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/ Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss /

Chapter 1000 - Curiosity and Eagerness

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Chapter 1000: Curiosity and Eagerness

“But that’s not good, is it? What will happen to Celestial Sect if you’re gone?” asked Ling Chuxi. Duan Feiyu and Duan Xiaomo were both direct descendants of Celestial Sect. As the future successor of the sect leader, it wouldn’t be right for them to follow her around all the time. Besides, she already owed the Celestial Sect leader a favour. How could she have the nerve to trouble them again?

“They’ll be fine. With the old guys around, Celestial Sect doesn’t have anything to worry about.” said Elder Qiu generously, not taking her words to heart.

“Since Elder Qiu has said so, then thank you.” Ling Chuxi knew that Duan Feiyu was as stubborn as Xiaomo, so she didn’t insist anymore. In fact, the entire Duan family was stubborn. Otherwise, Duan Xiaomo’s mother wouldn’t have ended up like that.

After saying goodbye to Elder Qiu, they left the sect.

“By the way, Chuxi, where do you plan to go next?” asked Duan Feiyu.

“Aren’t we going to Black Sword Sect next?” Ling Chuxi was a bit puzzled. Didn’t Duan Feiyu already know about this? Why did he still ask?

“But to go to Black Sword Sect from here, we have to go through Qianzhong Ridge. Usually, we’d go around the ridge but it’ll delay our journey by 1 to 2 months. To save time, we could go through the ridge but it might get a little troublesome,” said Duan Feiyu.

Hearing the words Qianzhong Ridge, Su Yizhi and Jiang Wuheng frowned and looked hesitant.

“What is Qianzhong Ridge?” asked Ling Chuxi asked curiously when she saw Su Yizhi and Jiang Wuheng’s reactions. She guessed that there was something unusual about Qianzhong Ridge.

“Qianzhong Ridge has a circumference of 10,000 miles. It is named after the layers of mountains that rise and fall like a thousand waves. Since ancient times, it has been a dangerous place for the Sacred Realm of the Sects.

“The Sacred Realm of the Sects have been thriving for tens of thousands of years. But of course, there will always be some criminals. Some unworthy descendants of the sects will inevitably be expelled from their sects. These people can not remain in the sects but cannot bear to part with the Spiritual Qi of the Sacred Realm, so, they could only flee to the Qianzhong Ridge to find refuge.

“As for descendants of sects that had been destroyed and had nowhere to go, or sects who had been hunted down by their enemies and had nowhere to hide, they would have no choice but to flee to Qianzhong Ridge.

“As time passed, the Qianzhong Ridge became its own entity—it was a chaotic place where people would compete with each other to determine the strong, or fight over cultivation treasure lands or crystal mineral resources. Even disciples of major sects are not willing to take risks to go through the ridge,” said Su Yizhi.

“The major sects just let such a place exist without a care?” asked Ling Chuxi, puzzled. This was clearly the legendary Valley of Evil. How could the major sects turn a blind eye to it?

“Some of the people at Qianzhong Ridge are from annihilated sects while others have connections and links. But usually, many people went to Qianzhong Ridge because their sects had been chased out or pursued by their enemies. Not all of them are evil people, so as long as they don’t come out to cause trouble, the major sects would rather turn a blind eye.” Su Yizhi explained.

“Chuxi, since Golden Pill Sect’s grand opening ceremony isn’t in a hurry, I think we might as well take a detour,” said Duan Feiyu.

Although Su Yanhua, Lan Xinyu, and the others didn’t say anything, they actually looked quite eager. It was obvious that they were curious and excited about the chaotic Qianzhong Ridge.

“How strong are the people in Qianzhong Ridge?” asked Ling Chuxi, with an idea in mind.

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