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Chapter 1171 - Scientist Research On One’s Self

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Chapter 1171: Scientist Research On One’s Self

It wasn’t until a good while later that Luke figured out the functions and origin of this internal ability.

The so-called Star of Justice was actually just like some “bane of evil” or “superhero” – it was just a term to indicate what side it stood for.

In fact, it was a cloning ability. It was just that it was a combination of Elementary Cloning and Elementary Spirit Form.

In fact, everything was as Luke had guessed.

All his abilities were normal changes brought about by an increase in his physical and mental strength; they couldn’t be created out of thin air. This was also the reason why many of the abilities he learned had stat prerequisites.

But the Star of Justice’s cloning ability was different from other abilities.

It didn’t belong to him, and had to be activated by the system.

Also, after activating this ability, the Star of Justice clone had appeared, and couldn’t be canceled.

Of course, there was a recall function which could make the clone completely disappear, but activating it again required another 100,000 credit points.

Apart from that, the clone would only disappear on its own if it suffered a destructive blow or there weren’t enough credit points.

That was right, maintaining this clone required credit points.

The system had already indicated that as long as the clone existed, 100 credit points would automatically be deducted every day, even if it wasn’t doing anything.

In an intense battle, the credit consumption would also increase.

To put it simply, credit points were the “arc reactor” for the clone.

Looking at the 387,500 credit points in the system, Luke felt that he probably didn’t have to worry about blowing up his clone with overuse in the short term.

More importantly, this was about credit points? Geez.

Although this Star of Justice should be the lowest level 1 clone and had the most basic stats of 10, it was still one with Luke.

For Luke, the Star of Justice was still a part of his body, and was no different from his limbs or body; it was impossible for his clone to be self-aware, like in the movies.

This was because Luke was the “brain” that gave rise to awareness. His clone obtaining awareness was as nonsensical as an ordinary person cutting off their hand, and the hand turning into a person.

The Star of Justice did whatever he did. Controlling his own body and what his clone did made no difference to the system.

By the same logic, the Star of Justice could also earn experience and credit points, just like Luke himself.

In other words, not only could it earn back the points it consumed, it could also provide Luke with experience.

So, what did the Star of Justice mean to Luke?

It meant that like Batman, V, Boogeyman John, White Wolf, Big Dipper, and so on, it would definitely be the best… fall guy.

As the thoughts ran through Luke’s head, he and his clone were stupefied and didn’t move for a long time.

Not long after that, Luke came out of the basement and made dinner.

After dinner, he indicated that he would join Selina in her combat training to see how she was doing.

Selina didn’t think much of it.

Luke liked to tinker with equipment, then use them to check their physical stats; Gold Nugget and Dollar weren’t left out either.

The most tests had been done on her.

But these tests were also fruitful. In the past few months, her body fat percentage had been increasing steadily, but her physique was getting stronger and stronger, and she was twice as strong as an ordinary person.

Unlike most people in the world, what Selina was most afraid of wasn’t fat, but that she would wake up one day to find herself muscular all over.

Now that her body fat percentage had returned to 19%, she would be happy as long as it didn’t fall again.

After the combat test was over, everything was more or less the same. Selina continued with her training, and Luke returned to the basement.

The moment “Luke” entered the basement, he exchanged smiles with the second Luke, and they said at the same time, “Looks like it’s no problem.”

The Luke who had gone upstairs for dinner and the combat test was actually the Star of Justice clone, while the real Luke had directed his “new body” from the basement.

The Star of Justice clone was perfectly easy to use and wasn’t sluggish at all. The only problem was with Luke’s own senses.

This body which could move freely had appeared out of thin air. Thanks to how the brain was wired, it was very easy for the real body and the clone to do the same actions.

It was like an ordinary person trying to draw a circle with their left hand and a square with their right hand; the two would always overlap.

He still needed a period of time to adapt! Luke pondered for a moment, then decided that the Star of Justice clone would be the one to go out in the next few days as a trial run and to see if there was anything unusual about it.

Just because Selina couldn’t tell the difference didn’t mean that other people couldn’t. It would only be effective if everyone was fooled.

The next few days were as usual. The Star of Justice clone slept, ate and drank.

This clone could still eat because it was the same as the real body.

Its breathing, body temperature, heartbeat, blood, and DNA were all Luke’s.

But the energy that was converted from the food it ate instantly vaporized, and only the nutrients required by the human body, such as vitamins, microelements, and minerals, were absorbed.

Thus, his clone still needed to eat and drink, just not as much as his real body.

Also, every one of its movements consumed energy provided by credit points.

Why were credit points energy? This was a very simple question.

All this time, learning abilities required credit, expanding the inventory required credit, and finally, even defeating Mephisto required credit.

When Luke connected this to how experience points were used to level up, and how stat points were used to improve his physique after he leveled up, the meaning was clear.

For his physique to reach an extraordinary level, would relying on the energy from the food he ate be enough?

To use food as an analogy, the stat points converted from experience in the system was the main ingredient, which was meat. Leveling up involved eating ordinary food like vegetables and fruits, for a balanced diet, along with water.

Luke’s conjecture was that it was like the system had given him 10 dollars, but had divided it into two beforehand.

The first 5 dollars (experience) for improving his physique had already been used to make and deliver the purchase; he couldn’t change that.

The remaining 5 dollars (credit) was money he could freely use to purchase abilities and upgrade his inventory.

Now, it was as if he had relied on the system to buy a “clone cheat”. Naturally, to retain this cheat, he had to give the system the 5 dollars.

Luke, who had already surmised this, wasn’t surprised at the “deduction” for his clone.

On the other hand, he was very pleased with the test results.

Nobody could tell the difference between the clone and the main body. Nobody felt anything strange when facing the clone.

Luke was very confident on this point.

If he really had to find fault with this ability, it wasn’t that credit was automatically deducted, but that it weakened Luke’s abilities.

This was Luke’s character panel.

Host: Luke.

Basic character attributes:

Strength: 30 (+10 Star of Justice)

Dexterity: 17 (+10 Star of Justice)

Mental Strength: 30 (+10 Star of Justice)

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