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Chapter 415


The Grand Princess Yi De suddenly turned around, her shoulders shaking nonstop. It was only after a long while that she finally turned around, her lips smiling brilliantly, but there were tears in her eyes. “You... what did you ... find out? My daughter ... is she … is she all right? Was she safe and worry-free? Had she already married and given birth to a child? She … …. how does her husband treat her? Children can still be filial to their parents...”

The Grand Princess Yi De held her chest tightly, as she half-knelt on the ground, unable to support herself, “My child … After toiling for nearly 30 years, I finally had a clue … great, this is great....”

Yue Wang hurriedly stepped forward to support Grand Princess Yi De. “Imperial Aunt, don’t be so agitated. We’ve only found a few things, and we’re still not able to confirm....”

The Grand Princess Yi De took a few deep breaths to calm herself down, “Junyue, my child, she … ....”

“If what I know is true, then my sister is still alive and has a worry-free life. She’s married and gave birth to a daughter. The daughter is well-behaved and sensible. She is extremely filial to her.”

“Alright, alright.” Grand Princess Yi De’s tears were even more fierce. For thirty years, she had eaten and prayed, day and night, for her lost daughter, waking almost every night from a nightmare, dreaming that her daughter had been displaced, that she had even lost her life.

She said that her decision from back then was not wrong, but she blamed herself countless times in her heart. Why hadn’t she being more careful in the first place? Why didn’t she send more guards to follow her?

Her child was still so young when she was lost, so much so that she wouldn’t even remember her own mother. She had helped the Emperor ascend the throne and stabilized the empire, but she had let down her own daughter …

The Grand Princess Yi De tightly gripped Yue Wang’s hand, unable to suppress the excitement in her eyes. “Where is she? I want to see her...”

“Please don’t be so agitated, Imprial Aunt. This matter has yet to be verified. Perhaps the clues I obtained were wrong, but I can’t say for sure.”

“It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter even if you haven’t found anything. As long as I can meet, I’ll be able to tell. Even if 30 years have passed, as long as I meet, I’ll be able to recognize my child … Junyue, you don’t know that a mother can’t recognized her own child wrong. When I see her, I can tell if she is or not. Where is she?”

“Elder Sister’s name is Su Qing now, she has given birth to a daughter, her name is — Mu Yunyao!”

The Grand Princess Yi De was stunned. She slowly relaxed her grip on Yue Wang’s hand. Mu Yunyao … Su Qing … Mu Yunyao....”

“Imperial Aunt, I’ve only heard some information from Yunyao today. I’m still not sure if it’s true or not yet. I originally wanted to tell you after finding out the truth, but seeing you look forward to it, I really can’t bear it….”

Yue Wang was looking worriedly at the Grand Princess Yi De. In his memories, this Imperial Aunt had always been in control and never having lost her composure like this.

The Grand Princess Yi De revealed a tearful smile, “No wonder … No wonder every time I see Mu Yunyao, I feel strangely close to her. Even if she causes trouble for you, I wouldn’t be able to hate her in my heart. So it’s because we’re related by blood. Because she’s my granddaughter and the bones and blood of my child... Junyue, Qu Mama said earlier that Yunyao’s appearance is extremely similar to mine, and her words and actions are similar to what I behaved when I was young....”

“Yunyao is indeed very intelligent.” Yue Wang nodded. “Yes, not only is she intelligent, but also very appropriate in speaking and doing things. In the days when she accompanied me on the hunting ground, I had a very comfortable life, and I often miss her now!” The Grand Princess Yi De originally had some good feelings towards Mu Yunyao, but now that she found out that she was most likely her granddaughter, the Grand Princess Yi De felt that she was good anywhere, that no other young miss could compare to her.

“Imperial Aunt, Yunyao has already moved out of the Su family’s residence. If Imperial Aunt wants to see her and Madam Su, I can help arrange it.”

Upon hearing the mention of the Su family, the smile on Eldest Princess Yi De’s face gradually disappeared. The ice and snow in her eyes suddenly rose, and a cold feeling silently spread out.

Earlier, rumors had spread that the Su family had brought Yunyao and Su Qing back for the sake of plotting to kill them, and then a lot of things went out. She didn’t inquire carefully before, but now that they were related to the true identities of Su Qing and Mu Yunyao, she couldn’t help but think about it a little more.

“Can people live inNi Yun Fang?”

“Yunyao already wanted to move out of the Su family for along time. When she built Ni Yun Fang, she took extra care made a place for her to live there, so there shouldn’t be a problem staying for a while. Imperial Aunt, you don’t have to worry.”

“Junyue, make the arrangements. Tomorrow, I want to leave the Palace and go to Ni Yun Fang.”

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“Imperial Aunt, as for Madam Su, Yunyao probably hasn’t told her yet, if you see her tomorrow....”

“What Madam Su ... She has no relationship with the Su family. Her surname is Xu, and her name is Xu Yanhan. She’s the child of Xu Yan and I!” Although Yue Wang said that he didn’t find any solid evidence, she had an intuition in her heart that she had found the right one. Mu Yunyao’s mother must be her own daughter. It must be her and Xu Yan’s child.

“Imperial Aunt, don’t be angry. I’ll go back and tell the matter to Yunyao now.”

The Grand Princess Yi De nodded. “Fine, you can go now....”

After Yue Wang left, the Grand Princess Yi De sat on the chair without moving for a long time.

Qu Mama brought in a cup of tea. When she saw her dejected appearance, her eyes were filled with worry. “Your Royal Highness, what’s wrong with you?”

The Grand Princess Yi De suddenly regained her senses, fiercely sweeping the teacup by her hand onto the ground. Her ice-cold face did not have a single trace of warmth. Her entire body was overflowing with chilled air, and her aura was as cold as frost. “Qu Mama, send someone to investigate the Su family and find out what the Su family has done these days. The more detailed, the better, and don'’t let go of every detail!” If the Su family dared to lay a hand on her daughter, she would destroy their roots!

Qu Mama’s heart skipped a beat. The Grand Princess Yi De showed this kind of expression last time because the previous Empress was framed. The Grand Princess had secretly helped the Emperor remove the six powerful and influential families. That time, the scent of blood lingered in the Capital for many days. The entrance to the market was almost drowned in blood, and pedestrians took detours one after another.


Right now, the Grand Princess had such an expression on her face. Who knew if the Su family was going to have a lot of trouble.

That night, countless people couldn’t sleep peacefully.

Outside the Palace, it goes without saying that the Su family were busy tried to figure out how to deal with the situation.

The Su family was unlucky, and Jin Wang suffered another blow. All night he discussed with the counselors in the residence how to deal with it.

The enemies of the Su family and Jin Wang were thinking about how to use this incident to attack the Su family and Jin Wang.

Within the Palace, the Grand Princess Yi De was anxiously anticipating the meeting tomorrow …

Only Su Qing and Mu Yunyao, who were at the center of the incident, did not have such thoughts. After the mother and daughter pair finished eating and washing up, they snuggled up against each other and fell asleep.

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