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Chapter 4904: I Want All Three

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Chapter 4904: I Want All Three

Chu Feng finally turned his sights to the last sword.

The last sword had a peculiar but beautiful design. It looked as if it was forged out of mist, giving it a fleeting appearance, but it did have a tangible body.

It was much more complete than the Coiling Dragon Greatsword and Demon Phoenix Sword. It carried no impurities, and it didn’t give off the feeling of separate puzzle pieces being put together. It possessed spirituality too, but it was perfectly harmonized with the sword itself.

This showed that its spirituality didn’t come from having a living soul sealed into it. Rather, the sword was made out of natural oddities and naturally formed its own spirituality.

“This sword is known as the Supreme Cloud Sword. It was forged out of Ancient Era Cloud Spirits. This sword has a gentle nature, making it the easiest to control of the three Exalted Armaments. It’s lacking in prowess compared to the other two, but it’s still not to be made light of. Its prowess surpasses that of ordinary Exalted Armaments.

“Its greatest strength is that it’s the easiest to wield and control. To be honest with it, the Supreme Cloud Sword is the most popular one among these three Exalted Armaments. Even within our Holy Valley, there are many juniors who hope to acquire this sword.

“Of course, such Exalted Armaments aren’t easily given out even to the juniors of our Holy Valley. If young hero Chu Feng is interested in it, this sword is a good option too,” Shengguang Baimei said.

He had intentionally mentioned that the other juniors were interested in this sword but were unable to obtain it in order to further highlight its value.

“It’s indeed a good sword,” Chu Feng remarked as he began examining the three swords once more.

“This is putting me in a spot. I’m quite fond of all three swords. I don’t know how I should choose amongst these three.”

Chu Feng stroked his lower jaw contemplatively, feigning a conflicted expression.

He was doing this on purpose to test Shengguang Baimei. He didn’t think that the latter would attempt to reconcile with him for no reason, and even if he was seeking reconciliation, it didn’t make sense for him to take on such a fawning attitude.

There must be a deeper reason for this.

But in any case, Shengguang Baimei was indeed not a good person. Despite his current amicable attitude, there was no denying that he had tried to take Chu Feng’s life earlier on.

Since Shengguang Baimei wanted to make it up to him, Chu Feng didn’t think that there was a need for him to hold himself back either. He wanted to squeeze whatever he could get out of Shengguang Baimei.


Shengguang Baimei was put at a loss. He shot a glance at Shengguang Shishen, but the latter looked away scornfully. It was as if Shengguang Shishen was saying ‘This is a rare opportunity for you to reconcile with him, so why are you still hesitating here?

Shengguang Baimei caught Shengguang Shishen’s drift, so he squeezed out a smile and continued.

“It looks like young hero Chu Feng is fond of all three swords. Since that’s the case, I’ll gift them all to you,” Shengguang Baimei said.

“You’re too kind. Since you’re going this far, it would be rude for me to reject your generosity. I’ll be taking them with me then,” Chu Feng replied with a chuckle before grabbing all three swords.

“Of course! They belong to you now, young hero Chu Feng,” Shengguang Baimei replied.

Chu Feng’s smile further widened upon hearing those words. He tossed the Supreme Cloud Sword toward Long Xiaoxiao and said, “Xiaoxiao, I’ll give you this sword.”

His gesture shocked everyone, including Long Xiaoxiao.

“You’re really giving this to me?”

Long Xiaoxiao was a little overwhelmed by the sudden huge gift.

“Am I the type to joke around?” Chu Feng asked back.

“I won’t stand on ceremony then. Thank you. Hehe…”

Long Xiaoxiao revealed a sweet smile. She began to examine the Supreme Cloud Sword with fondness in her eyes, seemingly pleased with the present she had just received.

She didn’t like it just because of the sword’s superior quality. She liked it because it was a gift from Chu Feng.

“This fellow…”

However, those from the Holy Valley looked a little conflicted upon seeing Chu Feng giving the sword away to Long Xiaoxiao so easily.

Those were top-quality swords that not even the elders of the Holy Valley were qualified to wield. They could understand it if they were going into the hands of a prodigy of Chu Feng’s caliber, but Chu Feng gave one of them away to Long Xiaoxiao.

They felt displeased because they didn’t think that Long Xiaoxiao was worthy of the Supreme Cloud Sword.

However, Shengguang Baimei had already given the sword to Chu Feng, so they weren’t in a good position to say anything about it. Otherwise, their attempt at reconciliation would be rendered futile.

Chu Feng did notice the reactions from the crowd, but he wasn’t bothered by it. He was doing it on purpose, after all.

The three swords were indeed powerful, but the only ones that suited him were the Coiling Dragon Greatsword and the Demon Phoenix Sword. He thought that the Supreme Cloud Sword was more suited for women.

He knew that the Holy Valley would be displeased if he gave it away to Long Xiaoxiao just like that, but he chose to do so anyway. It was not like they could say anything since those swords were already his now.

On the contrary, it could spell trouble if Chu Feng were to give it to her in private. If they saw Long Xiaoxiao wielding the sword in the future, they might just try to snatch it away from her under the pretext that she had stolen the sword from Chu Feng.

After all, most people wouldn’t think of giving away something as valuable as an Exalted Armament to another person, no matter how close they were. Not to mention, the proud Holy Valley couldn’t possibly allow an outsider to use their weapons easily.

The Dragon Clan might be respected in the Holy Light Galaxy, but in the eyes of the Holy Valley, it was probably no more than a small village of peasants.

“Young hero Chu Feng, as a symbol of our goodwill and apology, we have also prepared another gift for you. We’re intending to open our Holy Light Martial Skills Compendium to you,” Shengguang Baimei said.

“Lord Baimei, such a promise can’t be taken lightly. You can’t renege on your words,” Daoist Niantian chirped in before Chu Feng could say anything at all.

It looked like he was worried that Shengguang Baimei would back down on his offer.

“It goes without saying that I mean what I say,” Shengguang Baimei replied.

“Lord Baimei, Lord Shishen, are you serious about opening the Holy Light Martial Skills Compendium?” Shengguang Menglai suddenly spoke up.

Based on her tone, it didn’t seem like she agreed with this decision.

“Miss Menglai, Baimei and I have the right to decide on this matter while the Holy Monarch is in closed-door training,” Shengguang Shishen said.

Be it choosing from the Exalted Armaments or opening the Holy Light Martial Skills Compendium, these were decisions that the two of them had decided on after discussion.

Shengguang Shishen didn’t like how Shengguang Baimei operated, and there was quite a bit of ill-will between the two of them. However, as fellow members of the Holy Valley, he still wished the best for Shengguang Baimei. If Shengguang Baimei couldn’t resolve this problem well, there was no saying what Chu Feng’s backing would do to him.

Not to mention, Shengguang Baimei’s relationship with Chu Feng also dictated the Holy Valley’s relationship with Chu Feng.

It was for this reason that they were offering so many things to Chu Feng.

However, it would appear that Shengguang Menglai wasn’t willing to let Chu Feng enter their Martial Skills Compendium. This did complicate things a little.

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