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Chapter 416


In the morning, Mu Yunyao woke up early. Seeing that Su Qing was still asleep, she quietly put on her clothes and doesn’t wake her up. Just as she walked down the stairs, she saw Yue Wang seated below.

Yue Wang originally wanted to find Mu Yunyao last night to discuss today’s arrangements, but when he arrived, Mu Yunyao had already gone to bed early. Thinking that she was frightened and worked hard during the day, he didn’t wake her up and came quietly again this morning.

Mu Yunyao looked at Caiyi and the others who were trembling in fear. Waving her hand to indicate for them to leave, she stepped forward and bowed to Yue Wang. “Greetings to Your Royal Highness, Yue Wang.”

Yue Wang slightly frowned as he looked at her with a warm and indulgent gaze as if he was willing to take everything from her. “Yunyao, I have something that I want to talk to you about.”

Mu Yunyao’s eyes trembled as her heart gradually tightened, “What’s the matter?”

“I… I’m sorry. I told Imperial Aunt about Madam Su’s identity without your permission yesterday.” Yue Wang’s apology was considerably sincere. After leaving the Palace, he thought about it carefully and felt that he had acted too impulsively. However, when he saw the expression on Grand Princess Yi De’s face and understanding her many years of expectation, he really couldn’t hide it.

Mu Yunyao lowered her eyes, a crease appearing on her beautiful forehead. “The reason you’re here today is because the Grand Princess Yi De wants to see my mother, right?”

“Yes.” Yue Wang was unable to figure out what Mu Yunyao was thinking. Seeing how her head was lowered and looking at him with a strange expression, he became even more nervous, “Yunyao, Imperial Aunt has been looking forward to receiving news about her child for so many years. She’s already old, and her health isn’t that good now. so I just....”

When Mu Yunyao told Yue Wang about the matter, she had already made some preparations. After all, Grand Princess Yi De treated Yue Wang exceptionally well, and there was a high chance that he would report it to her. The evidence now was too little, and with the abilities of her and Yue Wang, they might not be able to investigate it clearly. However, if it was the Grand Princess, then it is not necessarily true.

“It’s alright. Since a mother is always worried about her child. I’ll go upstairs and tell Mother about this matter so that she can be prepared.”

“Yunyao....” Yue Wang reached out and grabbed Mu Yunyao’s sleeve, then lifted his hand to help her tidy up her hairpin. “The hairpin is a bit crooked.”

Mu Yunyao’s breath caught in her throat as she hurriedly retreated two steps and pulled out her sleeve, “Your Royal Highness Yue Wang....”

Yue Wang drew back his fingers and sighed softly: “Alright, quickly go upstairs and tell Madam. We’ll talk about the things between us after this period of time. How about it?”

Mu Yunyao bit her lips. After a long while, she faintly nodded her head and finally agreed.

The Grand Princess Yi De had got up early, frowning as she looked at the various Palace dresses, shaking her head in extreme dissatisfaction: “Is it inappropriate for me to wear Palace dresses? Would it make me seem too serious? ”

Qu Mama hurriedly nodded. “Indeed, it’s not quite appropriate. Why don’t Your Royal Highness put on Your Royal Highness’s usual clothes? There’s a dark purple embroidered treasure set that looks pretty good. If Your Royal Highness wore it, you’ll looked dignified and elegant.”

The Grand Princess Yi De looked at the dress pointed out by Qu Mama, her expression unspeakably nervous. “Is this appropriate?”

“With a set of simple and elegant jewellery, it couldn’t be more appropriate.”

After a moment’s deliberation, the Grand Princess Yi De nodded and got up to change into her clothes.

The maid served breakfast, and Qu Mama persuaded from the side, “Your Royal Highness should eat something before leaving the Palace.”

The Grand Princess shook her head, her heart filled with nervousness. Even with the delicacies of mountains and seas in front of her, she couldn’t take a single bite. Qu Mama saw this and didn’t force the matter. She grabbed a cloak and helped the Grand Princess put it on before following her out of the hall.

After seeing Mu Yunyao, the Yue Wang went to the Imperial Palace’s entrance to wait. Not long after, he saw the Grand Princess Yi De walked out. “Imperial Aunt.”

The Grand Princess Yi De nodded, then boarded the carriage and drove all the way to Yue Wang’s residence.

In order to not attract attention, the Grand Princess Yi De nominally left the Palace to go to Yue Wang’s residence. After waiting for over an hour, an unremarkable carriage left the Yue Wang’s place through the back door.

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Today, Ni Yun Fang hadn’t opened, and the guests all understood. Mu Yunyao got framed as a murderer, her coming of age ceremony had messed up, and her reputation had almost been ruined, so she definitely wouldn’t be in the mood to do business today.

The carriage stopped at the back gate of Ni Yun Fang, and Yue Wang supported the Grand Princess Yi De out of the carriage. “Imperial Aunt, Madam and Yunyao are waiting inside.”

Grand Princess Yi De tidied her dress, nodded, and walked in.

Her mind was spinning nonstop. The Grand Princess Yi De thought of the joy she’d felt when known that she was pregnant, the novelty when the child was just born, the dispute with Xu Yan for naming the child, the panic when she found out that her child was gone …

The closer they got, the more difficult it became to walk. The more expectations the Grand Princess has in her heart, the more fear she has. She was afraid that her hopes would fail and that she would just be enjoying it for nothing …

Seeing that the Grand Princess Yi De had stopped in her tracks, Yue Wang stood quietly beside her without making a sound.

In the hall of Ni Yun Fang, Mu Yunyao held onto Su Qing’s arm and looked at her with concern. “Mother, are you alright?”

Su Qing couldn’t help but tremble. With mixed emotions in her eyes, she asked, “Yao’er, what if the Su family’s Old Madam lied to you? What if I’m not related to the Grand Princess?”

Mu Yunyao smiled, a comforting smile on her face, “Mother, don’t worry. The Grand Princess Yi De is different from ordinary people. Even if it is finally confirmed that you and the Grand Princess aren’t related, as long as we sincerely apologize, she won’t make any accusations. If we solve one of our worries, we can live our life peacefully afterwards, and we don’t need to think about it too much.”

Su Qing took a deep breath to ease the tension in her heart. Hearing footsteps outside the door, she tightened her grip on Mu Yunyao’s hand, “The Grand Princess Yi De has a distinguished identity. According to the etiquette, we should go out and welcome her. Yao’er, accompany me there.”

“Alright.” Mu Yunyao opened the door.

The Grand Princess Yi De was standing at the foot of the stairs. She raised her head when she heard the door opening and met Su Qing’s gaze.

The street was bustling with noise and excitement, but the backyard of Ni Yun Fang was surprisingly quiet, and the sound of falling leaves could almost be heard.

The Grand Princess Yi De’s finger was trembling, and the joy in her eyes suddenly surged. All the longing and anticipation she had accumulated over the years turned into surging tears, rolled down her face.

Seeing her tears, Su Qing couldn’t help but take two steps forward. When she came back to her senses, she quickly bowed and greeted, “Greetings, Your Royal Highness.”

The Grand Princess Yi De staggered forward to greet Su Qing. Her hands trembled as she helped Su Qing up. After trying several times, she opened her mouth in a hoarse voice, “Child, my child … ....”

She was her child. Even without any investigation or evidence, she was still able to recognize that she was her child! The feeling of being connected by blood could not deceive people! Her child was back, finally back!

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