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/ Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss /

Chapter 999 - Overthinking Things

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Chapter 999: Overthinking Things

“Don’t worry about that. Actually, these people are quite reasonable and easy to convince. As long as you can talk it out with them and use your emotions wisely, they will take the initiative to help without asking,” said Ling Chuxi. Despite lying, there wasn’t a trace of blush on her face.

Reasonable? Duan Feiyu looked at Ling Chuxi strangely. Even a blind man could see how fierce Gongxi Kuangdao was back then. How could he possibly be reasonable?

However, knowing that Ling Chuxi must have her reasons, Duan Feiyu didn’t probe further.

“Chuxi, if you can really persuade Gongxi Kuangdao to help, can we forge these pieces of refined gold and mithril into a sword? You can have this piece of Black Dragon Gold can be used as a thank-you gift in return. How about that?” asked Duan Feiyu with a smile.

“Alright, leave it to me,” said Ling Chuxi without hesitation when Duan Feiyu insisted on giving her the piece of Black Dragon Gold.

In any case, Gongxi Kuangdao would teach her the forging technique eventually so it was just a small matter.

The next morning, Duan Feiyu and Elder Qiu personally escorted Golden Pill Sect down the mountain.

The five great sects from a thousand years ago were Celestial Sect, Flowing Clouds Sect, the Black Sword Sect, Blue Wave Sect, and Golden Pill Sect. After the destruction of the Golden Pill Sect, the other sects wanted to replace them, however, neither their strength nor reputation could be compared to the Celestial Sect and the other great sects, so this position had been vacant. Although they were called the five great sects, in truth, there had always been four of them.

Now that Flowing Clouds Sect and Celestial Sect had agreed to participate in the opening ceremony of Golden Pill Sect, only Black Sword Sect and Blue Wave Sect were left among the five sects. To the north of Celestial Sect was Black Sword Sect, which was Ling Chuxi’s next destination. Of course, if they had the chance to, they would’ve paid a visit to the other sects.

After arriving at the gate of Celestial Sect, Ling Chuxi made an appointment with them for the opening ceremony and then took her leave.

After walking for a short while, Ling Chuxi heard hurried footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw Duan Feiyu and another chasing after her.

“Elder Qiu, Feiyu, I had already bid you farewell, so you don’t have to see me off anymore,” said Ling Chuxi said politely. These two people were really too enthusiastic, which made Ling Chuxi feel a little embarrassed.

“Heh.” Duan Feiyu smiled awkwardly.

Following his gaze, Ling Chuxi realized that Duan Xiaomo had somehow snuck into the team and was hiding beside Lan Xinyu, sneakily avoiding her gaze. It turned out that Duan Feiyu was here to look for Xiaomo. She had overestimated herself.

Ling Chuxi patted her forehead. She had clearly told Xiaomo to stay in Celestial Sect last night. Why did he still follow her?

Lan Xinyu spread her hands innocently and acted as if she had nothing to do with it.

“Xiaomo, listen to your sister and stay in the Celestial Sect, okay?” said Ling Chuxi gently to Duan Xiaomo as she bent over.

“No!” said Duan Xiaomo.

Ling Chuxi smiled bitterly. Duan Xiaomo rarely spoke, but when he did, it wasn’t easy to change his mind.

“Fine. There are elders in Celestial Sect anyway and I have nothing better to do, so I might as well go with you.” Duan Feiyu knew that he couldn’t change Xiaomo’s decision, so he could only stay by his side. During this period of time, he had understood his younger brother very well. It was really hard to change his mind once he had already decided on something.

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