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Chapter 85: Overweening (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

After Immortal Yunyi told Immortal Jixin about Rong Yi, Immortal Jixin knew that Rong Yi was really pregnant, “When I saw his big belly, I thought it’s kind of mid-age spread. How would I know even a man would be willing to give birth to babies.”

He then looked at Yin Tao, “Is it possible your little disciple his son?”

Immortal Yunyi nodded, “Yeah, it’s his son.”

“…” Having been living for over a thousand years, it was the very first time that Immortal Jixin saw a man giving birth!

Immortal Yunyi pointed at Rong Yi’s belly and said, “This one inside is my another little disciple. Come on! Check how he is doing in there.”

Rong Yi hummed, “Are you so sure the baby in my belly could also be a magic weapon talent?”

“Of course.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes and ignored him.

Immortal Jixin felt Rong Yi’s pulse again and said, “Don’t you worry. The baby is in great condition. He is absorbing his daddy’s spiritual qi without a break, which might be the reason why Rong Yi is so easy to feel hungry.”

Immortal Yunyi felt thrilled, “Can you tell when he is gonna deliver the baby?”

Rong Yi was both pissed off and speechless, “Why are you even more anxious than its father me?”

Immortal Yunyi didn’t say a word.

Rong Yi then continued, “The physician in the mansion said it needs another two years at least.”

Immortal Jixin said, “No, maybe one year later, maybe ever earlier. The more spiritual power he absorbs, the earlier. If you want him to come out ASAP, then transmit more spiritual power for him.”

Rong Yi, “…”

One year or even earlier…

What to do? He was not ready to give birth to a baby!

Immortal Yunyi then slipped some spiritual fruit into his hand, “Eat some more.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes at him.

At this time, the disciple who was guarding outside came to report, “Grandmaster shifu, a disciple from Taixu Peak comes to invite uncle Rong and the little master to have dinner at their place.”

Immortal Yunyi raised his eyebrows, “News has legs. They knew Rong Yi is here already.”

Rong Yi was confused. Who would invite him to Taixu Peak as the honored guest?

Immortal Yunyi then said to Rong Yi, “Since your grandfather invites you, you should not turn him down. Take little Cherry to visit him. He knows that little Cherry is my disciple, so I guess he would not get your goat.”

Rong Yi, “…”

To be honest, he really didn’t want to meet any relative of the original owner. He didn’t know them at all. He didn’t know what to talk. But that was the original owner’s grandfather, it was inappropriate to say no.

Immortal Yunyi said to Bu Qi, “Bu Qi, you go with them.”

“Hmm.” Bu Qi held up Yin Tao, led Rong Yu out of the mansion, and then flew the sword with the disciple of Taixu Peak.

On the way to Taixu Peak, someone called them suddenly.

“Rong Yi!”

Rong Yi turned around and saw a beautiful woman flying fast toward them.

“Rong Yi, finally I found you!” The beautiful woman flew to Rong Yi’s side, saying while holding his hand, “My aunt told me you are here for the test, so she has specially prepared a whole table of dishes to entertain you. Come on. Let’s go.”

The disciple from Taixu Peak immediately said, “Guard Rong, our lord has already invited Uncle Rong and them to have dinner there.”

Rong Yuanqin cast a bland look at that disciple, “Go tell my dad that Rong Yi is going to our abode to have lunch and then go to visit him later.”

The disciple of Taixu Peak showed a slice of awkwardness, “Guard Rong, we invited him first and now you cut in. It’s a little inappropriate, isn’t it? And I don’t know how to explain to the lord.”

Rong Yuanqin ignored him, held Rong Yi’s hand and jumped onto her flying sword.

“Second sister, wait a sec.” A gentle voice came from afar at this time. Then a graceful lady flew before them on a sword.

After Rong Yuanqin saw it was her third sister-in-law Liu Yuyi, her face sank.

Liu Yuyi gave her a gentle smile and said, “Yuanqin, it’s dad who invited Rong Yi first. It’s really not appropriate to cut in. Dad would not be happy.”

She had anticipated that someone would hold Rong Yi up, so she came in person.

Rong Yuanqin snorted, “Except my third brother, has our father been happy for anything we do? Since he would not be happy whatever I do, why would I give him face?”

“Second sister, he is still your father. Whether he is happy or not, he is our father and our elder. You shouldn’t say anything bad about him.” Liu Yu Yi waved to the Rong Yi ad said with a gentle smile, “Little Yi, come here, I will take you to see your grandfather. He has been nagging about you every day and worried about you living outside alone. Since today he knows that you will come to school today for the test, he specially ordered them to prepare a full table of dishes, and a lot of toys for your son.”

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