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Chapter 516: Person of another world Part 2

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Chapter 516: Person of another world (Part 2)

As the chanting finished, the white sky suddenly became brighter as several meter tall white light as thick as a person fell down like rain. Each streak of light contained a powerful sealing energy. It completely covered the thirty meter area around Hua Qin Meng. Even if Ye Tian Xie who was a few meters away from her doubled his speed, he could not escape the attack range of the “Holy Spirit Light”, as he was swallowed by the beams of light.


Among players, no one had ever forced Ye Tian Xie to ever use all his power. When he was serious, how terrifying already couldn’t be described in terms of “terrifying”. Even if it was now, Hua Qi Meng did not force out all his power, but there was a wildness burning inside his mind.

He charged forward, swaying between the beams like a ghost. The beams kept falling in a dense area, but one second passed, two seconds passed, three seconds passed…..Not a single one hit Ye Tian Xie. His eyes kept staring at Hua Qi Meng and he didn’t look up at all because using his eyes to look and sending it back to his mind, it would take too long to react or it would be too late. What he relied on was his feeling…..That perception that was several times normal people’s!

In the light, he moved ten meters in front of Hua Qi Meng. There were countless beams of light passing by him, but there wasn’t a single one that actually harmed him. The difficulty of achieving something like this was no different from not being harmed by a rain of arrows.


The Moment of Destiny slammed down at Hua Qi Meng and it slammed down on the ice crystal wall around her, making a strong collision sound. The ice crystal wall trembled and suffering this hit, Hua Qi Meng’s “Holy Sprit Light” was interrupted. Ye Tian Xie’s hands suddenly came out again as he slammed a “Dragon Soul Rend Slash” onto the ice wall.


With a clear contact sound, there was the sounds of cracking as fractures formed on the “Ice Soul Protection”……Hua Qi Meng inside the barrier didn’t dodge as she stood there with her eyes closed, like she couldn’t see Ye Tian Xie’s attack at all. Her mouth was still letting out a calm chanting……

“Wind spirits dancing in the air! Grant me clear wings and let me freely fly through the sky! Wings of Wind!”



With three attacks, Hua Qi Meng’s surrounding ice crystal wall shattered with a clear sound. Hua Qi Meng’s chanting also finished as a green pair of wings that were two meters long appeared on her back. The wings flapped and flew into the sky with Hua Qi Meng, making Ye Tian Xie’s “Dragon Soul Rend Slash” hit thin air.

He looked up and above him, Hua Qi Meng’s body was lifted by the wind as she quickly ascended, reaching an altitude of around thirty meters. Her eyes were closed and she was calm as her hands were placed in front of her chest. Her white clothes fluttered in the wind, making her look like an immortal…..

Wings of Wind: Gathers elemental wind energy to form wings of wind, allowing the user to fly. The flying effect will last for 40 seconds and has a max altitude of 30 meters. Costs 30 MP per second to maintain and has a 180 second cooldown.

The “Wings of Wind” skill appeared in Ye Tian Xie’s Evil Dragon’s Eye. He looked at the young girl in the sky without any emotions.

Lasts for forty seconds…..When the forty seconds were over, the minute they agreed on would be over.

Of all of Ye Tian Xie’s skills, other than the Dragon Soul Roar, the one with the longest range is the Dragon Soul Shadow Rend Slash. However, Hua Qi Meng was thirty meters up and the Dragon Soul Shadow Rend Slash did not reach that high. He himself didn’t have any flying abilities and if he used Kaka transformed into the Undying Monster Dragon, he could fly as high as he wanted, but…..Hua Qi Meng used her own flying skill and didn’t use any external force. With Ye Tian Xie’s pride, how could he borrow Kaka’s ability.

Ye Tian Xie’s expression didn’t change as he looked up at the young girl in the sky for a long time standing beneath her, not moving at all. In his ears was the young girl’s calm as water low chanting……

“Slumbering earth spirits, I summon you in the name of the Holy Spirit Master…..Awaken our strength and turn into wild earthen blades, seething with destruction……Earth Spears!!”

As her chant ended, there was a shockingly sharp aura coming from beneath Ye Tian Xie’s feet. Ye Tian Xie knit his brows and quickly moved back. In an instant, a long spike made of dirt stabbed out from the ground where he had been standing, reaching a height of three meters. If Ye Tian Xie’s reaction was a bit slower, the Earth Spear would have pierced him.

How could there only one Earth Spear. What followed was another Earth Spear and danger came from beneath Ye Tian Xie once again. When the first signs hit his mind, his body had already reacted, moving back another two meters. Two Earth Spears stabbed out where he had just been standing…..When his feet fell onto the ground, before he even came to a stopped, there was another point coming out. The power exploded and the earth spike stabbed out at him…..

The Earth Spears came out one after the other, following Ye Tian Xie like they had eyes. As long as he stepped onto the ground, there would be another one exploding out from underneath him. Ye Tian Xie moved as fast as the wind, moving away from the earthen spikes with a terrifying aura. Each time his foot fell to the ground, he would immediately leave. He kept moving at an incredible speed that normal people could never match……

The Earth Spears were fast, with two spears coming out each half second. It already wasn’t easy for normal people to dodge one and it was even harder to dodge the second continuous one, but even with several spears coming out and the ground being filled with spears, not a single one had hit Ye Tian Xie.

In the air, the girl with her hands at her chest opened her eyes and she revealed a strange glow in her eyes.


The final Earth Spear came out and the continuous fifteen spears finally stopped. The rock spikes disappeared and Ye Tian Xie stood there, looking up with knit brows. In the air, there was the young girl floating like the wind, chanting something……

“Wind take shape and form a blade. Crossing together as flashes of light, even the Wind God would praise it! Sing, crossed blades, Dazzling Wind Crossed Blades!”


A gust of wind that was a sharp whistle, that was like sharp grating against Ye Tian Xie’s ears blew. This was the most wild wind he had ever heard, even more fearsome than a tsunami. If it was a normal person and they heard this kind of wind, their first reaction would be to cover their ears. Ye Tian Xie charged forward as fast as he could before jumping up and charging out with a “Dragon Soul Shadow Rend Slash”.

The terrifying wind howled from behind him. The range of this wind attack was not large, being a long line, but the wind speed reached a peak with this “Dazzling Wind Crossed Blade”. Wind attacks were fast attacks, sweeping over everything. When the wind reached a certain point, it would form a wind blade.

Wind magicians had the basic skill called “Wind Blade”. However, this “Wind Blade” was just wind impact in a small area. This kind of attack, its speed and strength could not match “wind blade” at all. A true wind blade could even split a mountain in two.

As for Hua Qi Meng’s “Dazzling Wind Crossed Blade”, whether it was strength, speed, or range, it was several times that of a normal wind magician’s “Wind Blade”. If it wasn’t for that thirty meters of reaction space, even if it was Ye Tian Xie, it would be hard for him to dodge.

Charging upwards, he perfectly avoided the “Dazzling Wind Crossed Blade”. In the air, the strange look in Hua Qi Meng’s eyes became strong. The “Dazzling Wind Crossed Blade” was her fastest magic and it had been launched without any warning. She thought that once her chant was finished, there would be no one who could escape from this powerful wind blade, but Ye Tian Xie had dodged it. His strength was not just represented by his stats and his Job and equipment’s skills, his mind had already reached an incredible point.

It was no wonder no one had ever won against him and no wonder…..

Then, how about this……

Her eyes slowly closed again and floated in the air. Ye Tian Xie didn’t attack and also couldn’t attack. Although once the Dragon Soul Roar came out, she would fall out of the sky, even if she didn’t die, the close to ten second forced stun would make her a lamb for the slaughter……He didn’t use the Dragon Soul Roar because he wanted to see how many shocking things she was hiding on her…..

“Reversing all logic, going against the ancient standards…..”

The young girl continued to chant, but her chant made Ye Tian Xie knit his brows.

“All things existing through time, according to the agreement, everything will be silent before turning into a dull noise. Turning life to death, turning ten thousand to one, turning exist into nonexistence. Everything with form comes together at the beginning, everything in existence turns to void…..”

The young girl’s chant was calm and low, but Ye Tian Xie could feel that the surrounding air was beginning to feel restless……

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