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Chapter 1164 - Infiltration, Terminator and a Literal Hard Head

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Chapter 1164: Infiltration, Terminator and a Literal Hard Head

The reason why taking the leaders out first was a commonly used strategy was naturally because it was effective.

Once the leaders who had the authority to make decisions were out of the picture, nobody else in this secret base would have the authority to activate the self-destruct system.

This was an inevitable choice.

Until the very end, nobody would be stupid enough to give that sort of authority to mid- and low-level management; it would be a joke if the base self-destructed just because the enemy took care of a few small soldiers.

This base’s timed security check-ins were at 10-minute intervals.

If nothing went wrong, it would still only take at most 10 minutes for the others to notice that something wasn’t right with the surveillance room.

This meant that Luke had to take care of several important targets in under 10 minutes.

“Play a BGM, Polaris!” he casually instructed. “Born to Die is a good one.”

“Yes, sir.” The smart program, Polaris, immediately obeyed.

“Feet don’t fail me now, Take me to the finish line…” Stephanie’s debut song, “Born to Die,” rang out in his ears.

This song had yet to be released. He was playing a sample recorded by Sponge, and while the editing still fell far short, Stephanie’s singing wasn’t bad at all, and wasn’t much different from the original.

To the tune of a famous song from his previous life, Luke began his killing spree tonight.

One of the drones, which had already been on standby, used a low-power laser to cut a data cable, before it lodged itself in the gap.

“Data link…

“Data link successful…

“Decoding completed. Initialize login…

“Login successful…”

Luke immediately activated a second drone inside the surveillance room.

Faint smoke entered the surveillance room through the ventilation duct and quickly spread out.

Looking at the four people in the surveillance room who collapsed limply in their chairs on his surveillance feed, Luke smiled.

Second stage of his secret infiltration, accomplished.

Look at how soundless this infiltration was! Infiltrating physically in the past had been like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Muttering to himself, Luke immediately wondered how many points he could earn from getting rid of the 200 guards.

Whatever, take them all down! He had to make a living too! A physical infiltration was always the fastest way to obtain the spoils.

What use was his fake identity otherwise?

After seizing control of the surveillance system, he left the corner and headed for Miss Miller’s room.

The lights in the base were dim at night. Without any interference from the surveillance system, the armor was more than stealthy enough to the naked eye.

This dam base wasn’t too big. In less than a minute, Luke was standing in front of Miss Miller’s door.

He placed his hand on the combination lock at the door. The smart program, Polaris, cracked this simple access system in 30 seconds.

The door opened.

Luke walked in and the door closed.

This room was different from the other rooms. It was a double suite, and Miss Miller was in a smaller bedroom.

He walked over right away, but the door suddenly opened and a shadow rushed out.

Her arms swung out and she charged at him.

“Al-” Surprised, Luke canceled stealth mode.

The Big Dipper Armor’s stealth system came from Tony, and was deliberately different from Batman’s stealth system, which was created with the Predators’ technology. The most obvious difference was that when stealth mode was canceled, there was a colored fluctuation as Luke’s transparent form quickly turned solid.

The black and white skull helmet and the black eye sockets were absolutely low-key.

He finally said, “You can see me?”

Miss Miller, who was wearing an indifferent expression, was still wearing a black leather jacket, but there were 10-cm-long silver blades on her hands.

Even stranger, these weren’t gloves, but extended right out of her fingertips, and Sharp Nose detected the faint scent of blood.

It was clear they had broken through the skin on her fingertips, there was no blood at the base of the blades, as if the skin had already wrapped around them.

While he was observing the other party, the other party was also observing him.

Her eyes glowed a bright red, which startled Luke. “A Terminator?”

Then, he felt that he was overthinking it.

Although this woman was wearing leather, and had red eyes and finger blades, she could be considered an old “acquaintance,” and her leather jacket wasn’t dark red.

Terminator or whatever, he was just overthinking it.

The other party remained vigilant and didn’t move.

Luke didn’t want to wait any longer.

Although running into this woman was a pleasant surprise, there was no need to waste time.

He charged at Miller.

Miller’s eyes glowed red, and she slashed at Luke with both hands like a whirlwind.

Suddenly, she froze.

It was a short but fatal pause.

When Luke had spoken earlier, the effect of Elementary Pheromone Control had been multiplied.

The moment she froze, Luke’s left fist broke through the finger blades and hammered down on her head.


There was a slightly muffled metallic sound, and Miller staggered two steps, but her mind seemed to clear up a little, and she tried to retreat.

Surprised, Luke flexed his fist and exclaimed, “What a hardhead!”

As he spoke, he followed up with his right fist.

Duang! Duang!

Miller, who had just regained her balance, was punched twice again in the head.

This time, she finally couldn’t take it anymore, and she fell backward onto the floor with a bang.

Luke’s expression changed. Why did she sound like a fatty who weighed hundreds of kilograms? She hadn’t been that heavy the last time he saw her.

He crouched down and flicked the woman’s forehead with a finger.

The skin on her forehead caved a little, and there was another metallic echo.

Unexpectedly, this woman had a literal hard head.

Her skull was actually all metal, and very hard at that. It was truly amazing.

The system notification popped up.

System: Defeat Alice Miller. Mission accomplished.

Total experience: 100. Total credit: 100.

Contribution rate: 100%. EXP +100. Credit +100.

Luke was stunned. “So little?”

Looking at the system interface, he saw that Alice Miller was only a light red evil. He felt a little pained. Had he… hit the wrong person?

But the arrow was already nocked, and he had to let it fly. Now was not the time to think about this problem.

Luke pressed down on her head and, with a thought, put Alice Miller into Space 2.

“Activate hibernate function,” he ordered.

Almost instantly, he received feedback from the system.

System: Living Organism Hibernation 1/1. Time limit: 30 days. Cost: 20 credit points a day.

He only pondered this notification for a moment before he gave up.

Now wasn’t a good time to test this hibernate function. The most important thing was to complete his objective.

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