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/ Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student /

Chapter 737 - What a Slap on the Face! (4)

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Chapter 737: What a Slap on the Face! (4)

Was it truly Wu Tong?

If so, then what was the relationship between Ye Tianxin and Ms. Wu Tong?

Why was the first Weibo post from Ms. Wu Tong one that defended Ye Tianxin after she registered a new Weibo account?

Did that mean that the golden sponsor behind Ye Tianxin was Ms. Wu Tong all along?

Li Xingchen also posted alongside Ms. Wu Tong. The registration details of Li Xingchen’s account were easier to check out. A simple search on the Internet could reveal information on Li Xingchen’s family.

At first, countless citizens and website editors were still gossiping about who the sponsor behind Ye Tianxin was.

When Wu Tong’s Weibo came out, it was equivalent to announcing to the world that she was the sponsor behind Ye Tianxin.

“President Jing, what do you think we should do now?”

The staff from Jingshi Entertainment Information Department did not expect that Wu Tong would come out to support Ye Tianxin herself.

Jing Zhichen’s gaze suddenly turned cold as he replied, “Then you should keep a record of the IP addresses and all the media outlets that tried to post dirt on her. Also, remember to save the screenshot as evidence. I intend to send them a lawyer’s letter.”

Did they think they could slander their little Tianxin like that?

A golden sponsor?

What a blatant lie.

That had to be Tianxin’s father, right?

“Yes, President Jing.”

The staff of the Jingshi Entertainment Information Department rushed to gather evidence.

This time, they were determined to let people know that Ye Tianxin was not someone who could be slandered like that.

“Brother Xinghe.”

Jing Zhichen’s cell phone rang. The caller was Xie Xinghe.

“This is Yang Shaopeng from Strawberry Daily. I have sent the relevant monitoring data to your computer. You know what to do, right?”

Xie Xinghe had long heard that the entertainment industry was chaotic; the competition was extremely fierce.

He just didn’t expect that those people would even dare to defame his cousin.

Did they think there was nobody in the Xie family?

Could anyone from the Xie family easily be bullied like that?

“Brother Xinghe, I’m waiting for your call. Don’t worry. Not a single one can get away with this!”

No matter who was behind it, she was gambling with harming both others and herself.

On the Internet, countless netizens made a fuss because of Li Xingchen and Ms. Wu Tong’s statements.

Just when people were still arguing about the relationship between Li Xingchen and Ye Tianxin, Jing’s Entertainment’s official website and Weibo account also issued a lawyer’s letter. In the name of malicious slander, they sent the lawyer’s letters to some of the most prominent media outlets.

Of course, there were some irrelevant outlets as well. They were given separate lawyer letters.

The legal counsel of Jingshi Entertainment was very busy that day.

That was when netizens realized the gravity of the matter.

Meanwhile, a leaked video from Yang Shaopeng circulated on the Internet. When Yang Shaopeng posted last night, he adopted the strategy of shifting the media focus. Along with posting his own photos on the Internet, he also used other people’s photos to confuse the audience.

“Are you Yang Shaopeng?”

Yang Shaopeng had just earned 2.5 million and was feeling good about himself. He brought his wife to a shopping mall that he usually wouldn’t dare to visit. They had the luxury of purchasing items without looking at the labels.

“Yes, I am. May I ask who you are…?”

An ominous feeling surfaced in Yang Shaopeng’s chest.

“We are from the imperial capital…”

Once Yang Shaopeng heard the words “imperial capital”, he instantly threw the paper bag in his hand at them and ran towards a relatively crowded place.



Yang Shaopeng knew that the only bad thing he had done recently was to take Chunxue’s money and smear Ye Tianxin on the Internet.

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