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Chapter 862

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Shangguan Mei Yang's cultivation was not high, in the past few days in the Zi Yue Immortal Kingdom, Sun Zhi Yan had helped her to enter the Spirit Emperor, but now that she had suffered an attack from an expert, her injuries were naturally not good.

The two women stumbled towards Sun Xiangyan's sleeping quarters. As they approached, a few female soldiers discovered them.

"Who is it?" "Stop right there!"

The female soldiers drew their swords from their waists and immediately surrounded them.

"It's me …" I am Princess Xiangyan's junior sister, Shangguan Mei Yang. " She quickly said, "I want to see senior sister. Please let me see you quickly!"

"Shangguan Mei Yang?"

The female soldiers looked at each other secretly.

"Are you the one who destroyed the forbidden area?"

"Didn't you get locked up? Why did he appear here? You must have escaped from prison! "

A few female soldiers bellowed, and the sword tip immediately grabbed Shangguan Mei Yang's neck.

"Arrest her and take her to the empress dowager!"


After they finished speaking, they were about to drag Shangguan Mei Yang and Su Qing'er towards Empress Dowager Liu's palace.

Seeing that, Shangguan Mei Yang's pupils had dilated, she was shocked.

How could she have known that the guards at the entrance wouldn't even give her the chance to see her senior sister before they escorted her back to the empress dowager … At the very least, he should have informed Sun Qiyan first...

However, just as the few female soldiers were about to leave, an angry voice came from the palace behind them.

"All of you, stop!"

This voice belonged to Sun Xianyan.

The female soldiers shuddered and immediately stopped in their tracks.

A person quickly walked out of the hall. It was Sun Xianyan. Her face was full of anger and her eyes were cold as she walked over. The female soldiers did not dare to act presumptuously. They immediately put down their swords and stood to the side with their heads lowered. "Princess …"

"You all still have a princess like me in your eyes?"

Sun Xiangyan could not contain her anger and slapped one of them in the face.

Pah pah pah pah.

The sound was crisp and clear.

The female soldiers covered their faces, feeling aggrieved.

This person is my Junior Sister. No matter what mistake she has committed, you are not allowed to stop her. Sun Qiyan said angrily, "What's more, I'm right here. Instead of bringing her to me, you brought her to the empress dowager … What? Will the Empress Dowager give you rewards? Or should he say! You all look down on me? Aren't you afraid of my power? "

"Subordinate... "Your subordinate doesn't dare to do so, Princess, please forgive me!"

All the female soldiers kneeled down and cried out in grievance.

"Someone, come!"


Several guards rushed in from all directions.

"Lock them up first, I'll deal with them later!"

"Yes sir!"

The guard answered and dragged them down.

"Princess!" Princess, please spare us! "

The female soldiers cried out miserably, but Sun Xiangyan turned a deaf ear to them.

Shangguan Mei Yang watched quietly for a while, then said: "Senior sister, they did not commit any big mistakes, there is no need to punish them too severely.

"Junior Sister, you don't have to worry. If I don't take this opportunity to pull out a few of Sun Li's spies, how long will we have to wait?"

Sun Xiangyan snorted.

When Shangguan Mei Yang heard that, she then realised.

"Junior Sister, what's going on?" How did you manage to escape? " Sun Zhi Yan looked at Shangguan Mei Yang, and noticed that the two of them were not in a good condition, and immediately asked.

Shangguan Mei Yang immediately asked: "Senior sister, now is not the time to talk about this, Sun Wei is afraid that after knowing that Qing'er possesses a Divine Body, he has already sent people to the prison to capture her, I used the Legacy magic treasure that my mother gave me, and escaped with my life, I am afraid they are still chasing us down. Senior sister, please quickly bring us out of this place!"

"What?" Sun Zhi Yan's face changed: "How does Sun Di know about Qing'er?"

That day when you came to visit us, he had spies spying on us and they were able to hear everything that we said. This man's cultivation is high, neither of us noticed it, and it was Qing'er who sensed it, allowing me to be on guard.

Shangguan Mei Yang said in a low voice.

"Damn it!"

Sun Xianyan gritted her teeth and said, "This Sun Tanuki!" His eyes and ears were all around me, but I didn't expect him to not let you off! "Damn it!"

"Senior Sister, now is not the time to talk about this. Qing'er and I leaving the palace is our top priority."

Once the matter of Su Qing'er's Divine Body was exposed, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"En, I understand, but I'm afraid it will be very difficult for me to leave the palace now, Sun Li is not an idiot, he would have definitely planted a spy outside the palace in advance, you are currently injured and Qing'er is in such a state, even if the two of you leave the palace, I am afraid you will not be able to walk far." "As per my plan, you should temporarily hide here and rest. This is my sleeping quarters, so even if Sun Di has a hundred guts, he won't dare to act rashly with me. When your injuries have recovered, I'll send you guys away."

"Alright." Shangguan Mei Yang nodded.

"Follow me."

After taking a few steps, she turned around and shouted at the people around her, "You're not allowed to talk about what happened today, and no one came to my room. Do you understand? If anyone dares to leak the news, I will not investigate who said it because I do not have the patience to do so. What I want to do is to let all of you land your heads on the ground! "

"Yes sir!"

Voices could be heard from all around.

Seeing this, Sun Xiangyan walked into the palace with satisfaction.

The moment they entered the palace, Sun Qiyan quickly brought out a pill and fed it to Shangguan Mei Yang, at the same time personally treating her injuries.

Shangguan Mei Yang was injured, and was unable to help Su Qing'er defend his mind, so she tried her best to recover, and when Su Qing'er's mind was at a loss, she recovered.

Sun Xi Yan sat behind Shangguan Mei Yang and took off her shirt. Both of her hands were placed on the small pure white jade back of Shangguan Mei Yang, and her pink long hair was lifted up to her sides and hung down to her chest.

Blood trickled out from the corner of Shangguan Mei Yang's mouth, her face was pale white, she shut her eyes tightly, trying her best to coordinate with Sun Xiangyan's profound qi to heal the damaged parts of her body.

This continued for about half an hour before Sun Qiyan stopped. However, at this moment, she was sweating profusely and gasping for breath.

"Junior Sister, how is it? Are you feeling better? "

"Yes, I feel much better now."

Shangguan Mei Yang exhaled, she turned and looked at Su Qing'er who was curled up in a corner not far away, then stood up and walked over, embracing Qing'er, she channeled profound qi into his body.

"Junior sister, I know you love your disciple, but your own situation is not good, what energy do you have to care about Qing'er?"

Sun Chengyan said with a bit of worry.

"Since Qing'er recognizes me as her master, I will take responsibility for her."

"You … "I didn't expect you to be even more stubborn than me."

She thought for a while, then took out a porcelain bottle from her room and handed it over to Shangguan Mei Yang.

"These are some heart strengthening pills from the primary grade. If you let Qing'er consume them, they should have an effect on her, although they won't last for long."

When Shangguan Mei Yang heard that, her face brightened: "If that's the case, then thank you Senior Sister."

"Why are you and I being so courteous?"

Sun Qiyan sighed and said, "Speaking of which, you all did this because of me. I hope Junior Sister doesn't blame Senior Sister."

"Junior Sister doesn't dare."

"Oh right, Junior Sister, Master has come to the Immortal Island."

"What?" Mother already came? " Shangguan Mei Yang's expression immediately brightened, and she quickly asked: "Where did mother go first?"

"She's gone." Sun Xianyan shook her head and said, "Master wants to see you, but the empress dowager rejected him. Master's cultivation is not as high as the empress dowager's, so I had no choice but to return without success. That person seems to be your father? "

"My father?" Shangguan Mei Yang was startled.

"Junior sister, what is your father's background? It seems to be very powerful? " Sun Xiangyan asked.

Shangguan Mei Yang hesitated for a moment, no one knew what she was thinking, but just as she was about to speak, a servant girl ran in hastily, and shouted loudly.

"Princess!" Princess! Something terrible has happened! "

Sun Xianyan frowned when she heard this. She stood up and shouted, "What's wrong? Shouting? What's the right of you?"

The servant girl ran up to Sun Xiangyan and panted, "Princess, that …" Sun Tanuki... Your Highness Sun Li, you brought a lot of people and are rushing here right now! "

"Sun Li?"

Sun Xiangyan's eyes became serious.

Could it be that this guy really borrowed a hundred guts?

"He probably knows that we're here."

Shangguan Mei Yang said in a low voice.

"I won't." Sun Xianyan shook her head and said, "Those female soldiers have already been locked up by me. They can't possibly inform Sun Tanuki. As for the rest, they are my trusted aides and won't betray us. Don't worry, Junior Sister."

Shangguan Mei Yang did not speak.

"You and Qing'er rest here first, I'll go out and take a look."

Shangguan Mei Yang nodded her head: "Senior sister, everything needs to be done with caution."

"Yes." After saying that, Sun Xiangyan walked out of the hall.

She could not help but take a few steps back. She raised her head and looked forward, only to see a group of people walking towards her palace from outside. All of them had strong profound qi s and were powerful experts, and the one leading the group was none other than Sun Di.

Sun Li was full of smiles as he hurried to the entrance of the palace.

"Greetings, Princess Xiyan." Sun Wang bowed, but there was no hint of respect in her tone.

"What are you doing here?"

Sun Qiyan coldly snorted.

"To catch the fugitive, of course."

Sun Li said.

"Capture the fugitive from prison and bring me to the princess' sleeping quarters. You mean the fugitive is in this princess' chamber? Or is it … This princess is your fugitive? "

Sun Xiangyan flew into a rage on the spot and said angrily.

"Sun Biao, I dare not. That fugitive could not be you, Princess Miaomiao, but she is also related to you! Sun Xianyan, I know you have a good relationship with your junior apprentice sister, but I also want you to remember that your junior apprentice sister is the main culprit that destroyed the forbidden area left behind by our ancestors. You have to be clear about the current situation. But don't blame me for being impolite. " Sun Li laughed, his eyes full of playfulness.

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