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Chapter 351 End of First Day

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"Mr. Evans, please don't do this!"



Headmistress Hilda's deep and perturbed gasps whispered into the air, partnered by a crackle and the sound of Haf's brains being smashed into smithereens. A student of the college just died in front of her, and she could do nothing to stop it.

But that wasn't all; she was so focused on Van, that she only recognized the body of the other students mangled and torn up almost everywhere on the field. Never has her college been faced with such a barbaric scene-- she knew that the students might have deserved it, but even still, it happened in her college.

"What… what have you done, Mr. Evans?" She was truly at a loss as to how to act in this situation. The young man in front of her was personally recommended by Athena and was even treating him with extreme respect. She knew he was young of age, but for some reason, she could not bring herself to reprimand him.

This was the first time this had happened, and to think it was only Van's first day teaching in her school; this wasn't a tragedy, but more akin to a calamity.

"I killed your students," Van then nonchalantly said as his hand moved at an incredible speed, flinging away any blood and dirt that was on it. His blood-red eyes then slowly returned to normal, with the veins that were popping out on his body also receding.

He really should thank Dionysus the next time he sees him. And since he was in Asgard, their meeting was bound to happen sooner or later. The passive skill, [Gift of Dionysus] truly did negate all the negative side effects of [Rage of Hercules], allowing for Van to use it without any troubles.

Although, considering the slight dizziness in his mind, it would seem the skill's SP consumption was not something that Van should ignore. However, the feeling of rush that he felt, it was as if he could destroy the whole island where the college stood with one finger; but at the same time, he felt this sense of control, that he could catch an egg without it even breaking.

It was a weird feeling, but something Van would surely use again in the future.

He then looked towards the several souls that were emitting a bright golden color, and without even hesitating, sending them all to the [Fields of Punishment].

Van could no longer be bothered looking at how many EXP he got, as the amount was not even enough to make him level up. Even if they were God Souls, it could not even compare to even the tiniest fraction from what he received from absorbing Charlotte's soul.

If he wanted to experience that again, then he would probably need to absorb the Aesir that were living in the place called the Palace-- where Odin and the other major Aesir lived.

He would have probably received something like that from Hermod, but sadly, Van was too deep into his emotions that he wanted to send a message to the Aesir, allowing him to live.

"W… what? What?" Headmistress Hilda could not help but slightly back away as she felt a sort of ominous feeling coming from Van. She was flabbergasted that Van didn't seem to care about what she was saying, but instead went to each of the corpses and stood there while waving his hands randomly.

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She was confused as to what he was doing, but each time he stood beside one of the corpses, Hilda felt this sort of sinister presence lingering in the air, as if something had completely disappeared in the world, but she could not see it.

Just who is this young man? Hilda once again repeated in her mind. And how was she supposed to deal with this situation? Word will surely get out that one of her instructors killed several students, and her Heven Academy would surely suffer from it.

She could punish Van, but then that would make her relationship with Athena suffer.

"Mr. Evans… I see you're enjoying your first day."

And like in queue to her thoughts, the individual she was just thinking about suddenly appeared behind her.

"Athena!" Hilda quickly yelled out, "This… What am I even supposed to do in this kind of situation!? Never in my life did I think that I would experience something like this."

"That tends to happen around King Evans, Hilda."

"King… Evans?" Hilda blinked a couple of times in confusion as she looked back and forth between Van and Athena, "What do you mean… King?"

"Forgive me for slightly deceiving you, Hilda," Athena then let out a sigh as she stood beside Van, "But my main purpose in wanting to work for your college is not to teach children, but rather to let my young King experience the ways of this world."

"I… I don't get it," Headmistress Hilda muttered. "That young man… is a King? Where?"

"Of my kind," Athena nonchalantly said. Van quickly looked at her as she did so, asking her if what she was doing was wise; Athena, however, only winked at him.

"I am sure you know of Artemis, as well as Dionysus."

"I… I read about Artemis, and Dionysus has visited my college once."

"They also both bow down to him," Athena pointed her thumb towards Van, "You could even say that King Evans was the king of the old world, before King Odin and his ancestors were born. But our adventure got cut short, so technically, he was not able to become so."

"W… what?" Headmistress Hilda once again blinked a couple of times as she looked at Van from head to toe. This small young man… preceded even the ancient Aesir? "Are… are you saying that this young man… is older than King Odin?"

"No, he's from the past."

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"A Transported!?"

"The very last one; and perhaps you could even say, the reason for our existence in the first place."

"That's…" Once again, Hilda was at a loss for words as she continued to stare at Van. Seeing the old woman's eyes ogling him, Van could not help but slightly look to the side, turning his head towards Athena and asking her what she was doing, revealing this information about him.

But before Athena could even answer, Hilda suddenly let out a scream that one would not expect from a wrinkled old lady.

"Amazing!" Headmistress Hilda then rushed towards Van, looking at him from all sides. Van didn't like the way her hands were wriggling about, but since she wasn't touching him, it was still alright.

However, her eyes, which seemed like it was glowing, truly made Van uncomfortable. Her sudden change in mood also bothered him, as it feels like she had already forgotten that Van had just killed some of her students.

"Would you like to know more?"


Athena's words literally made Hilda's ears perked up as she quickly made her way towards her.

"I am telling you now, this seemingly short and young man beside us will be the most important figure in the history of the 9 Realms, and beyond," Athena nodded her head several times, "He will decide the fate of literally everything that exists."

"...Please tell me more," Headmistress Hilda looked like she would start drooling at any second, "S... shit, I am getting excited. Good thing there aren't any students nearby."

"..." Hearing her words, Van could only turn towards the students he had just killed, before pointing at them and asking, "How about th--"

"This was an accident that no one wanted," Hilda quickly waved her hand before Van could even finish talking, "Also, I would also let the public know of their heinous acts-- that would surely neutralize the parents from acting for a while."

"Can you please let them know that it was King Evans that did it?"

"W... what?"

Not only Hilda, but Van was shocked by Athena's words.

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"Don't leave out any detail," Athena said, "Even if he is my King, he is still technically working for your college."

"...Athena, you truly have gone crazy," Van could only shake his head.

"But... the parents would surely retaliate, even if what their children did was perverse and criminal; it wouldn't change the fact that they are still their children."

"I think that's what she wants to happen," Van let out an exasperated breath, "I am fine with it."

"Are… you sure?" Hilda muttered, "Since you are some sort of... King of another realm, then shouldn't you be hiding your presence from the major Aesir? From King Odin?"

"The old man already knows we're in Asgard, and we're not in hiding," Athena followed, "A King will always find a way to rule the hearts of people, even if he is in another kingdom."

"S... such wise words!"


"Now come with me, Headmistress Hilda. I have much to tell you about the world that came before this, the history forgotten by time-- when the 9 Realms were still one giant world."

"W… what!? Can… Can you teach that to the students!?"

"Tis a sure thing," Athena nodded as she gestured to Hilda to follow her back to her office. Seeing Hilda following Athena from behind, Van was now starting to wonder who the true Headmistress of the college is.

"..." He then once again looked at the mess he made one final time, before deciding to follow Athena and Hilda.



"S… shit," and a few seconds after Van left the practice field, it was then that Baug suddenly moved from his spot, "Am…

...Am I still alive?"

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And so, ends Van's first day as a combat instructor in Heven Academy.

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