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Chapter 414


“Ah… Ah …” The Old Madam’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. She waved her hands, indicating for Su Wenyuan to stay behind. Unfortunately, Su Wenyuan didn’t understand what she meant. He left the courtyard and asked someone to invite a doctor, then hurried to Jin Wang’s Palace.

Doctor Lin helped the Old Madam up, and Wen Mama placed the bowl next to her mouth. “Old Madam, please drink the medicine instantly. Don’t worry, there’s no poison in the medicine. Miss Biao ordered us to take good care of you. She’ll come visit you later.”

The Old Madam waved her hand, wanting to flip the medicine bowl over. But Wen Mama suppressed her with ease. “Old Madam, don’t be impatient. Just drink slowly.” With that, she cooperated with Doctor Lin poured the medicine into her mouth directly.

The Old Madam glared at Wen Mama, wishing she could use her gaze to cut out a piece of meat from her body.

“I know that the Old Madam must be very puzzled. You must be don’t understand why would I betray you. The reason is quite simple. This servant also doesn’t want to do this, but this person is old and afraid of retribution. I don’t want to see the Old Madam continue to make mistakes. Miss Su You is your granddaughter. She is pure and ignorant of the ways of the world. How can you do anything to her? Furthermore, the older this person is, the more she values her life. This servant wants to live well and does not want to throw my life away for the sake of the Old Madam’s ambition.”

The Old Madam glared daggers at them as she silently cursed Wen Mama and Doctor Lin in her heart.

Doctor Lin helped the Old Madam lie down, then she took the medicine bowl over and sat with Wen Mama to wait quietly by the side.

The Old Madam’s eyes widened, staring at the curtains on the bed. Her eyes were filled with unwillingness. She had painstakingly plotted for her entire life, helping the Su family rise to greatness step by step, and just as she was about to ascend to the next level, the person she plotted against had destroyed the ladder and destroyed her foundation. How can she be reconciled?

She wouldn’t admit defeat until the last moment. So what if Mu Yunyao knows the truth? She could not find any evidence. As long as she could not find any evidence, she would not be able to convict the Su family, and the Su family would have a chance to rise again!

Within the Imperial Palace, Yue Wang was punished kneeled for two hours in Chunming Nuan Pavilion. Finally, the Grand Princess Yi De called him and the Emperor to Yuhua Palace for dinner.

The Emperor’s face did not look good. Occasionally, he would glance at Yue Wang, and he would snort unconsciously.

Yue Wang stood up and took the wine jug from the maid in charge to pour wine for the Emperor: “Father, you are old, do not be greedy. Just drink two cups, and it will be fine.”

The Emperor looked at Yue Wang and snorted coldly, “How dare you interfere in my affairs?”

Yue Wang didn’t reply and helped Grand Princess Yi De to pour the wine as well. He then raised his wine cup to salute the two of them: “Junyue is reckless, let Imperial Father and Imperial Aunt worry about me. I apologize to the both of you by borrowing this wine cup.”

The Emperor’s fingers that holding onto his wine cup trembled, and the emotions in his eyes became extremely complicated. Seeing Yue Wang raise his head and drink it all in one gulp, the light in his eyes dimmed: “With your temper, if you do not restrain it, you will suffer a great loss in the future. Your Imperial Father and your Imperial Aunt cannot protect you for the rest of your life.”

The Grand Princess Yi De smiled. “Junyue’s temperament is similar to yours. After so many years, has your temperament changed?”

“Imperial Elder Sister, you only know how to help this brat.”

“Alright, father and son, do not harm their relationship with each other over such a small matter. Today, we will have a peaceful meal together and do not mention anything else. As for Junyue’s punishment for barging into the Su family’s residence, both of you can slowly resolve it tomorrow.”

The Emperor wanted to say something. However, when the Emperor looked at the cold-faced Yue Wang, he finally did not say anything. It had been many years since he had such a meal with Ning Junyue. The Emperor meets Junyue every year on his birthday, but this child would always be at ease in his seat, not saying anything to curry favor with him at all. Even the gifts he sends were in the middle.

Year after year, he gradually grew up. His personality became colder and colder, and his eyes became firmer and firmer. Even in such a snowy place like Western Guangdong, he had never complained before... In the end, it was him, the Emperor, who had let this child down...

After a meal, the Emperor’s mind was full of mixed feelings.

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When Grand Princess Yi De saw that Yue Wang didn’t mean to get up and leave, she knew that he wanted to talk to himself and said to the Emperor: “I heard that there was trouble in Huaiyang before. Imperial Brother, go and have a look quickly. The child is young and stubborn. Su Qingwu couldn’t advise her, and even her mufei couldn’t persuade her. The injuries on her body haven’t recovered yet, so don’t make things worse.”

The Emperor could not help but frown in his heart. He was felt terrible and did not know how to face Yue Wang, so when he heard the Grand Princess’s words, he immediately got up and left, “Then I shall go over to take a look. Imperial Elder Sister and Junyue are having a talk.”

The Grand Princess Yi De nodded and waited for the Emperor to leave. She turned her head and smiled at Ning Junyue. “What’s wrong? Only now do you know lingering fear? ”

Yue Wang shook his head, looking at the gentle smile on the Grand Princess Yi De’s face, and his heart was in turmoil, “Imperial Aunt, I have something that I want to ask you. I don’t know if it is appropriate?”

The Grand Princess Yi De’s smile became even more extensive. “Weren’t you always straightforward? Why has your temperament changed today? Is there something wrong? Do you have something that you want to request of me?”

Yue Wang’s expression grew even more hesitant. After careful consideration for a moment, he seemed to have made up his mind, “Imperial Aunt, your lost daughter ... my elder sister’s … Is there any birthmark or any kind?”

The smile on Grand Princess Yi De’s face suddenly disappeared. “You … why did you think of asking that?”

“I just suddenly remembered, so I asked..”

The Grand Princess Yi De slightly frowned, her gaze gently falling upon Yue Wang, as if he could see through everyone’s thoughts, “For no reason at all, you wouldn’t ask me about this. Did you hear some news?”

Yue Wang struggled in his heart. He didn’t know whether he should tell Grand Princess Yi De the news of Su Qing and Mu Yunyao. After all, there was no evidence now. If he made a mistake, wouldn’t it make Imperial Aunt unhappy?

The Grand Princess Yi De stood up and walked over to Yue Wang with great hope in her eyes. “Junyue, have you found any clues?” Asking about birthmarks and the like must have been to find the clues and wait for verification. Otherwise, Junyue wouldn’t have opened his mouth.

Yue Wang raised his head. He could see that the Grand Princess’ eyes shine with water uncontrollably, causing his heart to tremble violently. Yue Wang had never seen the Great Princess Yi De like this before. It was clear that he had just said a word, but she was like a drowning man, holding onto the last straw in her hand and pouring all her hope.

“Imperial Aunt, I....” the deceptive words that had been already in his mind suddenly couldn’t come out of his mouth after coming into contact with the Grand Princess Yi De’s eyes.

Seeing his hesitation, the hope in Grand Princess Yi De’s eyes dilated bit by bit. Like a firework that had arisen in the winter, it suddenly blossomed and illuminated the pitch-black night. “Junyue... You... What clues did you find. Did you find out a clue?”

Yue Wang’s movements stiffened for a moment before he finally could not help but nod his head.

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