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Chapter 1107

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Chapter 1107: Startled

Cold wind brushed past Ou Yangming’s clothes…

He was deep in thought as he gently stroked his chin. As he looked at the huge cauldron that was shaking non-stop, his expression became even more solemn!

A person without long-term considerations would have short-term worries. Ou Yangming was the former. He was smooth in doing things and had the ambition of a roc. When he saw his former opponent rise to the sky in one step, he would not underestimate him.


All of a sudden, a clear sound was heard coming from the sky.

When they looked towards the source of the sound, they saw that the cauldron was covered in fine cracks under the violent attacks from the Reincarnation Fist. They interweaved into a net, and a decaying aura spread out from it. It seemed like the cauldron was about to collapse.

The body of the Shaman Tribe’s clan master swelled up again. His fists overlapped, and he threw a punch toward the cauldron. He was like an angry dragon surging in a river. His presence was remarkable. At that moment, the brilliant light in his eyes could not be matched by anyone. It was terrifying.

Feng Xinxiao’s gaze was solemn. He wondered, ‘Just who is this old man? With this kind of strength, he can almost be on par with Father.’

He had never expected that the old man with an ordinary appearance was a top powerhouse in the Great Wide World. If he had known in advance, he would have plotted before taking action and used his wits. Nonetheless, since things had turned out this way, he could only be filled with regret.

All kinds of bizarre thoughts flashed through Feng Xinxiao’s mind like electric arcs.

Even so, his hands moved fast.

Feng Xinxiao raised his left hand. He put his index finger and middle finger together in front of his right eye, then he moved his hand to his left eye. His right hand quickly made a gesture, and his body was covered in grey mists. An aura of destruction and hatred swept in all directions with him as the center. Blood flashed in the phoenix powerhouse’s eyes as if there was a bloody world contained within them. His voice seemed to have come from the depths of hell as he uttered, “With 3 steps on the ground, the sun as the sky. Truth Awakening!”

When his voice reverberated in all directions, the large cauldron shook violently…

Tadpole-like runes instantly jumped and suffused with a dark light. A pressure that caused one’s heart to palpitate pressed down. It was as if Heaven and Earth would instantly shatter and turn into ashes if they blocked in front of the cauldron. It would be fine if that was all, but the eyes of the 4 demonic beasts that were carved on the cauldron opened. In the blink of an eye, the color of the world changed.

Indeed, the color of the world changed…

When Du Xie saw such an indescribable scene, he was not nervous at all. He sneered, and a domineering look flashed past his eyes. He said softly, “There are more than 3 million sword immortals in the sky. I’ll break them with a punch. I’m invincible!” His voice was calm and at ease, but there was an indelible determination in his voice. It was as if he was indeed invincible. This was the pride that flowed in the Ancient Shamans’ bloodline.

As soon as he finished, the fist that was as big as a small mountain was thrown out again. Without any reason, it was purely using force to destroy the path.

“Boom!” The wind from the fist surged, bringing with it a monstrous power. It was like a grey storm that descended from the sky, stirring up a prairie fire. In an instant, the huge cauldron that had an ancient and heavy aura became tiny. From afar, it looked like a flickering candle flame in a violent wind, it could be extinguished at any moment, and it looked like a small boat that was on the verge of collapsing under a huge wave.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The cauldron only lasted for a few breaths. With a boom, it turned into black lights and dissipated.

“This… This is impossible,” Feng Xinxiao cried out in horror. He had never expected that the cauldron, which he had painstakingly obtained, would shatter just like that. It shattered into such an inexplicable state. Of course, the most important thing was that he was afraid of the old man, who had just used a fist to shatter his magic weapon. If the old man were to use a secret technique, how powerful would he be?

As this thought appeared, Feng Xinxiao’s mind trembled.

Ou Yangming also took a deep look at the clan master. He knew that the old man was formidable, but he had never thought that he would be this mighty.

Feng Xinxiao’s attack was vicious and crafty. It contained the power of laws.

Even if Ou Yangming could block it, he would have to pay a huge price. Who knew, Du Xie was able to do it so easily. It was evident how strong he was.

Of course, this was also because Ou Yangming was only a Venerable One. Once he advanced, no one knew how much his combat power would increase.

Feng Xinxiao’s eyes rolled twice. He looked sinister as he glanced at Ou Yangming’s delicate appearance. His voice seemed to be mixed with ice shards as he said, “This time, I’ll spare you. Enjoy your remaining time here. Next time, I’ll kill you to attain my path and smoothen out my heart for the path.” As he said this, the corner of his mouth curled up.

Ou Yangming shook his head irrefutably and did not say anything.

In his opinion, verbal arguments were the weakest way for the weak to express their anger.

His calm and casual attitude made Feng Xinxiao go crazy. It was just like how he used his spirit, and Qi to launch his most powerful attack, but it was to no avail. This feeling could make one go crazy.

Which Ruler was not a scheming person?

In just an instant, Feng Xinxiao forcefully suppressed his anger.

With a flash of thought, his mind was in a state of chaos. Red threads scattered out of all the pores on his body. They were thin and dense like cotton that was casually spreading out in the water. It seemed beautiful but after the threads spread out, even the space revealed a desolate whiteness as if the charm in it had been sucked away!

A cool breeze blew, and the blood threads spread out. Feng Xinxiao vanished into thin air.

Ou Yangming let out a breath of turbid air. It was as if a huge boulder had weighed down on his heart.

The clan master raised his right foot gently. Like a wisp of formless yet cool breeze, he landed effortlessly and slowly took a step forward. Despite that, when he took his ninth step, his body staggered. His face was red as if it was filled with blood. There was even a faint glow between his eyebrows.

Du Xie hurriedly guarded his spirit and lowered his center of gravity. He circulated all his strength in his body and only then did he stabilize himself.

He rubbed the tip of his nose in slight embarrassment and smiled bitterly. “Ah, I’m old. In one’s life, one can disrespect the heavens, not fear the earth, the deities, and reincarnation, but one can’t deny old age.”

“How could that be? Clan Master, you’re a mighty powerhouse from ancient times. How are you old?” Ou Yangming responded softly.

“A powerhouse from ancient times?” Du Xie shook his head and said, “When I was born, not long after the Shamans Punishment War, many worlds in the Great Wide World collapsed and were devastated. From then on, I don’t even know how many years I’ve lived.” After saying that, he calmed down and looked at Ou Yangming with a faint smile.

Ou Yangming smiled awkwardly and tilted his head, pretending to look into the distance.

Du Xie chuckled and did not expose him. He was like the old man next door. He did not have the domineering aura of a top-notch powerhouse.

After 100 breaths, Du Xie’s expression became serious. He asked seriously, “Brother Ou, does that phoenix powerhouse have a grudge with you?”

“Yes!” Ou Yangming nodded but did not explain further.

Du Xie did not mind and said softly, “Be careful. That person has a deep understanding of the laws. I can defeat him but if he’s determined to leave, not many people in the Great Wide World can make him stay.” He looked at the sky. It was where Feng Xinxiao had disappeared. He added “Also, that phoenix powerhouse gave me a very odd feeling. It’s like… . It’s like his soul is already tainted, and he carries a hidden power that can destroy the world. It made me shudder in fear.”

“Thank you for your reminder, Clan Master.” Ou Yangming was respectful as he bowed!

To be able to tell everything that he had sensed without any hesitation, it was clear that the Shaman Tribe’s clan master, Du Xie, was indeed thinking of Ou Yangming. Correspondingly, Du Xie also cupped his hands and bowed in return.

Honestly, Ou Yangming was a person who cherished old friendships.

The young fellow had a sense of propriety in doing things. He was particular about not losing out on the big things even if he were to lose out on the small things. He knew when to advance and retreat. He had a ruler in his heart and would not let his brothers lose out. When Ou Yangming was in the Beast King Sect, he had refined a Thunderbolt-resistant Suit to help Mao Jianbi break through to become Venerable One. That made the Beast King Sect the strongest sect in Danzhou. In the Big Ruins, after refining the pill to help He Jian replenish his foundation and allowing him to retrieve the swords from his case, the god of swords achieved a greater high. There were many more examples. For instance, Zang Jian, the Jiang family… Many people who had good intentions toward the young fellow had all received different benefits.

Ou Yangming and Du Xie talked for a while more before the former rolled his long sleeves forward.

Instantly, a silver stream of light flashed out, shattering the silent and lonely cold night.

“Clan Master, please!” Ou Yangming stood with a smile. He turned his body to one side and took half a step back with his right foot. He smiled as he spoke.

Du Xie was emotional. He knew that he had just only obtained Ou Yangming’s friendship.

Having said that, he did not show it on his face. With a light tap of his toes, he was already sitting on the flying carpet.

Whoosh, whoosh…

The silver light moved at lightning speed, drawing a stunning and perfect arc in the air as it flew over the clouds.

At this time, the moonlight was as still as water, giving off a hint of brightness.

Soon, a deep and dark cave appeared in front of them.

From afar, the cave was located at the overlap of 2 huge mountains that stretched like dragons. There was a majestic atmosphere as if dragons and tigers were fighting each other. At the top of the cave, there were 3 big words carved—The Rebirth Cave.

Fine and dense cold air seeped out from the cave, condensing into clear ice crystals at the entrance.

Ou Yangming looked into the distance and took in this magnificent scene. He thought to himself, ‘One of the mountains is wide while the other is narrow. They corresponded to the azure dragon and the white tiger among the divine beasts. The Rebirth Cave seized the azure dragon’s aura and the white tiger’s Qi momentum. The fortunes inside are naturally shocking.’ Seeing this scene, he was looking forward to the astonishing inheritance that was hidden in this blessed land.

It was worth noting that this was the heart of origins.

To be able to seize so much fate was already incredible.

Ou Yangming retracted his gaze and inhaled a breath of cold air.

Du Xie’s gaze had been fixed on Ou Yangming the entire time. Seeing that the young fellow had looked away, he noted softly, “Brother Ou, this is the Rebirth Cave, which is the Shaman Tribe’s secret realm. I heard that there are methods in the cave that’ll help one break through to become a Ruler, but don’t worry too much about it.” As he spoke, he flicked his wrist and took out an ordinary wooden token then handed it over. He explained, “It’s easy to lose yourself in the Rebirth Cave. When you can’t hold on any longer, crush the wooden token, and the teleportation power will send you away.”

“Many thanks, Clan Master.” Ou Yangming bowed again.

“How pretentious! Quickly go in,” Du Xie teased.

Ou Yangming was not a pretentious person. He took a step forward and entered the Rebirth Cave.

Du Xie did not look away until his back completely disappeared. He mumbled softly, “I wonder if the Shaman Tribe can get through this calamity.” As soon as he finished, he disappeared.

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