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Chapter 1390: Ploy

“Commandery Princess, this crown prince consort is truly too abominable,” Xu’er griped. “Why does Commandery Princess bear with it every time?”

Commandery Princess Yi’an’s eyes flickered as she responded with a cold smile, “We’ll be returning to Longevity Palace to pay respects to the queen dowager.”

When the hidden guard made his report, the queen dowager was pruning her favorite jasper begonia potted plant.

Recently, this jasper begonia had been wilting. She did not know whether it was because of the weather, but it made the queen dowager’s heart ache, and she ordered for it to be transported back from the gardener’s so that she could attend to it personally.

When she listened to the hidden guard parrot the crown prince consort and Commandery Princess Yi’an’s argument without missing a single word, the queen dowager was stunned before suddenly breaking out in laughter.

The hidden guard’s mouth also twitched as he explained, “This subordinate heard that the crown prince consort had issued a mission in the Eastern Palace which all the royal maids and eunuchs applied for, but only twenty people were chosen…”

This odd crown prince consort! For other people, it was the masters who randomly appointed several people to go with them.

Yet she was actually rewarding them and even set a quota.

The queen dowager set down her clippers and smiled with continuous nods. “This granddaughter-in-law of mine is interesting. I rather think that her method is quite good. If she were to randomly appoint several people, they indeed would not dare to disobey, but they would not be as enthusiastic as if there was a reward for this mission! Since the royal maids and eunuchs are voluntarily doing this job, then this rice distribution will definitely conclude smoothly and quickly.”

As she was speaking, Feng Gu came in with a taut expression and saluted Her Majesty the Queen Dowager. “The commandery princess has come.”

The queen dowager’s smile slipped a notch, and she gazed indifferently at Commandery Princess Yi’an, who was walking in lissomely.

“Yi’an pays her respects to the queen dowager.” Commandery Princess Yi’an felt that the queen dowager had been treating her lukewarmly these two days. Even the latter’s gaze toward her was sometimes extremely insipid.

It was unlike before, when the queen dowager would beckon her with a smile to sit next to her.

“Yi’an, is there something?” The queen dowager said with a smile as she picked up her clippers again and examined the jasper begonia, judging where she should snip it next.

This jasper begonia was her favorite. She could not let it die by all means.

Yi’an’s gaze flickered as she walked up and said with a smile, “Reporting to the queen dowager, Yi’an wants to make a trip out of the palace early tomorrow morning.”

“Oh?” The queen dowager cast her a look. “Is something the matter?”

Commandery Princess Yi’an put on an act as she said with a smile, “Yi’an heard that the eldest prince consort went to Xiluo Street to distribute rice but ended up causing a considerable disturbance, while the pitiful commoners on Xiluo Street suffered from injuries of varying degrees. Yi’an feels that they are very pitiable, so Yi’an plans to bring Xu’er along tomorrow to express my sympathy for them.”

The queen dowager froze while holding the clippers before subsequently saying with a smile, “That’s not necessary. The crown prince has already reported to the king that he will accompany the crown prince consort to Xiluo Street tomorrow to nurse the injured, as well as distribute some grain to the elderly and infirm, women and children.”

“We feel that the crown prince consort’s decision is excellent and have already approved of it. We have also dispatched Nanny Zhong to accompany them.”

Commandery Princess Yi’an’s heart sank with a thump. It turned out that the queen dowager was already aware of this incident. Sure enough, she had still underestimated how well-informed the queen dowager was.

Yi’an hastily forced a smile. “Queen Dowager, Yi’an still wants to do her utmost effort and go help.”

The queen dowager tightened her grip on the clippers. She then shook her head as she responded tepidly, “I see that there is no need. On the contrary, it is bad if too many people go. The crown prince consort has already brought enough people this time. It is good enough that you are willing to help.”

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