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Chapter 1106 - Meeting

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Chapter 1106: Meeting

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A cool breeze blew, giving off a refreshing chill.

In the sky, a silver arc shuttled through the clouds, stirring up thousands of waves. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a rarely seen silver flying carpet.

2 people sat on the flying carpet, one young and one old. Their auras were powerful, shaking the void.

The young man’s lips were red, and his teeth were white. His features were delicate and attractive. Occasionally, a domineering look would flash between his eyebrows, proving that he was not simple at all.

On the other hand, the old man’s eyes seemed to contain a huge world that was abnormally profound. It was as if he could absorb a person’s mind and spirit with just a glance. The aura he released even distorted the space within 33 meters from him.. Even the slanting sunlight could not fall and was blocked by an indescribable power.

These 2 people were Ou Yangming and Du Xie, who had left the Shaman Tribe to go to the Rebirth Cave.

The old man clicked his tongue and licked his lips. His fingers stroked the flying carpet, and a hint of emotion appeared in his eyes as he said softly, “I didn’t expect you to be a blacksmith, Brother Ou. It’s unbelievable that such an amazing and indescribable item came from you.”

His words were sincere, and there was no intention of him flattering the young fellow.

Although the Shaman Tribe was formidable, they did not forge magic weapons and only used extreme Yin and Yang to temper their bodies. In terms of smithing, they were much weaker than the Dragons and the Phoenixes.

“Clan Master, you flatter me. Refining flying carpets isn’t that difficult,” Ou Yangming said softly as he looked at the unceasing, undulating river below. If the other blacksmiths heard his words, they would probably scold him for not knowing better. It was a flying carpet that he refined, after all. Even in the Great Wide World, how many blacksmiths could refine a flying carpet? Moreover, this was a silver flying carpet.

Du Xie was stunned for a moment as he looked deeply at Ou Yangming.

He had lived for numerous years and had seen many people of all shapes and sizes. He could tell whether what one said was true or false with just a glance.

Gently stroking his white beard, the old man smiled and responded, “It’s not that it’s not difficult to refine a flying carpet. It’s just that you’re very talented, Brother Ou.” In his opinion, Ou Yangming was really too young. It was hard for him to believe that the young fellow’s cultivation was not inferior to that of a Ruler at such an age. Even in the field of smithing, the fellow’s attainments were astonishing.

Ou Yangming smiled embarrassedly, and his eyes revealed a look of reminiscence. “You flatter me, Clan Master. I’m just a little luckier than the others.”

Du Xie shook his head hard and said seriously, “Luck is also a part of strength.”

As soon as he finished, he closed his eyes to rest.

In the sky, the flying carpet was as light as cotton, but its speed was getting faster.

When Ou Yangming fused the Bloodline Powers of the Dragon, the Phoenixes, and the Upper Tribulations, he transformed from a mortal into a spirit and entered another level of life. His spiritual power soared, and he became more familiar with controlling flying carpets. In fact, he could control one freely.

It was dusk. Ou Yangming controlled the flying carpet to make a turn.

All of a sudden, a faint red light screen flashed in the sky. In an instant, even the afterglow of the setting sun was blocked by the screen.

From afar, the world seemed to be shrouded in blood mists. The land was desolate and lonely. Mountain rocks were scattered everywhere, the vegetation was dense, and it was pitch-black. In the wilderness, such a scene was enough to send chills down the spines of nearly 80% of the people.

“This is odd. What’s going on?”

Du Xie focused. His eyes flickered with a bright light. With a flash of thought, he entered the state of the connection between Heaven and man.

In an instant, with the flying carpet as the core, even the slightest change would clearly appear in his mind. This was not because he was being cautious, but because in the heart of origins, one could never go wrong with being as careful as possible like treading on thin ice.

The sky became darker, revealing a pitch-black color that made one’s heart palpitate. The light on the ground seemed to have been absorbed by an unknown substance.

At this moment, a booming sound spread in all directions.

A ripple visible to the naked eye surged up and instantly shattered the light screen.

It turned into innumerable strands of dense blood mists that surged over from the horizon with great momentum like a 33-kilometers-long tidal wave slapping against the shore. Mountains, rivers, spirit beasts… Everything was shrouded in the blood mists.

“Who is it?” Ou Yangming pursed his lips and gently rubbed the center of his eyebrows. He could sense a familiar ripple in the blood mists.

Without any hesitation, he tipped his toes lightly and leaped up from the flying carpet. Spiritual Qi surged in his Dantian Lake, and he rolled up his long sleeves to put away the flying carpet. Afterward, he looked forward with a burning gaze.

The clan master of the Shaman Tribe had a gloomy look on his face. His center of gravity lowered, and his Qi momentum was endless. His old body swelled up, and the black lights that wrapped around his arms were like 2 horned dragons. His notable aura swept out and with a flash, he stood in front of Ou Yangming to block him.

“Disperse!” The old man’s voice was not loud, but it carried an overbearing aura that could destroy the heavens. He raised his arm and pressed down in the air.

With that, the blood mists in the sky seemed to have been stirred up by a thin and long bamboo pole. They turned into a red vortex that was wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. It spun continuously and swept up the sky in circles as if 9 dragons were absorbing water. In the end, it turned into a wisp of white mist that quickly dissipated.

“Interesting. The bloodline of the Ancient Shamans? So what?”

Just as the blood mists were about to dissipate, an abnormally cold voice shook the spiritual Qi in the air.

It came from afar. Judging from the tone of the voice, the person who spoke should be a middle-aged man. There was strong killing intent in his voice as if it came from a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

Following the voice, a man dressed in fine clothes stepped in the air and slowly walked over. His clothes fluttered in the wind, and his eyes were pitch-black. Black arcs intertwined with each other around him, making him look ghostly.

Feng Xinxiao scanned the surroundings before finally looking at Ou Yangming. Blood flashed in his eyes as he said, “People can really meet anywhere. The last time we were in the Phoenixes’ ancestral land, how could I have failed if it wasn’t for you?”

Ou Yangming did not speak, and he looked calm.

“Why don’t you dare to speak? Are you afraid?” Feng Xinxiao sneered with a hint of mockery in his eyes.

Ou Yangming’s expression was as calm as usual, and there was not the slightest ripple.

On the contrary, Du Xie was furious. It was as if a dark cloud was shrouding his head. A power that could tear apart the heavenly palace burst forth from his body. One had to know that his cultivation was among the top in the Great Wide World. Even when compared to Feng Mu, he was only half a step behind. As compared to an ordinary Ruler who had comprehended a law, he was much stronger. Now, a brat who had just comprehended a law dared to jump around in front of the old man. How could he not be angry? Besides, Ou Yangming was the one whom his senior brother had predicted would help the Shaman Tribe out of a disaster.

Du Xie pressed his right hand lightly on the center of his eyebrows. The dim star mark between his eyebrows instantly lit up. White light scattered in all directions, stirring up a formless gust of wind. He growled, “Reincarnation Fist!”

He was a descendant of the Ancient Shamans. Even though he had gone through the Shamans Punishment War, and many precious inheritances had been destroyed, the Reincarnation Fist was one of the 3 most important techniques of the Ancient Shamans. It was carved into his bones and imprinted into his soul. No calamity would be able to destroy it.

As soon as the old man finished, he raised both his arms and threw a punch toward the sky. The wind from the punch swept in all directions, and the shadows of his fist connected into one.

With this punch, mountains and rivers collapsed, and the Qi swallowed 5,000 kilometers like a tiger. The universe shook and wailed incessantly.

Wherever the wind from the punch passed, interspatial disturbances appeared out of thin air.

This was the Reincarnation Fist, and it had the ability to cut through all eternity.

“This… How can it be so powerful?” Feng Xinxiao was shocked, and a sense of danger that he had never experienced before surfaced in his mind. Even so, his face did not show the slightest bit of it. His thin lips were pursed as he tapped his interspatial bag with his right hand.

A red light spread out from his hand. Next, a large cauldron flew out. It grew with the wind and eventually became the size of a small mountain. This large cauldron was completely blood-red. It carried a strong fishy smell as if it had been taken out of a blood lake. Inside the large cauldron, there were obscure runes carved with a knife, causing one’s eyes to be dazzled.

On the 4 sides of the cauldron, there were 4 types of demon beasts, namely, Bi Xie, Hu Xian, Pan Guan, and Xing Tian1. The eyes of the 4 demon beasts were tightly shut, making them look lifelike as if they would come out of the cauldron at any moment. They were emitting a dense scarlet light.

It gave people a feeling of a mountain approaching the abyss. It was exceptionally heavy, capable of crushing mountains and suppressing all worlds.

The red light on the cauldron flickered. Feng Xinxiao quickly made a gesture with his hands. His index and middle fingers intersected, forming the shape of a flower as he pushed outward. The bewitching and strange cauldron shook with a loud bang. It turned into a streak of red light as it collided with the fist wind that could destroy the heavens. It was so fast that it was difficult for the naked eye to catch it. It disappeared in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, from Ou Yangming’s point of view, he could only see the fist force sweeping over from the horizon. It was like a black waterfall hanging down from a 33-kilometers-tall peak. It carried a tyrannical aura that shook the heavens. In the world, the roars of gods and demons were heard. It would be fine if that was all, but the key was that the fist force actually carried the feeling of the smoothness of the path of reincarnation without any flaws. This fist could sweep across the heavens.

On the other side, the cauldron gave off an ancient aura. Without warning, the red light grew and spread in all directions, enveloping the whole world. A sinister feeling spread out.

Blood-red bubbles appeared around the cauldron, giving off a damp heat. With a “bang”, they gently exploded. The sounds were faint at first but as time passed, they became more concentrated. It was as if demonic sounds pierced through one’s ears. One’s mind seemed to have fallen into a bloody world.


A world-shaking explosion turned into a sound wave that swept out. Wherever it passed, mountains, rivers, spirit beasts… Everything was torn apart. It turned into a red light that covered an area of 50 kilometers. This sound was like the chime of a bell and drum, capable of suppressing all sounds in the world. Following that, a large amount of spiritual Qi exploded. Space was destroyed and reborn, reborn and destroyed again, evolving into endless mysteries.

An intense grey ripple tore apart again. The mountain range that spanned 50 kilometers below collapsed, causing rocks to pierce through the air. The land also became shorter inch by inch.

This was the terror of a Ruler who had comprehended a law.

A casual attack was tainted with the power of laws and could destroy everything.

Ou Yangming’s eyes were filled with emotion as he glanced at Feng Xinxiao. He thought to himself, ‘Why is he so strong? How long has it been since we last met?’ When they first met, he could crush Feng Xinxiao. Now, he felt an immense sense of danger from the phoenix powerhouse.

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