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/ Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student /

Chapter 746 - Get Out of the Entertainment Industry, Chunxue! [9]

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Chapter 746: Get Out of the Entertainment Industry, Chunxue! [9]

“What are you doing here?”

Chunxue stared at the creditors as she backed away from them, helpless with no idea of how to deal with the situation.

“We’ve sued you for breaching the contracts. You’re not allowed to leave here before the court has announced their verdict.”

Initially, Chunxue thought that these people were just messing with her.

She did not expect these creditors to be so inhuman towards her.

They went as far as to set up tents right outside her bungalow and monitored the area in shifts just to prevent her from running away.

Chunxue was on the verge of breaking down.

She smashed everything in her bungalow that she could lay her hands on.

She tried to contact people she knew to ask for help, but nobody answered her.

Her apology video to Ye Tianxin was being played on the internet and television.

Chunxue was in a daze as she watched the videos play. She was strangely unfamiliar with the person in the video; it was as if it was just some stranger in the video

She locked herself up in the gloomy bungalow and began to live aimlessly. Every day seemed like a year to her.

The netizens were taken aback by Chunxue’s apology video.

Meanwhile, those once framed by Chunxue stood out one after another and took turns to support and speak for Ye Tianxin.

The moment when Xie Xuning was exposed to be Ye Tianxin’s father, the netizens deleted everything that could’ve been deleted without a trace.

They wished that they had never posted anything about Ye Tianxin’s scandal from the start.

The topic “#Leave the entertainment industry, Chunxue” went viral and topped the charts once again.

Scandals about Chunxue kept popping up all across the internet.

Anyone could see that it was over for Chunxue.

However, the person involved in this incident, Ye Tianxin, did not show up at all. She and her father, Xie Xuning, were in the newspaper museum of the Capital.

“Dad, give me a moment. I’ll go and get the newspapers published around this date.”

Xie Xuning nodded and sat on the bench. His injured leg did not allow him to stand for too long.


The wooden bench was placed close to the window. Golden rays of sunshine poured on him, making him seem like a mythical being with a golden lining coated on him.

Xie Xuning always gave off a gentle and elegant vibe just from his appearance.

As time passed, he grew into a gentleman as graceful as a piece of jade.

“Dad, I’ve found it.”

Ye Tianxin handed all the newspapers that she found to Xie Xuning.

Ye Tianxin retrieved all the newspapers published one month before and after the yellowed newspaper.

“Let me take a look.”

Xie Xuning flipped through the newspapers. The hospital advertised in the missing people column for one whole month.

“Dad, the staff-on-duty told me that he’d help us check whether if the missing people notice was published in other newspapers as well during that period.”

Ye Tianxin and Xie Xuning both sat on the bench, each holding a pile of newspaper articles.

“I’ve found it. Ms. Ye, Mr. Xie. The missing people notice was published in six different newspapers for a month.”

It was a month…

The hospital authorities waited until they were discouraged.

If Ye Linlang was very ill at that time, it was likely that…

Xie Xuning felt as if he was shrouded in sadness. The pain did not exist when he knew nothing about this.

Now that he was closer to the truth back then, the whole situation became more heart-wrenching for him.

It felt as if his heart was covered in wounds that were bleeding uncontrollably, leaving him in unbearable agony. The words on the newspapers slicing into his heart like knives.

It was as if these metaphorical knives were slicing off his flesh piece by piece.

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