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/ Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss /

Chapter 998 - Just a Waste of Effort

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Chapter 998: Just a Waste of Effort

With Little Meatball around, they would find the refined gold and mithril sooner or later, so Ling Chuxi’s words were not without reason.

“Since you found it, it’s yours. You don’t need to borrow it. If you need it, just use it,” said Duan Feiyu equally as straightforwardly.

“Are you sure?” Ling Chuxi knew that with her relationship with the Duan family, Duan Feiyu would definitely not refuse, but she was expecting him to hesitate even just a little. Never did she expect him to treat the matter so simply. She could not help but feel a little puzzled. Could it be that he did not know the value of refined gold and mithril?

“Come with me.” Duan Feiyu saw Ling Chuxi’s confusion and led her to a secret room in the backyard of the sect.

He unlocked the trap’s seal and a row of secret compartments appeared before her eyes. Inside were six pieces of refined gold and mithril of different colours. One of them was exactly the same as the Black Dragon Gold in Ling Chuxi’s hand, but it was more than twice its size.

Little Meatball sensed the existence of the refined gold and mithril as it let out an excited chirp in Ling Chuxi’s pocket. However, just as it stuck its head out, Ling Chuxi grabbed it and stuffed it back into her pocket.

“Actually, when our five great sects were founded, each sect chose their own cultivation treasure land where the wind concentrated Spiritual Qi. We spent quite some effort to find and mine the refined gold and mithril so it’s not a surprise that we’re able to collect this many. However, we still couldn’t put many of them to good use,” said Duan Feiyu with a bitter smile.

“Oh, how could this be?” Ling Chuxi looked at Duan Feiyu in confusion.

“I once heard from my grandfather that after the great clan war in the ancient times, the ability to forge refined gold and mithril slowly disappeared over the years.

“Over the past 10,000 years, our ancestors have tried all kinds of methods and consumed a lot of refined gold and mithril, but they were unable to forge a decent divine weapon. Instead, they wasted a lot of manpower and financial resources. It’s not worth the loss anymore. These few pieces of refined gold and mithril were passed down from our ancestors. After so many years, no one is willing to try again to avoid wasting their efforts.” Duan Feiyu explained. He clearly didn’t know as much as Huangfu Qingjue about the ancient war.

“If that’s the main issue, then I have a way around it,” said Ling Chuxi with a confident smile.

“You mean Gongxi Kuangdao?”Duan Feiyu was quick-witted. He immediately reacted when he saw Ling Chuxi’s smile. After Gongxi Kuangdao and the others escaped last time, he had asked Ling Chuxi about their background in private.

“That’s right.” Ling Chuxi nodded.

“It’s said that the Gongxi clan has mastered some secret techniques to refine refined gold and mithril, but I also heard that they are rather stubborn and would rather die than surrender. Even if you find them, you might not be able to convince them,” said Duan Feiyu worriedly.

Stubborn? Rather die than surrender? Ling Chuxi recalled her encounter with Gongxi Kuangdao earlier. It was true that the Gongxi clan was stubborn. However, to rather die than surrender… that might be true. But if life was worse than death, then they would have to surrender.

Could it be that after tens of thousands of years, the Gongxi clan had lost their previous bloodlust? Yes, it was possible. Ling Chuxi touched her chin and guessed wildly.

If Gongxi Kuangdao knew Ling Chuxi’s guesses, he would probably want to cry, but no tears would come out. He would curse instead. “Who said I don’t have any guts? Don’t you see how vicious your poison is? Even an Iron King Kong would have to submit obediently, forget my body of flesh and blood!”

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