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Chapter 1671 - Coming Out Of Closed-Door Cultivation

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Chapter 1671: Coming Out Of Closed-Door Cultivation

Lin Huang raised his head and looked toward the deep reaches of space in the Kingdom within him. Two giant spheres hovered in the air there, like two massive eggs suspended in the ocean.

These two spheres were the Kingdoms that had been extracted and refined from the two middle-rank Lords—Black Mountain, and Spy—after Lin Huang had killed them.

Although they were sealed at the moment, the size of both spheres was comparable to a star zone.

They existed in a state like this within Lin Huang’s Kingdom and had not yet become a part of it, because Lin Huang had been unable to refine them previously.

Although their wills had been erased, the two Kingdoms were currently ownerless. Lin Huang had been unable to refine them, so he had had no choice but to set them aside for the time being.

However, now that he had elevated to become a Lord, he was fully certain that his current self would not encounter any hindrances when refining middle-rank Lords’ God Territories.

He immediately set about the matter with barely any hesitation.

All it took was a mere thought, and endless blood-red Divine Fire seemed to appear out of nowhere. It enveloped the two giant eggs instantly and began the refining process.

Days passed in the virtual realm cabin.

After an indeterminate amount of time, the two Kingdoms were finally fully refined. They then became part of Lin Huang’s Kingdom.

Including forty-eight Dao seals from Black Mountain and Spy, three hundred thousand god sequence chains, and a massive number of god rules also became part of Lin Huang’s Kingdom.

After successfully refining the two Kingdoms in their entirety, Lin Huang lifted his head once more to gaze at the heavens of his Kingdom.

There were still five hundred and forty-one Dao seal stars there, moving around in disorderly fashion.

Apart from the ones he had obtained from killing Babble’s group of lower-rank Lords, there were also those that Lin Huang had extracted and refined from the Kingdoms of the lower-rank Lords he had obtained from trading on Royal’s auction.

As his Godly Right could not control Dao seals previously, he had not refined these Dao seals. He could only let them drift around in the starry heavens.

Now, however, he could refine them at last.

Lin Huang summoned up a thought, and blood-red fire blazed up again in the Kingdom, enveloping all of the Dao seal stars that were not under any control.

Time did not exist in the virtual realm cabin; Lin Huang did not know exactly how long this round of refining had taken.

Regardless, after the refinement was complete, the number of Dao seals in his possession had exceeded one thousand four hundred in total.

Including the three Dao seals within his body, he could now invoke over five point five million Dao tattoos (previously it had been god sequence chains.)

The Dao tattoos in Lin Huang’s Kingdom had also increased exponentially from the initial fourteen point seventy-one million to eighteen million.

After refining all the Dao seals in his Kingdom, Lin Huang looked at his three Dao seals again.

He took a moment to consider whether or not he should continue consolidating more Dao seals.

After all, for every Dao seal he consolidated, the number of Dao tattoo powers that he could invoke would increase by one million.

However, after some thought, he set that aside for now.

He was not sure if he would attract the attention of the previous being above lord-level if he were to consolidate more Dao seals.

If that entity showed up again, he might not be able to count on a second chance of survival.

After all, the lady who had intervened to save him before was also a being above lord-level. Lin Huang did not think that she would be watching over him constantly and protecting him at all times.

Moreover, he now owed her a considerable favor. It would be embarrassing for him to owe her another one.

Lin Huang abandoned the idea of continuing to consolidate more Dao seals and immediately came out of closed-door cultivation.

He put the virtual realm cabin away and stepped back into the material realm.

After glancing at the barren planet where he was, he summoned the Gate of All Realms again and returned to the Ricky Star.

As soon as he returned to his hotel on the Ricky Star, Lin Huang took out his Royal Token and uploaded the eleven intermediate-grade Dao Weapons onto the auction page.

His conditions for the auction were as follows. “Trading in exchange for middle-rank Lords’ God Territories that have fifty seals and above. The more Dao seals, the better. No restrictions on the Dao seal type; Abyssal and Bug Tribe seals are fine as well.”

This time, Lin Huang set the duration of the auction for ten days.

For one, the trading conditions he had set out were more exacting. If the duration was too short, the Dao Weapons would not go for a good price.

For another, obtaining the God Territories of Lords was not a matter of urgency for him. At his current level of ability, he was more than able to face down any investigators the Raiders would send. There was no need to be in a hurry to refine more God Territories to advance his abilities.

Lin Huang had a lot of free time in the next few days.

He had already used up whatever resources he could currently utilize. If he wanted to elevate his abilities any further, he had to wait for Royal’s auction to end.

Fortunately, there were many trading markets on the Ricky Star and within the Coyne Star Zone. Lin Huang just happened to be able to use them to pass the time.

At his current level of ability and experience, there were far fewer items that caught his interest. Therefore, he browsed more and purchased very little.

After strolling around all sorts of marketplaces for a few days, Lin Huang was finally able to gain new awareness about the pricing of various items.

All along previously, he had busied himself with cultivation and had not actually made a note of what resources he did not need.

Apart from that, he had only just discovered that there were grades of marketplaces in the God Territory.

For instance, heavenly god-level powerhouses would usually shop at Precious Treasure Pavilion’s Heavenly Treasure Pavilion.

The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion basically did not sell any items below the level of god sequence relics. Not only that, the quality of all their items was assured. However, item prices were much more expensive compared to the black market. It was normal for some rare items to be priced three to five times higher.

Virtual Gods and True Gods, however, usually shopped at the Precious Treasure Market, which was also a Precious Treasure Pavilion site. This market was almost the size of a town. However, it was rented to various stall owners, and the goods were all provided by the various owners themselves.

It was said that Precious Treasure Pavilion had a Secret Treasure Pavilion that only lord-level powerhouses could enter. Rumor was that the collections were all treasures such as Dao Weapons and the like.

However, Lin Huang had only heard about it; he had never been there either.

Although he was a Lord now, he did not want too many people to know about his abilities.

He was quite interested in the Secret Treasure Pavilion, but he did not think that the items would be anything that Royal would not have.

After all, Royal did have beings above lord-level in their midst; they also had countless Lords under their command. A minor organization like Precious Treasure Pavilion could not compare with that.

For the past few days, Lin Huang had strolled around various markets large and small while waiting patiently for the investigators from the Raiders to arrive.

Unlike his previous state of mind when his abilities were insufficient, now he hoped more and more that they would show up earlier.

The sooner they arrived, the sooner he would be able to resolve the issue.

Furthermore, he hoped that they were more powerful and that there would be more of them.

After all, he was severely lacking in lord-level God Territories.

Moreover, the more powerful the investigators were, the more Dao seals and Dao tattoos he could refine.

As for whether he might be subsequently targeted by even more powerful Raiders from the universe, this no longer mattered to Lin Huang.

This was because as long as he showed his face anywhere, it was just a matter of time before he would be targeted by Raiders.

That is, unless he kept his head down for the rest of his life until he was more powerful than everyone in the Raiders.

Lin Huang felt he could not do that.

By nature, he was not someone who wanted to stand out and was willing to keep a low profile in the process of his development. However, if he were truly to encounter certain situations, he would make a stand if he had to. That was his character.

An example would be now, with the Raiders sending investigators over. Lin Huang could actually flee if he wanted to, but he did not wish to run.

Instead, he chose to work hard to become more powerful, then directly confront his enemy.

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