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Chapter 3082: Innocence 3

When your father heard that you were coming back, he was overjoyed! Hehe, he was so nervous he tossed and turned all night! He kept reminding me that he would personally cook when you’re back! He went out early this morning and bought fresh vegetables. He’s probably still busy at home! ”

Sitting in the cab, Mother smiled and muttered to herself before gradually relaxing.

I smiled back, but kept silent, looking out through the window the whole time.

“It’s good that you’re back! It’s good that you’re back!”

As Mother spoke, I could see, in the rear view mirror, the dampness forming at the corners of her eyes. However, she secretly wiped away her tears with her fingertips, trying to hide this from me.

“Mom… ”

I silently looked out the window at the unfamiliar street scenery. I lowered my eyes slightly as I interrupted her, asking hesitantly, “How is… he?”

She fell silent, knowing who I was talking about. The smile on her face faded…

“Dongyu… has missed you all this while.”


I vaguely remember, the first words that I uttered after I was born was “brother”.

The first words that I learnt, as I fumbled to read, was his name.



The deepest impression from my earliest memories was not the gentle whisper of my mother or the broad shoulders of my father, but the warm curve of his arms.

My name is Yin Xiachun. I was born on the hottest day of summer.

His name is Yin Dongyu. He was born in the coldest period of winter.

He is my brother, four years my senior.

When I was young, my parents were always busy with work, and our family of four rarely got together. At that time, the two of us were sent to my grandmother’s house in the countryside, and Dongyu was my pillar.

Dongyu inherited our mother’s good looks. He had delicate features and was very handsome, especially his eyes. One look at them could make one lose their soul.

Hence, there had been many girls who liked him since we were young.

However, perhaps because Dongyu was born in winter, he had a rather cold personality and had always kept a distance from other children.

He was even a little distant from our parents. This coldness grew more apparent during his rebellious phase. Right from the onset, I was about the only person who could get close to him freely.

Perhaps it’s because we’re related by blood, Dongyu loved me deeply.

Even my parents’ love could not compare to his love for me.

I heard from Grandma that when I was born, Dongyu was still very young. He had skinny arms and legs. However, he was able to carry me steadily and never dropped or mishandled me.

At that time, after my mother gave birth, her health wasn’t very good. Before I was a month old, she had handed the care of me over to Grandma. Dongyu quietly followed wherever I went. He had never been close to anyone else since he was young, but he liked to carry me and play with me, calling my name repeatedly.

Chun Chun, Chun Chun…

When I wouldn’t stop crying, he would patiently tease me. When I was hungry, it was he who would gently coax me.

At night, he would hold me in his arms and sing me cradle songs till I fell asleep.

Whenever Grandma talked about this past, she would laugh, then sigh and say to me, “See how your brother loved you.”

Yes, he really did love me.

I had naively thought then, even if he were the only person in the world who doted on me, I’d still be the happiest girl in the world.

I remember Grandma mentioning that when I was one year old, Dongyu held my little hand and taught me how to walk, step by step.

He would crouch in front of me as I took little steps. And in those days, I was chubby from being raised by my grandmother. Bundled up for the winter, I struggled to walk on my wobbly legs, stretching my arms out towards him.

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