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/ I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World /

Chapter 94 - I’m All Yours for the Rest of My Life (2)

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Chapter 94: I’m All Yours for the Rest of My Life (2)

Rong Yi asked, “Do you have a brush and paper?”

Yin Jinye then took out the paper and a brush and put them on the table.

Rong Yi couldn’t write with a brush, so he said, “I read and you write.”

Yin Yinye took up the brush, saying casually, “Don’t tell you having read hundreds of thousands of volumes of books, you can’t even write.”

Rong Yi blinked his big beautiful eyes, “You got me busted.”

Yin Jinye, “…”

Again he suspected whether this guy had really read hundreds of thousands of volumes of books.

Rong Yi then read names of a series of level nine divine spiritual herbs and some herbs of other levels and asked Yin Jinye to find someone to refine a few elixirs with them, “You have to take them in long term. So tell them to find as many herbs as they could.”

Yin Jinye glanced at the list on the paper, frowning. He always had a feeling that Rong Yi was unreliable, because he had never heard that high level herbs could mix with low level herbs. Besides, Rong Yi was only at level one of Qi Practicing and he was not an elixir refiner at all, how was he supposed to know the prescriptions of level nine elixirs? He thought he must be insane to choose to trust Rong Yi.

“See if there’s any mistake.” Yin Jinye passed the prescription to him.

Rong Yi quickly leafed it through and said, “Nothing wrong. You need to write down the refining method and do every step as I told you.”

After writing down the steps Rong Yi told him, Yin Jinye went back to his room and called, “Yin Yan!”

“Master!” Then a shadow jumped into the room through the window, “What’s the instruction?”

“See if this prescription could really temper one’s mortal body.” Yin Jinye passed the prescription to him.”

After scanning it fast, a slice of astonishment flashed in Yin Yan’s eyes, “Seen from those herbs they could indeed strengthen the body. But I have never heard that someone could refine elixirs mixing high level herbs and low level herbs, because the high level herbs would overshadow the low level herbs’ properties, so low level herbs would lose their efficacy. It’s like you don’t mix the low level herbs in it at all. But the refining method is a little abnormal, so maybe we got a chance.”

The more he said, the more excited he became, “Anyway, I want to have a try.”

Seeing he was so excited, Yin Jinye nodded, “You can go.”

“Then I am leaving, master.”

Yin Jin moved to the window and saw that Rong Su came out holding Yin Tao to have breakfast with Rong Yi. He remembered that Rong Yi had asked him to be with them more often, so he went out for them.

On seeing his Savior Yin was coming, Rong Yi immediately filled a bowl of meat porridge for him.

Yin Jinye had been fasting, so he just ate a little.

Rong Yi looked up to Rong Su, “Asu, buy a pad of blank rune papers for me later.”

“No need. I got a lot here.” Rong Su then took out piles of rune papers and put them on the table. Then he saw that Rong Yi was eating porridge one bowl after another and stuffed a few plates of pastries, he was surprised, “Young master, why do you eat so much today?”

Rong Yi patted his belly, “Ask him.”

Rong Su, “…”

After eating all the food on the table, Rong Yi said, “Get Bu Qi here for me.”


Soon enough Bu Qi came, with Xiang Lv following.

Rong Yi asked Bu Qi, “How is your rune engraving going now?”

Bu Qi said, “I have practiced the whole night but still burn it easily.”

Rong Yi then took up a piece of rune paper, “See how I engrave.”

Bu Qi and Xiang Lv immediately stayed focused.

In order to let Bu Qi see it clearly, Rong Yi held a rune paper with a hand, and generated his spiritual power with the other, from which popped out some aubergine thunder fire instantly. But the fire was weak while the thunder was strong.

He first balanced them and then got close to the rune paper, then punched through the yellow rune paper like embroidering with thunder thread without burning the paper, back and forth like embroidering a flower. And soon the rune was engraved on the paper.

Then Rong Yi swept over it with the red fire. And then an aubergine rune appeared on the paper. He then asked Bu Qi, “Did you see it clearly?”

He tried to teach Bu Qi because he needed him to do one thing for him.

Bu Qi nodded, “I think I still need practice.”

Xiang Lv had ever heard from Bu Qi that one had to possess mutant Thunder-fire Spiritual Root to learn enchanting, so he felt depressed that why he only owned single Fire Spiritual Root, otherwise he could also learn enchanting from Rong Yi and others.

“Master Shifu, can you send this rune to me as a gift?”

Rong Yi nodded and handed it to him, “My spiritual power is not high enough, so I can only enchant level one or below magic weapons.”

“I got it.”

Rong Su then said, “Young master, send me one please.”

Rong Yi rolled his eyes at him, “You are at Base Practicing phase already. It doesn’t work on you. I will give you some when I can enchant magic weapons of Base Practicing.”

“But when you can do that, maybe I have already made it to Golden Elixir phase.”

Rong Yi was speechless and could only enchant one for him.

Yin Tao also cried, “Daddy, I want one too. I want one too.”

Rong Yi brushed off his little hand, “If everyone asks one for free, how am I gonna make money? No, no!”

Rong Yi was a little surprised, “Ah? Young master, are these for sale?”

“You tell me! Do you think I am making those for fun?” Speaking of which, Rong Yi finished one more, “In a few days, the clothes shop is opening, and then I can put them in there for sale.”

Yin Jinye cast a glance at Rong Su blandly and then asked Rong Yi, “Are you out of money?”

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