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Chapter 72: Have You Fallen for Him? (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Rong Yi’s mouth twitched. Even if he had to leave Nine Void Sect, that was the last thing he would do.

Qi Yueshi tied up his hair for Rong Yi, then tied it with a hair band of the same color of his robe. Then he turned to Zhu Xinyu and others and said, “What are you waiting for? Get little Cherry changed with the robe we have made for him!”

“Oh, OK.” Zhu Xinyu then held the kid and put him on bed, “Little Cheery, be good. Let Aunt Yu get you changed.”

“…”On hearing a man calling himself aunt, Xinghe and Lei Sai were both feeling like getting struck by the lightning.

Qi Yueshi then whispered by Rong Yi’s ear, “Little Yiyi, that person just now is not so easy to tackle with. You should be careful and let your son stay away from him. I don’t think he would show mercy even on kids.”

On thinking the scene the kid was thrown into the air, he still felt his heart fluttering with fear. If Lei Sai hadn’t lent a hand, Qi Lan would have let the kid drop onto the ground for sure.

Rong Yi nodded, “Hmm, I know.”

He then stood up and took the magic weapon from Yin Tao’s hand, “I will keep this magic weapon for you.”

Zhong Ziqiao looked at it and asked, “I saw that you all looked nervous about it? Is it really so powerful?”

“It is a toy magic weapon. At the bottom it is a toy, but on the other side it is a lethal magic weapon. Just now I let little Cherry turn it to left three rounds, that is to shut down the magic weapon. And if activating it with spiritual power, it’d explode. Cultivator below Base Practicing level would be hurt by the spiritual wave. And the closer the more severe, one would even get his own dantian destroyed.” Rong Yi’s little brothers had such similar magic weapons, but got refitted, so they wouldn’t get hurt when they used it.

Xinghe and Lei Sai’s faces both sank. Qi Lan even wouldn’t let go of an innocent child!

Tang Shangru cried, “Oh my god! He is so horrible!”

“Done!” Zhu Xinyu then held up the kid and kissed on his face, “Our Little Cherry is so pretty.”

Looking at Yin Tao’s dress, Lei Sai nodded satisfactorily.

Those sissy pants really knew how to get the kid dressed. Unlike rough men them, they only knew wrapped the kid with clothes made of expensive cloth, and never cared about whether it fitted him or not, only if they could make the little master and look noble and wouldn’t be laughed at.

The more he looked at Yin Tao’s dress, the more satisfied Lei Sai felt. Suddenly he felt that Yi Yueshi and his friends were not so annoying now.

Zhu Xinyu then put the kid in Rong Yi’s arms and said with a smile, “You are indeed father and son. He is like a replica of you, especially when you two wear the same dresses.”

If they went out together, they’d definitely attract all disciples’ eyes and their shop would also be much popular.

Rong Yi lowered his head and looked at his and Yin Tao’s clothes, asking casually, “Are we wearing parent-child dress?”

“Parent-child dress?” Qi Yueshi and others looked at him, confused.

Rong Yi then explained, “It means father and son wear clothes of the same style.”

Tang Shangru’s eyes were beaming, “Little Yiyi’s words enlighten me! In the future we can also make father-son dresses, mother-son dresses, father-daughter dresses, mother-daughter dresses, or even the same style for the whole family. And I bet we will attract a lot of customers.”

Rong Yi, “…”

What a smart brain!

Qi Yueshi and others all echoed, “That’s a good idea. After our shop opens, we’ll let little Yiyi and little Cherry wear the robes we make to attract the customers.”

Xinghe held up Yin Tao and interrupted their conversation, “it’s late. We should go to Haishan Academy now.”

“Hmm. Little Yiyi, show your hubby your new look! Come on!” Qi Yueshi and others pushed Rong Yi to the door.

After Rong Yi and others went out of the room, Yin Jinye and Qi Lan were still standing there. The former was looking in the direction of Rong Yi’s room, while the latter was staring at the former. Though the two of them didn’t say a word, judging from Qi Lan’s expression, Rong Yi could tell they were using ventriloquism.

Yin Jin saw that Rong Yi became more graceful and more elegant after getting changed and his eyes was beaming. He then moved to Rong Yi actively for the first time.

Qi Lan immediately asked him through ventriloquism, “Have you fallen for him?”

Yin Jinye didn’t answer him.

Qi Yueshi and others smiled covering the mouths, “Little Cherry’s father, isn’t our little Yiyi very pretty today?”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes at them, “How could you use the word pretty to describe a man?”

“Why can’t we? Any laws or regulations against it?”

Rong Yi didn’t want to argue with them, so he turned to Yin Jinye, “It’s not early. I should go.”

“I’ll send you to Nine Void Sect.” Yin Jinye stretched out a hand.

Rong Yi was a bit stunned and then involuntarily put his hand in his palm.

Zhong Ziqiao and others all looked at them, drooling, feeling jealous.

Yin Jinye then walked to the gate holding Rong Yi’s hand.

Rong Yi cast a glance at Qi Lan who was behind, “Shouldn’t you inform your senior brother?”

Yin Jinye said flatly, “Wen Chuan.”

The next second Wen Chuan already showed up before them.

“See the guest out.”

“Yes.” Wen Chuan then walked before Qi Lan, “Childe Qi, please.”

Qi Lan then walked by Yin Jinye and Rong Yi’s side, still wearing that smile, “Won’t you really let me stay?”

Yin Jinye said, “See you.”

Qi Lan smiled gently, giving Rong Yi a meaningful look.

Rong Yi looked at his back, eyes narrowed.

Qi Yueshi and others walked to the gate of Yin Mansion and said goodbye to Rong Yi.

Rong Yi saw the wheeler Bu Qi who was also wearing robes of Nine Void Sect, eyebrows raised, “Are you also disciple of Nine Void Sect?”

“Hmm.” Bu Qi felt his robes were a little uncomfortable, so he dragged a corner to adjust it.

Rong Yi looked at the mask on his face, “Do you wear that mask every day?”

“Yeah, getting used to it.” Bu Qi jumped off the carriage, and signaled Rong Yi to get onto the cart, “Please get into the carriage.”

Rong Yi then stepped onto the box step.

“Young master, we have put all your stuff on the cart. Remember to put them away in your Space Ring.” Su Rong came out and jumped onto the top of the carriage and went together with them.

“OK.” After getting into the cart, Rong Yi put those medicine and equipment Rong Su had prepared for them a few days ago in his Space Ring.

“If Qi Lan ever comes to our mansion again, just ignore him.” Yin Jinye who came after him suddenly said, “You don’t need to entertain him, or stay alone with him, or accept his invitation to his place.”

Rong Yi frowned, “Do you mean he would do harm to us?”

Yin Jinye didn’t answer him, indicating he approved his question.

Rong Su who was sitting on the roof said, “Anything the lord cares or likes, or anything that belongs to the lord, Childe Qi would destroy them all.”

Rong Yi asked, “Will he also do harm to little Cherry?”


Rong Yi, “…”

The carriage then jumped into the air and flew towards Nine Void Sect at the fastest speed.

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