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Chapter 1165 - Kill, Surprise, and Rescue

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Chapter 1165: Kill, Surprise, and Rescue

Thinking that, Luke swiftly did one round of the room but didn’t find anything valuable.

Clearly, the project manager had a good habit of not leaving private accounts, backup files or so on lying around in their personal room.

He turned invisible again and left the room to quickly search the other living quarters.

In three minutes, he broke the necks of three commanders and left their bodies in the rooms.

Secret agencies in the wilderness were very convenient.

Regardless of whether or not the person in charge would bring people back again to this secret base after this, nothing of what happened here would get out, but would have to be covered up even more.

Luke didn’t even need to clean up as usual; he wasn’t a Canadian police officer.

Third stage of his secret infiltration, accomplished.

At that point, all the senior executives in the base had been wiped out, and he had even rescued an acquaintance. There was no need for him to be cautious in his clean-up operation any longer.

In a good mood, he couldn’t help but hum along to the funeral song in his ear: “Keep making me laugh, Let’s go get high…”

The Big Dipper Armor turned into a transparent shadow and entered the living quarters in the base to clean everyone up.

This 6-person dorm setup was truly too considerate. The dorms didn’t have a security system, but just regular locks.

Luke swept through 30 dorms like a tornado. For someone like him who disliked troublesome things, halfway through his operation, he simply closed the door, looked at the list of good and evil in the system, then took out a silencer and fired.

It took him less than ten seconds to go through the rooms as well as confirm that the guards were dead.

The system, which was becoming increasingly considerate, also simplified each kill.

He only needed to count the notifications to confirm the outcome, and a string of experience and credit points were put away.

At that moment, Polaris suddenly warned him, “Sir, an unusual signal source has been detected. The signal source is activating an unknown mechanism.”

Luke paused.

Thinking quickly, he rushed to his primary destination: the category A prison.

“Where’s the mechanism? Can you figure out what it is?” he asked as he moved quickly.

“I am unable to analyze it. It’s at the very bottom of the base and there are no ventilation ducts.” Polaris immediately protected a 3D model of the base in the corner of the virtual screen and marked the location of the mechanism.

A surveillance image appeared in one corner of the screen, and Polaris continued, “This is the surveillance camera near the location.”

Luke’s heart jumped when he saw the automatic metal door: this didn’t look like some passageway.

There were no ventilation ducts there, so there couldn’t be any living thing behind that door. Also, this was at the very bottom of the base, and the automatic metal door was of the highest quality. This was clearly for security reasons so that it couldn’t be broken down so easily.

Looks like there’s a slight problem, he mumbled to himself as he hurried to the Category A prison.

Without even deactivating stealth mode, he simply took out two silencer pistols and shot at the eight guards at the end of the hallway. He then put the guns back into his inventory and deactivated stealth mode, all before the eight guards collapsed.

Putting his hand on the combination lock, Polaris started to disarm it again. 30 seconds later, the door opened.

With a flash, he charged in.

There weren’t many rooms in the Category A prison. There were four, but only two were occupied.

As he looked at the person in the first room, he paid attention to the list of good and evil in the system: Stu Cooper (evil, dark red).

Luke’s heart jumped when he saw this name. He punched the special glass wall which was the first line of defense in this prison.

With a burst of power from the armor, the special glass wall exploded. The young man who was curled up on the bed inside jerked awake. He abruptly got to his feet, and met Luke’s eyes.

Another acquaintance? Delighted, Luke pulled the trigger of the silencer pistol in his right hand.


The bullet passed through the metal bars which were the second line of defense, and pierced the man in the right eye.

Stu fell back onto the bed and stopped breathing.

System: Kill Stu Cooper. Mission accomplished.

Total experience: 1,000. Total credit: 1,000.

Contribution rate: 100%. EXP +1,000. Credit +1,000.

This guy was as bad as Luke had expected.

Even as he opened fire, he darted toward the other cell.

Despite the commotion, the person here was still lying on the bed.

Luke glanced at the list of good and evil in the system: Carrie Miller (neutral, dark yellow).

I found you, kid! He was overjoyed.

The next moment, he smashed the glass wall with his fist, then placed his hands on the metal bars. The armor exploded with all its power and instantly created a huge, twisted hole in the bars.

On the bed was a little girl who was about eight or nine years old.

Luke patted the girl’s head and said, “Carrie, wake up.”

Carrie didn’t react.

He frowned. “I saved your mom, Carrie.”

Her eyelashes fluttered and she slowly opened her eyes. “Really?”

Luke said, “Yes.”

Her dark brown eyes reflected his figure, and she asked blankly, “Who are you?”

Luke said, “Last time, I helped you beat up that rotten old man in black and made a pinky promise to save your mom. Do you remember?”

The girl’s eyes lit up. “It’s you? Mom’s safe?”

Luke nodded. “I’ll take you out now, and you can be with your mom.”

“Okay.” Carrie nodded.

Right at that moment, there was a dull rumble, and the entire base suddenly shook.

Polaris immediately warned, “Sir, it appears the unknown mechanism at the bottom of the base exploded.”

Frowning, Luke suddenly took out a syringe and jabbed it into Carrie’s neck.

Carrie’s bright eyes immediately turned dull again. “You…”

“Go to sleep. You’ll see mom when you wake up,” he said casually.

Hearing that, Carrie obediently closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.

Luke put her into Space 2.

Although he couldn’t use the hibernate function on her, it wasn’t a problem to stuff ten normal-sized people into Space 2, let alone just these two females.

“All mini drones self-destruct immediately,” he ordered Polaris.

After everything was done, the rumbling in the base grew louder, as if something was surging up from the bottom.

Luke suddenly sped up as he charged toward an escape route inside the base.

After running dozens of meters, the ground behind him suddenly collapsed, and a huge column of water gushed out in his direction.

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