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Chapter 1172 - The Star of Justice, Prepared to Attack

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Chapter 1172: The Star of Justice, Prepared to Attack

The basic stats for the Star of Justice were all 10.

After testing, based on the effects of the stat points alone, this clone was indeed no different from a regular person, and didn’t have the system’s 4x multiplier.

In reality, the basic points were taken from Luke himself.

After the clone appeared, Luke felt a lot weaker, and there was a fixed decline in his strength.

But after testing his body carefully, he realized that this decline wasn’t as tragic as he had imagined.

That was because the Star of Justice only took 10 stat points, and it didn’t affect the actual coefficient.

For example, with 40 Strength and a coefficient of 4, the actual effect of 40 Strength was 40×4=160, which was 16x a regular person’s level.

Now that his physical strength had dropped to 30, the actual effect was still 30×4=120, and not 30×2=60.

It was the same for the other two basic stats.

Thus, Luke’s physical stats had dropped, but only by a quarter, and not half.

Compared with the practicality of the Star of Justice clone, he could absolutely accept this “side effect.”

The truly important thing was that the Star of Justice was a part of him. Thus… it shared all the abilities on Luke’s list, including his inventory.

This was the most important thing. It was far more important than losing some basic stats.

Although the clone’s strength, reflexes and speed of thought were only at the level of an ordinary person, with Elementary Self-Healing, it had a lot of options.

For example, with limitless Physical Outburst and Elementary Muscle Control, plus Quick Reflex and Elementary Imitation, the effects were multiple times whatever an ordinary person could achieve.

With Curve Shooting, Gunfighting, Elementary Combat Proficiency, and high-tech armor, the clone’s stats actually weren’t that important.

For example, the Mullah brothers (the criminals who had hijacked the Montana battleship), the elite assassins of the Fraternity, and Nikki, the junior high school student, only had ordinary stats.

But the Mullah brothers’ Quick Reflex allowed them to use close-range Gunfighting, while Rebecca from the Fraternity could jump more than ten meters with Physical Outburst. Nikki was twice as strong as an ordinary person, and it clearly wasn’t because of her stats.

The moment Luke realized this, a thought couldn’t help but flash through his mind: Maybe Daddy System knew that this day would come, when Luke decided to become Batman at the very beginning.

Was this what it meant for a mortal to be on par with a god?

As he studied the Star of Justice clone, Luke’s mood couldn’t help but improve.

He couldn’t help it! The benefits of this ability was like an ordinary person striking a lottery worth millions of dollars.

It was only because he had immense self-control that he didn’t immediately go on a massive clean-up of New York to celebrate his “new life.”

Actually, it would be easy for Selina to detect the abnormalities between the two “Lukes,” but he wasn’t going to tell her.

The Star of Justice clone had already claimed the position of “super scapegoat.” He wouldn’t let anyone know that it was his clone.

Only that way could the Star of Justice live up to its name and shoulder any blame.

In any case, it could be “killed” and “recalled.”

The energy required to maintain it was credit points, and its death and recall were also just a matter of credit points.

However, if it really did “die,” Luke would have to spend another 100,000 credit points to activate it again.

For Luke, this wasn’t a small amount, and he couldn’t afford to waste it.

He wouldn’t sacrifice the Star of Justice unless it was absolutely necessary; that was more heartbreaking than burning a billion dollars.

He wouldn’t activate the recall function either unless it was a special situation.

After all, if his clone died in front of everybody, it could still help take the responsibility; it wouldn’t be easy to gain people’s trust if it was recalled.

If Luke was destined to lose 100,000 credit points, he would definitely choose the plan with the greatest benefits. Recalling the clone clearly wasn’t worth it, and could only be used as a backup plan.

A few days later, Luke left all the external work to his clone. Changing his face, he drove a RV to where Alice and her daughter were staying, and stopped seven to eight hundred meters away on the side of the road. He then told them they could come out of the basement for now, as long as they didn’t leave the house.

After all, living in the basement was too much like living at the dam base.

If it wasn’t for their safety, he really didn’t want them to live in the basement.

Looking at their current situation, however, they couldn’t be considered too unlucky. At least, they had each other now.

After obtaining such huge gains, he couldn’t act perfunctory with them.

This also prevented the two Lukes from being at home at the same time so that Selina and Gold Nugget wouldn’t discover the truth.

Selina wasn’t in the habit of being suspicious of him, but obvious loopholes wouldn’t fool her detective intuition.

The dog head’s sense of smell alone was very troublesome; Luke had relied on his might as the great fiend to intimidate this brainless guy for the past few days.

However, there was someone whom he couldn’t let continue running free.

William Stryker, head of Sentinel Services, was a blood-sucking flea who specialized in hopping from superhuman to superhuman.

The destruction of the dam base had been this person’s backup plan.

Few superhumans had been in the base when it was destroyed.

There had been no more than 15 people, including Alice and Stu.

For more than ten years, the superhumans who had been sent to the dam base had basically been turned into test subjects by William Stryker.

Except for a few people with unusual abilities, very few of them lived past two months.

Most of these superhumans’ abilities didn’t align with William Stryker’s research direction.

Thus, they were just consumables used for experimental data. Once that bit of value was completely squeezed out, they would completely disappear.

This was also one of the reasons why all the guards at the dam had been worth a lot of experience and credit points. Counting the superhumans alone, these guards had taken at least 1,000 lives; not a single one of them was innocent.

Indeed, these sorts of cruel and inhuman research methods had produced some results.

Alice was probably a test subject.

When Luke first met Alice, she didn’t have a metal head and blades couldn’t pop out of her ten fingers. Her self-healing ability had also only been at the Elementary level.

This proved that William had some of the technology.

But Luke wasn’t interested in William’s research results.

Even if this technology could only create superhumans in small batches, Alice still wouldn’t have been the only superhuman guard at the dam base.

Clearly, this technology wasn’t mature enough.

Either it cost too much, or it was very unstable, or both.

But someone as inhuman as William definitely wouldn’t let this technology go to waste in his hands.

Now that Sentinel Services’ only research base was destroyed, this lunatic might act recklessly.

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