all the time, why would he give Rong Yi some attitude?

What annoyed him most was that Rong Yi took Yin Tao as his punch bag now and then. If he hadn’t been pregnant with another baby, maybe he had already beaten the kid.

“Recently the young master has changed a lot. You should also change your attitude towards him. Maybe he is not that bad as you imagined.”

Lei Sai gave him a look and nodded.

“In the few days Nine Void Sect would hold the annual competition. All disciples of Haishan Academy would participate. And the little master and the young master would both join in. Huan and I will help the little master make preparations. Got to talk to you later.”

Lei Sai said, “I have already prepared the magic weapon for the little master. You don’t have to do anything now.”

“All right.”

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