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/ Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student /

Chapter 739 - Get Out of the Entertainment Industry, Chunxue! (2)

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Chapter 739: Get Out of the Entertainment Industry, Chunxue! (2)

“You’re talking nonsense. What kind of people are Li Xing and Wu Tong? How can they have anything to do with Ye Tianxin?”

“Chunxue, Mr. Jing from Jing’s Entertainment has already sent lawyer letters to some media outlets. It’s only a matter of time before they find you. If you don’t leave now, you won’t be able to leave later!”

Chunxue obviously hadn’t considered how serious the issue was.

She said, “How can you be so sure that this Weibo was written by the Wu Tong we know? What if it’s not?”

“That can’t be the case.”

There was a wave of panic in Chunxue’s heart. She snatched the laptop from her agent’s hands and checked the webpage she visited earlier.

The previous web pages that deliberately smeared Ye Tianxin had already been deleted.

Even the posts she sent under the fake account before had been sealed.

“How could Ye Tianxin have a relationship with Wutong? How could this be?! She holds a huge standing in the industry! Why did she speak up for Ye Tianxin?”

The manager had a raging headache. “Anyway, you should leave first. I’m serious; you can’t leave if you hesitate any longer. You don’t want to be banned, do you?”

Chunxue was still pondering, but she also had to be prepared.

She tried her best to pick some important items and put them in the suitcase.

Meanwhile, the doorbell of the villa rang.

Chunxue’s legs grew numb in shock as she snapped, “Go and open the door. If anyone asks, just tell them that I’m overseas now.”

“Chunxue, do you think that is possible? I think you should be honest and direct!”

The manager genuinely thought Chunxue was an idiot. She had such a good deal of cards but she ruined it for herself.

It didn’t matter who Ye Tianxin was.

Did Ye Tianxin get in her way?

Why did she have to fight with Ye Tianxin?

Ye Tianxin made it clear that she would not expand in the entertainment industry.

What happened?

She just didn’t listen.

Now what?

She’s putting her career on the line!

“What should I confess to? I did nothing wrong. Why do I have to confess?”

Chunxue simply stared at herself in the mirror. She had ugly dark circles under her eyes. She thought, ‘Ah, how annoying.’

Why did she have so many dark circles under her eyes?

“Ms. Chunxue, you are suspected of defamation…”

Chunxue grabbed the thin sheet of paper in front of her and asked, “Who did I slander? Don’t try to claim anything without any evidence to back it up. Oh, I might as well mention that I’ve already notified my lawyer. If you have anything to say to me, please speak to my lawyer instead. ”

Chunxue maintained a proud posture.

She was a star.

She should be above it all.

These people were nothing compared to her.

“Ms. Chunxue, your partner Yang Shaopeng has confessed to what you both have done.”

“Yang Shaopeng? I don’t know him!”

Chunxue decided she would not admit to anything at all.

“Ms. Chunxue, our policy is to be honest and strict in face of resistance. If you do not cooperate with us, then all we can do is take drastic measures against you.”

Chunxue raised her eyebrows. There was a domineering look in her eyes.

She just didn’t believe it. If she didn’t admit to it, could these people force her to go?

“Well, since Ms. Chunxue refuses to cooperate, let’s go.”

Chunxue thought they wouldn’t dare do anything to her.

However, she didn’t expect them to be so rough and pull her away just like that!

“What are you doing? Let go of me!”

“I am Chunxue. Don’t you know who I am?”

“I have so many fans. Aren’t you afraid of my fans attacking you?”

Chunxue kept shouting as she was forcibly pushed into the car. Chunxue herself wanted to look for trouble, but who was to blame?

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