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Chapter 1922 - Do You Admit Your Failure?

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Chapter 1922: Do You Admit Your Failure?

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Jiang Dina told them that Cao Wenxi was no match for her, but Gu Ning was quite strong and even kicked her away before. One of her ribs was broken at that time, and she didn’t recover until a month later. In addition, she aimed to teach Gu Ning a lesson, so it would be the best if they could fight against Gu Ning.

If it was possible, she would like to see Gu Ning have one, no, two broken ribs too.

Because of that, the two ninjas felt much better.

It was a competition for fun, but they wanted to have the losers and winners and they didn’t care about injuries, so they all used their full strength once the game started, leaving their opponents no chance to take any advantage.

Although Jiang Dina told them that Gu Ning was unusually strong, the two ninjas still didn’t take it seriously. They simply wanted to finish the game as soon as possible, so the two of them accepted the challenge together.

However, even though they almost used their entire strength, Gu Ning was still able to easily fight with them. Moreover, she looked very relaxed, which amazed the two ninjas.. Therefore, they began to take Gu Ning seriously.

Unfortunately, no matter how much strength they used, Gu Ning could easily fight with them while looking relaxed.

Even though she looked relaxed, she was fighting against two ninjas after all, so Gu Ning couldn’t hurt them for the time being. Nevertheless, she was at an advantage and there was a huge gap between their abilities.

Jiang Dina and Cao Wenxi, on the contrary, were at the same level, so they paid no attention to Gu Ning and the two ninjas.

Because Jiang Dina just recovered from her injuries, she wasn’t as strong as before. As a result, she wasn’t at an advantage in the fight against Cao Wenxi. Cao Wenxi, on the other hand, was slightly at an advantage, but it wasn’t obvious.

Onlookers could clearly see that Gu Ning had full control of the situation. So except for Tang Jiakai, everyone else was surprised.

They knew nothing about the two ninjas, because it was their first meeting with Jiang Dina’s friends, but they could easily see that they were skilled. Surprisingly, Gu Ning was even better than them.

It was really amazing that a girl could be so good at martial arts.

They were Jiang Dina’s friends, so they naturally hoped she would win, but it seemed to be a little difficult.

Ninjas were better than ordinary people in their senses, speed, and strength, so normally only a few ordinary people could be a match for them. Accordingly, the two ninjas at the middle level thought that they could defeat Gu Ning within seconds, but they couldn’t get an advantage even after a few minutes, not to mention hurting Gu Ning.

They wanted to use invisibility to attack Gu Ning when she couldn’t see them, but were unwilling to expose their real identities, so they had to give it up. Nevertheless, if they didn’t use that ability, Gu Ning would have total control of the fight, which made them feel very upset.

They blamed Jiang Dina for it. However, although they were mad at Jiang Dina, they didn’t dare to argue against her, because they needed to do a task.

After a few minutes, the female ninja was kicked to the ground by Gu Ning, then the male ninja.

Seeing that, Jiang Dina was shocked. She knew Gu Ning was strong, but it seemed that Gu Ning was much stronger than she thought.

In that case, Jiang Dina began to feel worried. What if she lost the game?

When she was distracted, Cao Wenxi seized this good chance to kick her stomach.

The two ninjas weren’t seriously injured by Gu Ning, and they refused to give up just because of that. It was a matter of their dignity and reputation, so they got back to their feet at once to continue to fight against Gu Ning, but obviously, they were no match for Gu Ning. As time went by, they were at a clear disadvantage.

Before long, the two ninjas were injured by Gu Ning again. Cao Wenxi hit Jiang Dina once more and Jiang Dina lost a lot of strength.

Because the two ninjas were physically stronger than ordinary men, they wouldn’t fail within a short time. Without hesitation, they got up to continue to fight.

In another 2 minutes, the two ninjas were under Gu Ning’s control with more and more injuries on their bodies. They were also losing strength to fight back.

“Do you prefer to admit failure on your own, or will you only admit when you have no strength at all?” asked Gu Ning. Jiang Dina was the key person in this matter, so Gu Ning was unwilling to cause a sensation.

“No! Don’t admit failure.”

Before the two ninjas could answer Gu Ning’s question, Jiang Dina stopped them in case they admitted failure. Although they were no match for Gu Ning, she refused to kneel down before Gu Ning.

She believed that she could win, but she underestimated Gu Ning’s ability.

It actually wasn’t Jiang Dina’s fault, because most of the ordinary people couldn’t be as strong as Gu Ning. In addition, Jiang Dina was aware of the two ninjas’ abilities, so she had great confidence at the beginning.

Because Jiang Dina stopped them, the two ninjas couldn’t admit failure yet. They were unwilling to do that as well. After all, it was humiliating.

However, they refused to admit failure, so they had to tolerate the pain of being beaten by Gu Ning. It wasn’t an easy decision for the two ninjas to make.

Because they forced themselves to continue, they were more and more seriously injured. In the end, the two ninjas couldn’t stand it any longer, so they admitted failure. “We lost.”

“You…” Jiang Dina was furious, but she knew that it wasn’t their fault, because they were being beaten the entire time.

After the two ninjas admitted failure, Gu Ning went to help Cao Wenxi and gave Jiang Dina a heavy kick to knock her to the ground.

Gu Ning didn’t use much strength, because she needed Jiang Dina to apologize to her on her knees.

“Do you admit failure?” Gu Ning looked down her nose at Jiang Dina.

Glaring at Gu Ning, Jiang Dina remained silent. She was reluctant to do it, but she would only be more seriously injured if the game continued. Nevertheless, she couldn’t say that she lost aloud.

Gu Ning snorted and threatened. “Do you think I’ll let you go if you remain silent? If you don’t accept the punishment as we agreed, I’m afraid I can only break the same rib again to totally make it useless.”

“You…” Jiang Dina was as angry as she was scared, but it was still very hard for her to admit failure. Because once she did that, she would have to apologize to Gu Ning on her knees, which was very humiliating.

Seeing Jiang Dina refusing to say a word, Gu Ning walked to her step by step, putting great pressure on her. Jiang Dina shrank backwards in fear.

Nobody dared to ask for mercy for Jiang Dina, because they had witnessed Gu Ning’s ability and none of them were willing to be beaten by her.

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