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Chapter 2174 - Another Bead

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Chapter 2174, Another Bead

The lake water was cold, but still within a tolerable range, and Yang Kai didn’t face any surprises or danger as he dove down. In fact, the only sound around him was the sound of his own heartbeat.

Suddenly, Yang Kai seemed to sense something and turned in a certain direction.

Over there, the water seemed to move differently.

Peering forward, Yang Kai saw an incredible scene.

At the very centre of the lake, there was a woman who seemed to be bathing. This woman had soft black hair, picturesque eyebrows, a delicate face, and elegant shoulders. The heat from her body seemed to react with the surrounding cold water, creating a faint mist that obscured her figure and gave her an ethereal quality.

The clear water of the lake allowed light from the surface to clearly reflect off this woman, highlighting her features and provoking much thought.

At this moment, the woman was gently washing her pure white skin, seemingly unaware of Yang Kai’s arrival.

However… After Yang Kai cast his gaze towards her, the other party apparently sensed his presence and quickly turned her head to look over.

A pair of beautiful eyes, like shimmering stars that exuded an inviting light that seemed to draw in all who saw them appeared.

When their four eyes suddenly met, Yang Kai’s expression turned blank while the woman only smiled even more enchantingly.

A faint halo that was barely visible to the naked eye pulsed from the woman’s figure and covered Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s expression became even more sluggish…

The woman grinned seeing this before her smile suddenly turned hideous. Opening her mouth, her delicate lips rapidly expanded into a giant maw that bit towards Yang Kai.

Even from a distance of more than a few dozen metres, this giant mouth was able to swallow Yang Kai whole.

As soon as this huge mouth closed, the image of the bathing woman rapidly distorted. No longer was there any sign of a beautiful woman, and instead all that remained was a strange beast with a peculiarly shaped body that appeared to be chewing something.

This strange beast was indescribable. Spherical in shape, it was at least a couple dozen metres in diameter, had eight or so long tentacles that danced about freely around it, and over a hundred strange eyes dotted across its skin.

On the shore, Liu Yan, who had been watching Yang Kai closely, saw this scene and her pretty face sank, but she didn’t show much worry because she could feel that Yang Kai was fine.

On the contrary, the little snowflake was taken aback and flew out rapidly, as if it wanted to rescue Yang Kai.

“Haha… a Monster Beast proficient in Soul attacks is quite rare!” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly rang out and his figure appeared standing above the strange beast’s head in the next moment, looking completely unscathed.

As soon as the scene of a woman bathing appeared in his vision, Yang Kai knew something was wrong.

In this accursed place, which Sect’s female disciple would suddenly decide to take a bath? The Dao Source Realm cultivators who entered the Four Seasons Realm had no time for such leisure.

At first, he thought that this woman was some kind of Monster Beast, but after being attacked, he suddenly realized that everything was just an illusion created by a Soul attack.

However, this illusion was too realistic, so even Yang Kai wasn’t able to break free from it instantly.

Still, Yang Kai quickly regained his senses and teleported away before the real fatal attack arrived.

As soon as Yang Kai’s voice fell off, the strange beast stopped chewing abruptly and its hundred eyes all turned towards him. Opening its giant mouth, it spat out a jet of water while also releasing an angry howl.

The shockwave from this howl caused visible ripples in the lake that spread out in all directions.

On the surface of Yang Kai’s body, a layer of Source Qi emerged to resist this strange attack.

“Second-Order Dao Source Realm…” Yang Kai Divine Sense swept out and he instantly estimated the strength of this Monster Beast.

As for the strange beast, seeing that its sound attack was actually ineffective, it became enraged and a flash of light shot out from its hundred eyes.

Yang Kai raised his brow seeing this as he muttered, “Soul strength comparable to a peak Dao Source Master!”

His expression turning dignified, Yang Kai pushed his own Spiritual Energy and sent out a pulse of Divine Sense to meet the invisible attack directed at him.


With a loud bang, Yang Kai’s figure shook and he couldn’t help falling back a few steps as he felt severe pain in his mind.

The strange beast didn’t feel any better though as its chubby body violently convulsed and trembled, its tentacles flailing about as it wailed loudly.

The collision between two Divine Senses was one of the most dangerous and unpredictable kinds of battles. This strange beast had relied on its proficiency in Soul attacks to not put Yang Kai in his eyes, so Yang Kai wasn’t going to show any weakness before the enemy.

He had the unparalleled Soul Warming Lotus, so he was not afraid of a clash of Souls!

In this confrontation, neither man nor beast came out on top.

But Yang Kai had the Soul Warming Lotus to resolve the damage to his Divine Sense, so it only took a moment for him to recover while, on the contrary, the strange beast could only struggle unceasingly, seemingly having suffered great damage in the brief confrontation just now.

When Yang Kai saw this, how could he miss this opportunity? Summoning the Myriads Sword into his hand, Emperor Pressure radiated as he soared forward and slashed out.

*Chi chi chi chi…*

The sword flashed out as thousands of sword lights rained down like a storm onto the strange beast.

Blood splashed out and began dying the lake’s pristine waters red.

Feeling the sharp pain of being cut, the strange beast screamed miserably and its hundred eyes flashed with fear. Immediately, it lashed out with its eight tentacles, intercepting the sword lights.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai failed to kill it with this blow!

Obviously, this strange Monster Beast only had strength equivalent to a Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, but its Divine Sense was comparable to a peak Dao Source Master. Given that it had such a powerful Soul, its physical body should have been much weaker.

However, this monster’s fat body was actually extremely elastic, so when the many Sword Qi blades hit it, they didn’t manage to penetrate far and only caused superficial damage.

However, its eight dancing tentacles weren’t so fortunate, and facing the constant barrage of Sword Qi blades, they were quickly cut into countless pieces.

At this time, the strange beast looked even more ugly than before, essentially becoming a bloody blob filled with numerous eyes…

As if aware of the crisis it was facing, the strange beast no longer tried to fight with Yang Kai and instead tried to dive into the depths of the lake to escape.

“Hmph!” Yang Kai coldly snorted and dove down after it, bolstered by absolute confidence in his own strength.

A trail of blood was left behind in the clear lake water, so Yang Kai had no trouble chasing after the beast.

Surprisingly, the lake was quite deep and the further down one dove, the less light there was; however, given Yang Kai’s powerful eyesight, he didn’t need to worry about being able to see at all.

After a stick of incense worth of time, Yang Kai followed the trail of blood to the very bottom of the lake, but when he looked around, he couldn’t help raising his brow.

The strange beast was now quietly floating next to a strange altar that was set up at the bottom of the lake, and atop this altar, there was something interesting enshrined.

It was a bead!

This bead was longan-sized and emitted a soft, green light.

When Yang Kai saw this bead, he couldn’t help feeling some suspicions.

Because this bead was indistinguishable from the bead he snatched in the Flowing Time Temple, except this one was green.

“Could it be…”

Suddenly, Yang Kai had a vague guess in his mind, but he was unable to confirm it.

At this moment, the strange beast was floating there quietly, bathing in the green light of the bead. Strangely, under the influence of this green light, the wounds Yang Kai had inflicted on it were rapidly healing, and it wasn’t long before the beast stopped leaking blood altogether.

Of course, the tentacles it had lost had not re-grown, as no matter how strong the vitality of this strange beast was, rapid regeneration of lost limbs was definitely not possible.

“This should be the most precious treasure in the Realm of Winter,” Yang Kai looked at the green beads and muttered to himself.

The little snowflake had brought him here, and in this lake, besides the strange beast, there was only this small bead placed on the altar, and obviously the strange beast was not the most precious treasure in the Realm of Winter.

As such, the only possibility was that this green bead was the treasure Yang Kai sought.

Yang Kai’s arrival also seemed to have alarmed the strange beast that was trying to heal its wounds.

It didn’t need to turn its head as some of its hundred eyes had already discovered Yang Kai’s appearance. It opened its giant mouth and sent out constant threatening roars, but unfortunately for it, having lost its tentacles, it was unable to actually launch any kind of effective physical attack.

It could only focus the power of its Soul again and send out a shockwave towards Yang Kai from its hundred eyes!

“Courting death!” Yang Kai’s complexion darkened as he summoned his Demon Eye of Annihilation. From the golden pupil, a lotus bud appeared and shot out towards its target in a flash.

The next moment, the strange beast froze in place, as if it had been suddenly paralysed.

In the strange beast’s eyes, all it could see now was a blossoming lotus that was rapidly draining away its Spiritual Energy…

Although its Soul was powerful, it had already suffered an injury from its clash with Yang Kai before, so now that it was struck by his Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique, its fate was sealed.

A short while later, with a faint bang, all one hundred of the strange beast’s eyes popped, as if a great pressure inside of them had suddenly erupted.

Yang Kai wielded his Myriads Sword as his figure flickered and he disappeared from where he stood.

When he reappeared, he was already standing behind the beast.

A huge hole now appeared in the round body of the beast, exposing its five viscera and six organs.

Yang Kai palmed backwards as he moved the surrounding Space Principles and shouted, “Exile!”

The pitch-black hole appeared and swallowed up the remnants of the strange beast like a giant mouth. When the black hole disappeared a moment later, only Yang Kai remained.

Opening his palm, there was a dark red Monster Core in his hand!

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