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Chapter 353 Brewing

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A week had passed since Van had started teaching in Heven Academy, and as expected, not even one had managed to hit him. Magnus's cousin was forced to join them once-- leaving with all of his ribs cracked due to being hit by Aegis.

He said that he would come back for revenge, but it would seem that after being pounded, he heard about what Van did from Magnus-- they never heard from him again. The most notable one was the new addition to the class, Sigrid.

Even though everyone was treating her like a fragile vase because of what happened to her, she quickly proved her place in the class as she was probably the one that has the best chance of getting a hit on their combat instructor. Considering she is Hermod's daughter, Van wasn't really surprised.

But before she could think of improving her skills, she should probably do something about her stamina first; she was only good for short bursts, after that, she always almost completely collapses on the ground.

Of course, if Van were to use his full speed, then there was absolutely no chance of his students even touching his shadow. He could probably try to show them his true speed, but that was bound to lead to accidents.

And now, with the news of Van's massacre completely reaching everywhere, even outside the Academy; there were now several parents screaming and shouting in the port of Heven Academy, wanting to be let in on the gates and calling for his name.

"How dare you harbor a murderer in your Academy!?"

"Are these the kinds of teachers you're letting my son meet!?"

"I want to pull out my daughter, let us in!"

"Give us this Mr.Evans!"

The dust that had been stuck on Heven Academy's gates and walls quickly crumbled, raining to the ground as some of the parents started hitting the colossal gate, causing it to tremble. And with the way they were hitting, the gate would probably give out anytime soon.

"It seems they've decided to gather now. I wonder what took them so long?" Athena was currently on top of the gates, looking down on all the parents that were clamoring outside.

"..." And beside her, was the Headmistress of the college itself, Headmistress Hilda. Although she still held a sort of dignified expression on her face, it was obvious from her breaths that she was disappointed that her prestigious academy has to this point.

She wanted to be angry, she wanted to lash out. But what she learned from Athena was something she could have never expected; in fact, if she died today, then she would have no regrets except for not being able to know the conclusion of the story of the young man beside her-- Van.

"...Is this the outcome you wanted to happen, Athena?" Van's sighs of frustration almost overpowered the voices of the parents below as he looked back and forth between them and Athena.

"Meh, I suppose it will do," Athena only shrugged her shoulders.

"..." Seeing this nonchalant response, Van could not help but think if he made the right decision. He was now officially treating her as some sort of advisor, but perhaps that's where he made the wrong decision in the first place.

Athena… might have gone crazy already.

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"It's time I go talk with them," Hilda then clapped her hands, causing several lights to appear from her hands as she stretched them. The mass of angry parents below quickly stopped any noises they were making as the lights completely filled out their vision, causing most of them to back away from the gates.

And as soon as they opened their eyes, Headmistress Hilda was already in front of them, standing at the gate with a smile on her face.

"Parents, I am sure you are worried about your children," Hilda said as she tried to look at the faces of all the parents present in front of her, "But I assure you, what happened last week was just an unfortunate accident."

"An accident!? One of your instructors massacred 6 defenseless children!"

"I knew we shouldn't have enrolled my son here!"

"Your complaints are justified," Headmistress Hilda showed her palms, gesturing to the parents to calm down, "And I am sure you have heard all sorts of rumours about what happened, but I am telling you now that the students who died had done something very heinous."

"You kill the students as punishment!?"

"No matter what they did, they didn't deserve to die! Oaken!? Oaken! Mother and father are here, let's go!"

"Yeah, what did the students do to deserve being slaughtered!?"

"I am afraid I can't disclose that information. The parents of the students involved are already devastated upon hearing the reason why their children were executed, I do not wish to add anything to their grief," Hilda shook her head as she once again asked the people to calm down. However, it would seem that her doing so just managed to outrage the masses, as they all started stepping forward towards the gates.

"Please stop this," Hilda then raised her hand, and as she did so, several guards started appearing beside her, "If you wish to enter the college, then you must do so by appointment. I understand that you want to withdraw your children, and I would allow that, but proper procedures must be met."

"Proper procedures!? One of your instructors is slaughtering students!"

"Everyone, let's get our children!"


"Stop!" Hilda immediately placed her palm on the ground, causing it to tremble. The parents, however, did not seem to mind as walls of earth emerged in front of them as they smashed it nonchalantly.

"Guards, do not let them inside!"



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But before the two forces could meet, their eyes all turned to the side as a flash of golden lightning erupted between them; their ears then whistled as a thunderous explosion reverberated in the air, creating some sort of ripple that caused most of them to slightly take a step back.

All of them were able to quickly recover, however, as they all turned towards where the lightning struck, only to see a young boy kneeling, slowly standing up as his eyes looked over them.

"M… Mr. Evans? Why… did you show yourself?" Hilda could not help but blink several times as she looked at Van. She was slightly nervous at first, as she thought that Odin's son had visited them due to the lightning. No, perhaps she was even more nervous now, seeing Van standing there menacingly.

"Mr… Evans?"

"That's the instructor who killed the children?"

"But… he looks even younger than my son? What madness is this!?"

"Do you take us for fools!?"

"I killed the students."

Van did not let the parents start another round of their complaints as he took a step forward. And as he did so, Athena landed behind him, before diligently standing by his side while brandishing her spear and tapping it 3 times on the ground.

"A...thena? What's the meaning of this?" Hilda could not help but mutter as she gestured to his guards to stand down. Athena, on the other hand, only winked at Hilda in response. Seeing this, the only thing that she could do was let out a sigh as she too, stood beside Van.

She was now starting to think whether she was still the owner of the Academy, or if she was now just Athena's assistant. But considering who she and Van really are, she was surprisingly having a hard time calculating which is a more distinguished role.

"I killed the students because they bullied one of their own," Van continued.

"Just because of--"

"They ganged up on her, tied her up, and then proceeded to rape her," Van did not let any of the parents speak as he continued to take a step forward. And with what he was saying, the crowd itself became quiet on their own.

Hilda wanted to stop Van from saying anything more, as the parents of the deceased students begged her not to reveal any more information about the incident. However, Athena prevented her from doing so, gesturing to her to just watch.

"And after raping her, the group proceeded to force the girl to run on the field without her clothes on; laughing and mocking her as she did so. Headmistress Hilda and I were the ones to discover what had happened to her. We noticed it when her bottoms started bleeding."

Van continued to walk, causing the crowd to split as he made his way through them, "Now that I am thinking about it, the students that did that to her got off easily. So yes, if you are asking me if I would do that again, I will; and I will do it even worse-- hang them for everyone to see and brand them as rapists."

With the parents now somewhat circling him, Van turned around, his eyes still looking at the parents' faces one by one, "And if your children will also do the same, then I will have no hesitation in killing them-- because something like that will not be tolerated in this place. And if ever your sons or daughters become the victim, then you could be sure that the ones who did that to them will also die a very cruel death, without honor."

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After Van's somewhat lengthy speech, the air was suddenly filled with silence; with only the looks of the parents that were giving each other whispering in the air.

"Something like that… really happened?"

"Why did the Academy let something like that happen in the first place!?"

"Whose children are those!? We demand the names of the parents!"

"That is disgusting! Tell us the names of the parents then we will leave!"

"My daughter, transfer my daughter to your class, Mr. Evans!"

"This is…" Hilda could not believe her eyes as the parents, who were all screaming for Van's head just earlier, now had varying opinions.

"King Evans… has a way to charm with his words," Athena let out a small chuckle, "Perhaps even more than his speed, his words are his true powers."


...is it really that simple?"


"Ha… My body has finally regained its once immense strength!"

In a pool that was surrounded by nothing but gold and an array of different plants, Hermod emerged from the waters. His long and now luscious golden hair, creating ripples as the drops of water coming out of it seemed to shoot from his hair at a high speed.

"Congratulations, master Hermod."

A woman, who was completely naked, approached him from outside the pool, handing him a towel. "And what news do you have for me, woman?"

"I have great news, master Hermod. The one that did this to you…

...is right here in Asgard as we speak."

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