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Chapter 1094 - Borrowing Power

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Chapter 1094: Borrowing Power

Silence—it was as if time had stopped.

The thunder pool seemed to have been struck by an irresistible force. It was directly cut open by the saber. Only this awe-inspiring saber was left in the world.

Anatta Saber—the saber that would be struck would be non-self. Everything would be destroyed.

Big Yellow stood beside Ou Yangming. His eyes were dull. This vast and resolute saber-light was the only thing left in his eyes. There was not a single thought in his mind as it was blank. His body seemed to have been restrained by an invisible force. The blood in his body was attracted, and his fur was red. Blood and Qi were emitted from his pores.

Lil’ Red did not have it any better than Big Yellow. His eyes were chaotic, and they revealed an infatuated look.

It could be said that the saber contained a trace of the power of laws.

Of course, the reactions of the 2 beasts were also within reason.

After all, the slash was a sudden attack. It was within reason and not unexpected, and it comprehended the essence of the great path. Moreover, although the cultivation bases of the 2 spirit beasts were infinitely close to that of a Ruler, there was still a natural chasm that was difficult to cross.

The natural chasm was very difficult to cross. To the vast majority of beings, it was simply a peak that they would never be able to cross in their entire lives. There was no way for them to break through.

Ou Yangming’s eyes narrowed, and a flash of light that was as sharp as a saber flashed past.

He took a step forward, and the energy in his body was mellow. He did not release it and continued to move forward instead.

Ou Yangming’s body turned black and white, and he kept on rotating. It looked like he was subverting his understanding. He raised his left hand and used the Yin mark of the great path of Yin and Yang to press down. The young fellow then drew a circular arc in front and like a crescent moon hanging in the sky, he pounced forward. His right hand flinched back and drew the Yang mark, then he raised his hand and held it up. It was like a round jade board, and it carried a hint of all things generating Yang.

With that, a crescent moon and a round jade board flew forward with a bang.

Long Chen did not seem to be worried at all when he saw such a grand scene. He snorted coldly and said, “The great path of Yin and Yang—I knew you’d do this!” As soon as he finished, he waved his hand in the air. The saber-light flowed with a seven-colored light—red, orange, yellow, and green… Layer by layer, the red slowly turned into orange, and yellow broke out from the green. The light changed every moment as if it contained all the colors from hell to heaven.

This was his most powerful ability, and he would only use it without any holding back when facing his most powerful enemy.

The changing light on the saber-light was mysterious and indescribable. The saber-light turned from real to fake in an unbelievable manner. It directly passed through the crescent moon and the round jade board like a mirage.

When Ou Yangming saw this, his pupils shrank slightly. He rolled up his sleeves and sent Big Yellow and Lil’ Red 3 kilometers away. With a flash of thought, he softly roared, “Borrow!”

It was only at this time that Big Yellow and Lil’ Red came back to their senses. Their eyes were filled with shock and fear. Previously, the 2 beasts thought that with their small worlds, even if there was a gap between them and a Ruler, it would not be too big. Only when a Ruler made a move did they realize how foolish their previous thinking was. The gap between them and a Ruler was only half a step, but it was the distance between the ends of the earth and the sky. It was very difficult to cross.

The 2 beasts secretly exchanged glances and saw the bitterness in each other’s eyes.

Of course, this was also because Long Chen’s strength was too tyrannical and was much stronger than that of an ordinary Ruler.

On the battlefield, the winds and clouds changed drastically.

The word “borrow” seemed to have the power of a ghost and a god. It was so heavy that it was capable of crushing a mountain and cutting off all eternity.

When Ou Yangming’s voice reverberated in all directions, a mass of mists condensed out of thin air and forcibly squeezed into everyone’s sight. In an instant, they enveloped him within. The white mists were clear and transparent like a dense cloud of glass, and they gave off an ancient feeling as though they came from ancient times. This was the origin power of the poisonous pill’s world.

At this moment, Ou Yangming was borrowing the power of the poisonous pill’s world to fight.

It could be said that Ou Yangming had now reached the peak of his power since he was born.

His right hand lightly pinched. He did it without being particular about the details as if he was casually scribbling. Consequently, the mists surrounding him seemed to have a spiritual essence as they scrambled to enter his meridians through his pores before entering his Dantian Lake.

The aura on his body seemed to have no upper limit as he ascended to the sky with one step.

Black electric arcs flickered on his skin, and a muffled sound was released. Numerous hurricanes were swirling around his body, tearing apart thunderbolts and stirring up the void. When his spiritual Qi surged in all directions, the space within 333 meters from him was filled with dense and fine cracks. Even the origin of thunder’s power, which was about 30 kilometers away, began to tremble violently.

All of a sudden, Ou Yangming raised both of his hands at the same time and pointed at the void.

It seemed plain, but there was hidden killing intent.

The saber-light streaked across the sky. Wherever it passed, thunderbolts were shattered and turned into white threads. In just an instant, they completely dissipated. This saber attack had already reached the level of great success, and it contained a trace of the law of saber.

Ou Yangming’s face was calm, unperturbed, and unmoving like a mountain.

He watched all of this calmly, forming a sharp contrast with the surging and resolute saber-light.

“Boom…” The Anatta Saber’s sharp saber-light was torn apart inch by inch at once. A world-shaking explosion was heard like the sound of a yellow bell ringing in the thunder pool.

Where the lighting in the thunder pool was slightly calmer, Big Yellow’s face was ghastly pale.

From what he could see, when Ou Yangming pointed at the air, an invisible tearing force seemed to appear in the thunder pool, condensing from all directions.

With a gesture that was out of this world, he shattered the saber-light.

It was a complete crushing force!

After Ou Yangming borrowed the power of the poisonous pill’s world, whether it was his power or his understanding of the path, he became stronger than Long Chen by half a level. Only then could he easily break the Anatta Saber.

All of this seemed to have taken a long time to describe but in fact, from Long Chen’s sneak attack with a saber-light breaking through the thunder pool, to Ou Yangming blocking Big Yellow and Lil’ Red behind him then borrowing the power of the poisonous pill’s world to raise his hand to counterattack… Everything happened in a flash and took less than a breath.

Given the level of this fight, it was possible to decide the outcome in an instant.

Thunders rumbled non-stop, but Long Chen turned a deaf ear to them

The corner of his mouth twitched, and his pupils contracted violently. He screamed, “How’s this possible!?”

It was worth noting that the Anatta Saber could cut through one’s body and soul with the saber. It was a first-class technique among the Dragons, which had spread across the entire Great Wide World. It was something that could compete with the Solitary Thought Skill. Who knew, it was easily broken by Ou Yangming, hence Long Chen was unwilling to believe it. After all, many Rulers had suffered a great loss to this move.

No matter what, the other party would always suffer some minor injuries.

Ou Yangming chuckled and rolled up his sleeves. He said in a low voice, “No wonder I had a strange feeling before. It turns out that you used a cheat.” He deliberately paused for a moment. He raised his steps and took a step forward, crossing 333 meters in one step.

His voice became arrogant as he continued, “But so what? Little green insect, if I could kill you once, I can kill you twice!”

“You!” Long Chen was furious.

In just an instant, Long Chen calmed down again and said coldly, “That arrow feather, which is comparable to a Ruler’s self-explosion, is rare in the world. Having one is a great opportunity, so I don’t believe that you have a second one. Without such a treasure, what can a top-grade Venerable One do even if you comprehended the laws? Do you think I’m afraid of a little ant like you?” These words were not only for Ou Yangming to hear.

He was also hinting at himself. ‘Regardless of how formidable a top-grade Venerable One is, how strong could he be? Could he turn this sky upside down?’

When Lil’ Red heard those words, he exchanged a look with Big Yellow, and a strange expression appeared on his face.

He thought, ‘The exploding arrows are precious, but Lil’ Ming is a master blacksmith. As long as he has the materials, he can smith more of them. I don’t have hundreds or thousands of them, but I still have around 10 of them.

Lil’ Red was very excited. He pressed on his interspatial bag.

He muttered, “I didn’t expect that this dragon powerhouse would be so wary of exploding arrows!” He began to regard the weapons as exceptionally precious, and he looked at Ou Yangming even more passionately. He would never forget that after their mission was over, the young fellow would refine a few more exploding arrows for him.

The fur on Big Yellow’s body stood on end, and he only felt that his mouth and tongue were dry. He clenched his claws tightly and muttered, “Exploding arrows.”

His Flying Knives Formation was tremendously powerful and could be used continuously.

However, in terms of instantaneous burst, it was much inferior to the exploding arrows.

After their mission was over, he would also be able to obtain the precious exploding arrows.

Long Chen’s cold voice echoed in Ou Yangming’s ears. Even so, the young fellow’s attitude was neither warm nor hot. He looked handsome as if nothing in the entire Great Wide World could infuriate him. He looked as calm as a lake, but thunderbolts were rumbling in his chest. The young fellow raised his right hand, then he hooked his finger at the position where the dragon powerhouse was standing and shouted, “Come and fight!”

His voice reverberated in all directions, suppressing the rumbling thunders. He was the only one in this world.

A majestic aura swept out in all directions.

Long Chen was silent. Instead of retreating, he advanced. He held a single saber in his hand and slashed at Ou Yangming’s head with a majestic momentum. It was fast, ruthless, and absolutely decisive. He did not probe at all.

Ou Yangming sneered. His interspatial bag flashed with a white light. Afterward, he was already holding the Blood Spear Dragon Slayer tightly.

His fingers tightened, and he turned around to draw a stunning circle before he swung it forward. His movements were smooth, and he did it in one breath.

Sabers were known for their ferocity. Every saber had to leave no room for survival. Having said that, Long Chen’s single blade, which could split mountains and split seas and block all the heroes in the world, did not advance at all. The moment it collided with the Blood Spear Dragon Slayer, he felt a fierce force reversing, causing his body to tremble non-stop. It would be fine if that was all but at the same time, an intense aura surged over, making it impossible for him to escape.

That said, not only was Long Chen not afraid, but he also had a vicious look on his face. Close combat was one of his fortes.

Who knew, after just 2 moves, his expression changed drastically. He once again felt the power of Ou Yangming’s physical body. It was too tyrannical, to the extent that it was shocking.

Long Chen believed that if Ou Yangming took that step, it would be impossible for a Ruler to break through his defense. He took 2 deep breaths before he forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart.

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