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Chapter 531 - Beat Him Up 3

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Chapter 531: Beat Him Up 3

“Very well. Let’s go.”

Jun Mohuang’s lips curled up slightly as she led her men out of the trading center.

It was only after Jun Mohuang left that the surrounding students regained their senses.

Jiang Bao’s older brother, the Little Tyrant Jiang Hu, was a Stage Nine Spiritual Realm cultivator. He was one of the most famous among the students of the Academy of the Thousand Illusions.

He was simple-minded, well-built, and especially protective of his younger brother. Furthermore, he was a follower of the Six-Star refiner, Yao Jian.

Yao Jian was a member of the Yao family of the Southern Region. He was the most talented Weapon Refinement Master that the Weapon Refinement School had recruited in the past few years and was related to the second-ranked Yao Xuan of the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions..

Jiang Bao’s connections with the Yao family could be said to be quite deep.

Jun Mohuang actually came up and beat him up! She even said that Jiang Hu, the little tyrant, was meant to be beaten up!

“Tsk tsk tsk, how arrogant! From this attitude alone, I want to be a fan of this junior!”

“This junior has character, I like it!”

A few students especially admired Jun Mohuang’s fearless spirit.

“Tch, character? This is called brainless. You simply don’t want your life anymore. You even dare to hit Jiang Hu’s younger brother.”

“Let’s just sit back and watch the show. She threatened to beat up Jiang Hu. Jun Mohuang and her lackeys are done for. They’ll be beaten up so badly that their parents won’t even recognize them.”

“She’s too impulsive. Provoking Jiang Hu is equivalent to offending the Yao family. Junior Jun Mohuang’s life will be difficult from now on.”

However, most of the students were pessimistic about Jun Mohuang’s future.

Zhi Tong snorted coldly. How dare a useless product act so arrogantly?

She even boasted that she would beat up the little tyrant Jiang Hu. Haha! She would never be able to live a peaceful life in the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions ever again.

“Jun Mohuang, you’ve offended the wrong party this time. You’re in trouble.”

When Su Zhiyu heard everyone’s words, she quickly walked up to Jun Mofeng with a gloating smile.

From the moment Jun Mohuang was hunted down in the assessment area, Su Zhiyu was certain that Di Lingtian and the two experts weren’t by her side.

As for Jun Mohuang’s strength… she had misunderstood it in the past. Jun Mohuang must have relied on those two experts to kick her away.

She did not have any strength at all. Otherwise, why would she be ranked last in the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions?

Without strength and without Di Lingtian’s protection, Jun Mohuang actually dared to be so arrogant in the Academy Of A Thousand Illusions. She was simply brainless.

Jun Mohuang glanced at her indifferently. “Is that so? Su Zhiyu, you should worry about yourself first.”

“Jun Mohuang, where did you get your confidence from to defeat me?”

Su Zhiyu had wanted to stab her with her words, but Jun Mohuang was not bothered.

“Whether I can beat you or not, we’ll see in 15 days.”

Jun Mohuang and Su Zhiyu walked into a cultivation paradise not far from the trading center. They each asked for a cultivation room and began to compete in the speed at which they earned Spiritual Value Points.

The last step of earning Spiritual Value Points was to go to the Trading Center. Of course, the closer one was to the Trading Center, the better it would save time.

The other students stayed outside the cultivation paradise out of curiosity, waiting for Jiang Hu to come and settle scores with Jun Mohuang.

They were also very curious about how Jun Mohuang, who was weak and not a refiner or apothecary, would defeat the seven-star apothecary Su Zhiyu.

Southern Region, Yao family.

The Head of the Yao family woke up and finished a set of exercise and practicing punches. After breakfast, he was preparing to rinse his mouth with tea.

One of his confidants hurried over and dismissed everyone around the elderly Head before speaking in the smallest voice.

“Old Clan Head, bad news. I just received a secret report that our Heaven Extermination Tower has been wiped out!”

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