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Chapter 8: Can I Swipe my Face to Buy It?

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Once Rong Yi stepped out of the house, people on the street all pointed fingers at him.

“That’s him. As a man, he neither cultivates nor finds himself a job. All he knows is learning make-up and getting himself dressed up like a woman. And he even has foot binding like women in the mortal world. Ew! So goddamn gross! What is worse, this sissy pants gets pregnant like a woman.”

“Is it possible that a man can get pregnant?” asked a man who didn’t know Rong Yi surpringly.

“Look at his big belly. That is the proof that he is pregnant and it’s already been four years. He was…” Rong Yi couldn’t hear what the man said because they gradually lowered their voice. But he was terrified enough when heard the master of this body had been pregnant for four years…

Four years! Plus two years due as Rong Huan said, it meant he carried the baby for six years, even longer than the legendary immortal Ne Zha’s mother who was only three-year pregnant. Not sure if the baby would be more powerful than Ne Zha.

“Weirdo. Disgusting.” People all tried to avoid him.

Rong Yi didn’t care what they said at all. But out of blue, he felt a little sad and wronged He could even feel water in his eyes. He might cry out on spot if he didn’t try to restrain it.

He rubbed the corner of his eyes, confused, “What is wrong with me?”

He never cared about what others said about him. But why did he feel so upset now?

Was it because the residual consciousness of the original owner of this body feels upset on hearing those people which also affected his mood?

“Fuck!” Rong Yi came before a small pharmacy filled with pent up anger. There was no customer in there.

Rong Yi walked in waveringly and said, “Excuse me, medicine for abortion.”

“It’s you again for abortion medicine?” asked the shopkeeper with a smile.

Rong Yi, “…”

So the original owner did actually try to abort the baby for quite a lot of times. But why was baby still there?

“Childe Rong, no offense, but your belly is already this big. You and your baby might be in danger if you take abortion medicine now. You should think it through.” Persuaded the owner as he was busy filling the prescription

It was an honest advice. Rong Yi felt his big belly and said, “then I will have a level 1 Health Protection Elixir and a level 1  Rejuvenation Elixir.”

These two elixirs would secure his safety when he took the abortion medicine.

The shopkeeper sighed helplessly and then took out two elixirs, “Childe Rong, 50 low grade spiritual stones in total, please.”

Rong Yi subconsciously touched his pocket. But the silk gown reminded him that he was wearing his outfit in modern times. He felt in his chest, then his sleeves, and then check if there was something like Space Ring on him. Finally he realized that he made a stupid mistake. He didn’t bring a wallet with him when he ran out.

There was a reason he forgot such an important thing. Back in modern world, his family took care of everything for him every time he went out. When hung out in the city, all he did was to swipe his face, because no one didn’t know that he was the third son of Rong family.

But now…

“Can you swipe my face?” asked Rong Yi sullenly.

“Huh?” The shopkeeper looked at him confused.

“I didn’t bring any spiritual stones with me. Can I go get them for you later?”

“I’m sorry, sir. I’m only doing a small business. I don’t sell stuff on credit.” Said the shopkeeper.

“But you know who I am and you are supposed to know where I live. Are you worried that I would not pay for it?”

Judging from the shopkeeper’s smiling face, he should be an easy-going person. But no money, no medicine!

Rong Yi then stepped out of the pharmacy in a bad mood. If he went home and got the money now, he would probably run into the husband of the original owner of this body. Thinking of this, he could literally feel the pain in the ass.

No! There was no way he could go back!

He didn’t believe he couldn’t make enough to buy some medicine as the third son of Rong Family!

He strolled around and saw a big shop. He decided to give it a go there.

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